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"US" names ending with -us for men. Names that end in -us are used more often as masculine names. Click here for the list of names containing the element "us", and here for the list of -us names for girls. Usage of these boy names was at its apex during the years 1880-1889 (usage of 0.0294%) and is almost as widespread today (usage 0.018%, down 38.8%), but with names such as Demarcus, Demetrius, Ignatius, Junius and Lucius becoming somewhat outmoded. The more fashionable baby names among these are Cassius (#704), Augustus (#544), Atticus (#370), Titus (#285) and Cyrus (#461), with Augustus, Cassius and Cyrus undergoing a revival in popularity.

Achilles - Aengus

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[Achilleus, Achillius, Akillius, .. 12 more] Var. of Achilles 1 From Greek element. From Achilleus .. Uncommon. Compare Achillius, Akillius, and common surnames Schintzius, Chelius, which also end with -ius.

[Adelfus, Adelphus, .. 2 more] Forms of Adelphe 2 Derived fr. Greek language. "Brother." Not in Top 1000.

[Adulfus, Adolphus, Dolphus, .. 10 more] Var. of Adolph 3 Root fr. Old German element. "Noble, majestic wolf." Adolphus, Adulfus and Dolphus are rarely found as men's names. ..

Aegeus [Aigeus, .. 1 more] 4 Based on Greek language. "Protection." Uncommon. Aegeus (cmp. Alfaeus, Zaccheus) ends with the favored masculine-sounding -eus. ..

Aengus 5 Origin fr. Celtic word. "One choice." Aengus is unusual as a baby name. See also Anngus. ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of -us names: Adolphus, Dolphus

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[Achilles - Aengus]
Achilles [Akillius, ..], Adelphe [Adelphus], Adolph [Dolphus, ..], Aegeus [Aigeus], Aengus

[Aeolus - Andrew]
Aeolus [Aiolus], Agapito [Agapetus], Agathias [Agathius], Albert [Albertus], Aldo [Aldus], Aldous [Eldous], Alexis [Alexus, ..], Alfonso [Alphonsus], Aloysius [Aloisius], Alpheus [Alphoeus, ..], Alphonse [Alphonzus, ..], Alta [Altus], Amadeus [Amatus], Ambrose [Ambrus, ..], Amerigo [Amerikus], Anacletus [Cletus], Anastasios [Stasius, ..], Andre [Andrius], Andres [Andrius], Andrew [Andrius]

[Androcles - Ascanius]
Androcles [Androclus], Angus [Gus, ..], Aniketos [Anicetus], Antaeus [Anteus], Anthony [Thonus], Antioco [Antiochus], Antonio [Antonius], Aonghas [Aonghus], Apolonio [Apollonius], Arcadio [Arkadius], Arcelio [Aricelius], Archelaus [Arkelaus], Argus, Ari [Arius], Arius, Armin [Arminius], Arsenio [Arsenius], Artemas [Artimus], Arthur [Artus], Ascanius

[Astraeus - Caius]
Astraeus, Athanasios [Athanasius], Atticus, August [Gus, ..], Augustus [Guus], Aurelio [Aurelius], Bacchus, Barnabas [Barnebus], Bartholomew [Bartholomeus], Basil [Vasilus, ..], Belisario [Belisarius], Bemus [Beamus], Benedict [Benedictus], Blaze [Blasius], Boniface [Bonifacius], Britannicus, Brutus, Cadmus [Kadmus], Caduceus, Caius

[Calogero - Comus]
Calogero [Kalogerus], Camilo [Camillus], Carroll [Carolus], Cassius, Catullus, Cecil [Cecilius], Celso [Celsus], Cetus, Christopher [Christoforus], Cincinnatus, Cirrus, Claude [Claudius], Claus [Klaus], Clement [Clementius], Cleophas [Cleophus], Cletus [Kletus, ..], Clitus, Colum [Columbanus], Columbus, Comus

[Constantine - Dennis]
Constantine [Constantius], Cornelius [Kornelius, ..], Crispin [Crispus], Cronus, Cyril [Cyrillus], Cyrus, Dacey [Dacius], Daedalus [Dedalus], Damario [Damarius], Damaskenos [Damascus], Damian [Damianus], Dardanos [Dardanus], Darius [Derrius, ..], De- [Demarcus], Decimus, Delius, Delphin [Delphinus], Demarcus [Demarkus], Demetrius [Dimitrious, ..], Dennis [Dionysus]

[Desiderio - Eustace]
Desiderio [Desiderus, ..], Deus, Dionysius [Dionysus], Dolph [Dolphus, ..], Donato [Donatus], Dontavius [Dontavious, ..], Efigenio [Efigenius], Eligius, Elois [Aloysius], Emery [Emerus], Emil [Emilianus], Epicurus, Epemetheus, Erasmus [Rasmus], Erastus [Rastus], Ernest [Ernestus], Eugene [Iphigenius, ..], Euphemios [Euphemius], Eusebius [Esavius], Eustace [Eustatius, ..]

[Evaristus - Gervase]
Evaristus, Fabian [Fabiyus, ..], Fabrice [Fabrizius, ..], Faunus [Fawnus], Faust [Faustus], Fergus [Feargus], Festus, Firoz [Firus], Flavian [Flavius], Florent [Florus], Fortune [Fortunatus], Francis [Franciskus], Fulgentius, Gaius, Gennaro [Januarius], George [Giorgius], Germain [Germanus], Geronimo [Jeronimus], Gerontius, Gervase [Gervasius]

[Gilbert - Jacob]
Gilbert [Giselbertus], Giles [Egidius], Gregory [Gregorius], Gus, Gustave [Gustus, ..], Hampus, Hermes [Hermus], Hesperos [Hesperus], Hieronymos [Hieronymus], Hilary [Hilarius], Hippolyte [Hippolytus], Homer [Homerus], Honore [Honoratus], Horace [Horatius], Hyacinthe [Hyacinthus], Icarus [Ikarus], Ignatius [Ignatious], Irenio [Ireneus], Isidore [Isidorus], Jacob [Shamus, ..]

[Jairo - Lazarus]
Jairo [Jairus], Jairus, Jarius, James [Seamus], Janus [Jenarius], Jerome [Hieronymus], Jesus [Jesous], Joseph [Josephus], Julian [Julius], Julius, Junius, Justin [Justus, ..], Justus, Kalogeros [Kalogerus], Klaus, Kornel [Kornelius], La- [Lamarcus], Ladislas [Ladislaus], Lawrence [Laurentius], Lazarus

[Leonard - Mario]
Leonard [Leondaus], Leviticus, Lexer [Lexus], Lexus, Liberio [Liberatus], Linus, Lleu [Lugus], Louis [Ludovicus], Lucian [Lucianus], Lucretius, Luke [Lucius], Magnus [Manus], Magus, Makarios [Macarius], Marcel [Marcellus], Marcellus, Marcus [Markus], Mariano [Marianus], Marino [Rinus], Mario [Marius]

[Mark - Olimpio]
Mark [Marquus, ..], Martin [Martinus], Matthew [Mattheus, ..], Maurice [Maurus], Maximilian [Maximus], Maximus, Methodios [Methodius], Modesto [Modestus], Montana [Montanus], Narcisse [Narcissus], Nazaire [Nazarius], Neckarios [Nektarius], Nereus, Nicholas [Nikolaus, ..], Nicodemus [Nikodemus], Nigel [Nigellus], Nikostratos [Nicostratus], Octavio [Octavus, ..], Odysseus, Olimpio [Olympus]

[Onofrio - Prudencio]
Onofrio [Onofrius], Orpheus, Pacifico [Pacificus], Paladio [Palladius], Parmenio [Parmenius], Parthenios [Parthenius], Patrick [Patrizius], Paul [Paulus], Pelagios [Pelagius], Perseus, Philip [Philippus], Phineas [Pinkus], Phoebus, Pio [Pius], Placido [Placidus], Pons [Ponthus], Procopio [Procopius], Prosper [Prosperus], Proteus, Prudencio [Prudentius]

[Quentin - Shamus]
Quentin [Quintus], Rasmus, Rastus, Remus, Rene [Renatus], Rocco [Rochus], Roman [Romanus], Romulus, Rudolph [Rudolphus], Rufus [Rufous], Salvio [Salviatus], Sassacus, Seamus [Shamus], Septimus, Seraphim [Seraphimus], Sergio [Sergius], Servas [Servatus], Severin [Severinus], Sextus [Sixtus], Shamus

[Sigmund - Thor]
Sigmund [Sigismundus], Silas [Silvanus], Silvanus [Sylvanus], Sirius, Sixtus, Sofus [Sophus], Stanislaus, Stephanus [Stefanus], Stephen [Stephanus], Straus, Tacitus, Tarquin [Tarquinus], Taurus, Tavaris [Tevarus, ..], Terence [Terrius], Thaddeus [Thadeus, ..], Theodore [Theodosius], Theophilus, Theseus, Thor [Tyrus]

[Timothy - Zeus]
Timothy [Timotheus], Titus, Tyrus, Urban [Urbanus], Urso [Ursus], Valentine [Valentinus], Valerian [Valerius], Vincent [Vincentius], Virginius, Vito [Vitus], Wenceslaus, William [Willhelmus], Xanthus, Zaccheus [Zacheus], Zachariah [Zacheus], Zenobios [Zenobius], Zephyr [Zephyrus], Zeus