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-son names ending with -son for men. Names that end in -son are used more often as masculine names. Here is the list of -son names for girls. Adoption of these boy names is at its most widespread presently, except for names such as Addison, Nelson, Wilson, Garrison and Jefferson which have fallen out of style. The most trendy names for newborns among these are Benson (#526), Edison (#690), Samson (#628), Greyson (#133) and Bronson (#699), with Bronson, Edison and Samson having a resurgence in usage.

Abel - Aeson

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[Abelson, .. 7 more] Var. of Abel 1 Based on Hebrew element. "Breath, vapour." Not widely used as a name for kids, existing more commonly as a last name. ..

[Addison, .. 23 more] Var. of Adam 2 Origin fr. Hebrew. "Earth." Name applicable for both boys and girls. The form Addison is rare as a masculine name, occurring regularly (Top 2%) as a surname according to the US Census. ..

Adamson [Adamsson, Addamson] 3 Source fr. Old English word. "Son of Adam." The variations Adamson, Adamsson and Addamson are unconventional given names, and Adamson appears regularly (Top 3%) as a surname according to the US Census.

Addison [Addeson, Adison, Adisson, .. 3 more] 4 From Old English language. "Son of Adam." The forms Addeson, Addison, Adison and Adisson are scarce as masculine names, and Addison appears regularly (Top 2%) as a surname according to the US Census. ..

Aeson 5 Source fr. Greek word. Unknown meaning .. A name for boys that is rarely used. See also Anson.

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[Abel - Aeson]
Abel [Abelson], Adam [Addison], Adamson [Adamsson, Addamson], Addison [Adison, Addeson, Adisson], Aeson

[Alan - Garson]
Alan [Alanson], Albin [Albinson], Alison [Allson, Alisson, Allison, Allyson], Anders [Anderson, Andersson], Anson [Annson, Ansson, Hanson], Babson [Babsson], Benson [Bensson], Branson, Bronson [Bronnson, Bronsson], Bryson, Carlsen [Carlson, Karlson, Karlsson, Carlsson], Carlton [Carlson], Carson [Kason, Cason, Karson], Charles [Charleson], Cole [Colson], Coulson [Colson], David [Davidson], Davis [Dayson, Davison, Davidson], Dawson, Dennis [Dennison], Dennison [Denison, Dennyson, Tennyson], Dick [Dickson], Dickinson, Dixon [Dickson], Dodge [Dodgson], Dotson [Dottson], Dow [Dowson], Dyson, Edison [Edson, Eddison], Edward [Edison], Ellison [Elson, Ellson, Elisson, Ellyson], Elston [Elson], Emerson, Ericson [Erikson], Esias [Esiason, Esiasson], Farquhar [Farquarson, Farquharson], Fergus [Ferguson, Fergusson], Garret [Garretson], Garrison [Garrisson], Garson

[Geoffrey - Nick]
Geoffrey [Jepherson], Gershom [Gerson], Gibson [Gilson, Gillson], Gilson [Gillson], Grayson [Greyson], Hanson [Hansson], Harrison [Harrisson], Henderson [Henryson], Hewson, Hobson [Hobbson], Hodgson, Hopkins [Hopkinson], Houston [Hewson, Hutcheson, Hutchinson], Hudson, Jackson [Jacson, Jakson, Jaxson], James [Jameson, Jamison], Jameson [Jamison, Jaimison, Jamieson], Janson [Jenson, Jansson], Jason [Jaison, Jayson], Jayson, Jefferson [Jeffersson], Jeffrey [Jefferson], Jens [Jenson, Jensson], Jim [Jimson], Johnson [Jonson], Jude [Judson], Karl [Karson], Lars [Larson, Larsson], Lawson, Madison [Madyson, Maddison, Madisson], Magnus [Magnusson], Mandel [Mandelson], Mason, Max [Maxson], Mochan [Mason, Masson], Morris [Morrison, Morrisson], Morse [Morrison], Nachshon [Nachson], Nelson [Nilson, Nilsson, Neilson, Neillson], Nick [Nickson]

[Orson - Woodson]
Orson [Urson], Parsons [Parson, Person], Patterson [Paterson, Pattison], Paul [Paulson], Peter [Peterson], Phipps [Philipson], Pierce [Pearson, Pierson, Piersson, Pearsson], Piers [Pearson, Pierson, Piersson], Rawlins [Rawson, Rawlinson], Robert [Robson, Robynson, Robinson, Robertson], Robinson [Robson, Robeson, Robynson, Robbinson], Ronson, Samson [Sanson, Sampson], Sanders [Sanderson, Saunderson], Simon [Simpson, Simonson], Simpson, Smith [Smithson, Smythson], Stephen [Stevenson, Stephenson], Stetson [Stettson], Steven [Stevenson], Sven [Swenson], Tamson, Tannon [Tanson], Tayson, Tennyson, Thomas [Thomson, Thomason, Thompson], Thor [Thorsson], Tomlin [Tomlinson], Tompkins [Tompkinson], Tyson [Tyeson], Vinson, Watson, Wilkinson [Willkinson], William [Wilson, Willson, Wilkinson, Williamson], Wilson [Willson], Woodson