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"SON" baby names ending with -son are used more often as masculine names.

Adoption of these boy names was at its most widespread in 2014 (usage of 0.1003%), except for names such as Addison, Garrison, Jefferson, Nelson and Wilson which have fallen out of style. The most trendy names for newborns among these are Benson (#526), Bronson (#699), Edison (#690), Greyson (#133) and Samson (#628), with Bronson, Edison and Samson having a resurgence in usage. Pinson (top 3%) and Denson (2%) are common -son surnames.

Here is the list of -son names for girls.

pinAbel - Cole

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of -son names: Addison, Allison, Anderson, Anson, Benson

[Abelson, .. 7 more] Var. of Abel 1 Origin fr. Hebrew element. "Breath, vapour." Not in Top 1000. ..

[Addison, .. 23 more] Var. of Adam 2 Stems fr. Hebrew. "Earth." Addisonae, Atdison and Atson are kreatif forms.

Adamson [Adamsson, Addamson] 3 Source fr. Old English element. "Son of Adam." Not Top 1000 names.

Addison [Addeson, Adison, Adisson, .. 3 more] 4 Based on Old English language. "Son of Adam." Unique, with the androgynous -on suffix for Addison, Addeson, etc. like Adrion. ..

Aeson 5 Derived fr. Greek language. Unknown meaning .. Not in Top 1000. See also Anson.

[Alanson, .. 24 more] Form of Alan 6 Derivative of Old German word. "Precious." Unusual. Alanson, like Albinson, uses the masculine -nson ending. See also Alanso. ..

[Albinson, .. 5 more] Form of Albin 7 Based on English language. "White, pale-skinned." Unique, with the -on suffix for Albinson like Ashton. ..

Alison [Alisson, Allison, Allson, Allyson, .. 2 more] 8 Root fr. Old English element. "Son of the noble." Uncommon. Allison, var. (cf. Agoston) uses the androgynous -on suffix.

[Anderson, Andersson, .. 1 more] Forms of Anders 9 Stems fr. Scandinavian, Greek words. "Man, warrior." Ranked in Top 1000. ..

Anson [Annson, Ansson, Hanson] 10 Based on English language. Possibly means son of Ann or .. Ranked in Top 1000.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of -son names: Branson, Bronson, Bryson, Carson, Cason

Top 1000 baby names ranking of -son names: Karson, Kason

Babson [Babsson, .. 1 more] 11 Derivative of Old English word. "Son of Barbara." Uncommon. Babson, Babsson, like Bron, ends with the androgynous-sounding -on.

Benson [Bensson, .. 2 more] 12 "Son of Ben." Prevalent. Benson, Bensson (cf. Bevvon) uses the androgynous -on suffix. .. Also linked to the place Benson ..

Branson 13 Based on English element. "Son of Brand." Prevalent. Branson (cf. Bordon) ends with -on. See also Bronson.

Bronson [Bronnson, Bronsson, .. 4 more] 14 Stems fr. Middle English word. "Son of the brown man." Prominent, with the androgynous -on ending for Bronson, Bronnson, Bronsson like Bretton.

Bryson 15 Derived fr. Welsh language. "Descendant of Brice." Common, with the common -on ending for Bryson like Brannon. ..

[Carlson, Carlsson, Karlson, Karlsson, .. 3 more] Forms of Carlsen 16 Based on Scandinavian element. "Son of Carl." Unusual. Karlson, var., like Kadon, ends with the androgynous-sounding -on.

[Carlson, .. 3 more] Form of Carlton 17 Stems fr. Old English word. "Free peasant settlement." Not Top 1000 name. See also Charleson.

Carson [Cason, Karson, Kason, .. 2 more] 18 Derived fr. Scottish, Old English elements. "Son of the marsh-dwellers." Ranked in Top 1000. ..

[Charleson, .. 26 more] Var. of Charles 19 Source fr. Old German. "Free man." Outside Top 1000. See also Charleton. ..

[Colson, .. 1 more] Form of Cole 20 Derived fr. Middle English, Old French words. "Swarthy, coal-black, charcoal." Not in Top 1000. See also Coulson. ..

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for -son names for boys.

Abel - Cole
Abel [Abelson], Adam [Addison], Adamson [Addamson], Addison [Adisson, ..], Aeson, Alan [Alanson], Albin [Albinson], Alison [Allyson, ..], Anders [Andersson], Anson [Hanson, ..], Babson [Babsson], Benson [Bensson], Branson, Bronson [Bronsson], Bryson, Carlsen [Karlsson, ..], Carlton [Carlson], Carson [Kason, ..], Charles [Charleson], Cole [Colson]

Coulson - Esias
Coulson [Colson], David [Davidson], Davis [Dayson, ..], Dawson, Dennis [Dennison], Dennison [Tennyson, ..], Dick [Dickson], Dickinson, Dixon [Dickson], Dodge [Dodgson], Dotson [Dottson], Dow [Dowson], Dyson, Edison [Edson], Edward [Edison], Ellison [Elson, ..], Elston [Elson], Emerson, Ericson [Erikson], Esias [Esiasson]

Farquhar - Jackson
Farquhar [Farquarson], Fergus [Fergusson], Garret [Garretson], Garrison [Garrisson], Garson, Geoffrey [Jepherson], Gershom [Gerson], Gibson [Gilson], Gilson [Gillson], Grayson [Greyson], Hanson [Hansson], Harrison [Harrisson], Henderson [Henryson], Hewson, Hobson [Hobbson], Hodgson, Hopkins [Hopkinson], Houston [Hutchinson, ..], Hudson, Jackson [Jaxson, ..]

James - Mochan
James [Jamison], Jameson [Jamison, ..], Janson [Jenson], Jason [Jayson], Jayson, Jefferson [Jeffersson], Jeffrey [Jefferson], Jens [Jensson], Jim [Jimson], Johnson [Jonson], Jude [Judson], Karl [Karson], Lars [Larsson], Lawson, Madison [Madyson, ..], Magnus [Magnusson], Mandel [Mandelson], Mason, Max [Maxson], Mochan [Masson]

Morris - Simon
Morris [Morrisson], Morse [Morrison], Nachshon [Nachson], Nelson [Nilsson, ..], Nick [Nickson], Orson [Urson], Parsons [Person], Patterson [Pattison], Paul [Paulson], Peter [Peterson], Phipps [Philipson], Pierce [Piersson, ..], Piers [Piersson, ..], Rawlins [Rawson], Robert [Robynson, ..], Robinson [Robson, ..], Ronson, Samson [Sanson], Sanders [Saunderson], Simon [Simpson]

Simpson - Wilson
Simpson, Smith [Smythson], Stephen [Stevenson], Stetson [Stettson], Steven [Stevenson], Sven [Swenson], Tamson, Tannon [Tanson], Tayson, Tennyson, Thomas [Thompson, ..], Thor [Thorsson], Tomlin [Tomlinson], Tompkins [Tompkinson], Tyson [Tyeson], Vinson, Watson, Wilkinson [Willkinson], William [Wilson, ..], Wilson [Willson]

Woodson - Woodson