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Names ending with -us

Page 1/15. 298 -us name results ending with -us for baby boys, listing 1-20. Here is the list of -us names for girls.

Achilles (Greek) From Achilleus ..
[Achilleus, Achillius, Akillius]

Adelphe (Greek) "Brother."
[Adelfus, Adelphus]

Adolph (Old German) "Noble, majestic wolf." ..
[Adulfus, Adolphus, Dolphus]

Aegeus (Greek) "Protection." ..

Aengus (Celtic) "One choice." ..

Aeolus (Greek) "Variable, changeable." ..

Agapito (Greek) "Lovingkindness, charity." ..

Agathias (Greek) "Good, honorable." ..

Albert (Old English) "Noble, bright." ..

Aldo (Italian, Old German) "Old one, elder." ..

Aldous (Old German) "Old."
[Aldus, Eldous]

Alexis (Greek) "Defender." ..
[Aleksius, Alexius, Alexus]

Alfonso (Italian, Spanish) Variant of Alphonse (Old German) "ready for battle" ..

Aloysius (Old German) "Famous warrior." ..

Alpheus (Hebrew) "Successor."
[Alfaeus, Alfeus, Alpheaus, Alphoeus]

Alphonse (Old German) "Ready for battle." ..
[Alfonsus, Alfonzus, Alphonsus, Alphonzus]

Alta (Latin) "High, elevated."

Amadeus (Latin) "God's love."

Ambrose (Greek) "Immortal." ..
[Ambroeus, Ambrosius, Ambrus]

Amerigo (Italian) Italian form of the Germanic name Amalric, from amal meaning "work" and rÓc meaning "rule, power" ..
[Americus, Amerikus]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of -us names: Adolphus, Dolphus, Aloysius, Alpheus

These -us names are rarely used for boys. (2000 U.S. Census)

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