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"RS" names ending with -rs for males. Names that end in -rs are used more often as masculine names. Click here for the list of names containing the element "rs", and here for the list of -rs names for girls. These boy names reached the height of their popularity during 1930-1939 (usage of 0.013%) and have remained as popular to this day (usage 0.0071%, down 44.9%), but with names like Sanders and Rogers becoming less trendy. Anders (#750) is the most chic name for newborns here.

Alexander - Chalmers

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[Saunders, .. 69 more] Var. of Alexander 1 Source fr. Greek language. "Man's defender, warrior." Not in popularity charts. See also Sanders. ..

Anders 2 Based on Scandinavian, Greek. "Man, warrior." A familiar boys' name (#750 in 2014), Anders also occurs frequently as a last name. See also Andras. ..

[Anders, .. 48 more] Var. of Andrew 3 Origin fr. Greek language. "Man, warrior." A conventional boys' name (#750 last year), Anders is also used often as a surname. See also Ander. ..

Ayers 4 Based on English. "Heir to a fortune." Outside Top 1000.

Chalmers [Chambers, .. 1 more] 5 From Old French language. "Servant of the chambers." Popular as last names. Compare Chalmers (upper 4%), Chambers (1%) with popular surnames Wallers (upper 58%), Kammers (51%), which also end with -ers.

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[Alexander - Chalmers]
Alexander [Saunders], Anders, Andrew [Anders], Ayers, Chalmers [Chambers]

[Chamberlain - Sayer]
Chamberlain [Chambers], Crowther [Crothers], Farrar [Ferrars], Flinders, Geoffrey [Jephers], Gillanders, Gunther [Gunners], Jefferson [Jeffers], Lander [Landers], Lars, Lawrence [Lars], Mars, Pierce [Pears, Piers], Pierre [Piers], Piers [Pears], River [Rivers], Robert [Robers], Roger [Rogers], Sanders [Saunders], Sayer [Sayers]

[Sellers - Winter]
Sellers [Sellars], Somers [Sommers], Spear [Spears, Speers, Spiers], Squire [Squiers], Struthers, Tower [Towers], Travis [Travers], Villiers, Winter [Winters]