Names ending with -zio

-zio names ending with -zio for males. Names that end in -zio are used more often as masculine names. These names are not commonly used for boys.

Alucio - Ezio

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[Aluzio, .. 3 more] Var. of Alucio 1 From Spanish, Latin words. "Bright, shining." Distinctive as a name for babies. See also Alicio.

[Brizio, .. 3 more] Var. of Brice 2 Possibly (Gaulish) "speckled" (compare Welsh "brych", meaning "dotted") .. The variation Brizio is an uncommonly used given name.

[Enzio] Var. of Enzo 3 From Old German word. "Giant." The variation Enzio is intermittently used as a given name. See also Ennio. ..

[Eustazio, .. 13 more] Var. of Eustace 4 Based on Greek. "Fruitful." The form Eustazio is a rare given name. ..

Ezio 5 From Greek word. "Eagle." Ezio is intermittently used as a male name. ..

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[Alucio - Ezio]
Alucio [Aluzio], Brice [Brizio], Enzo [Enzio], Eustace [Eustazio], Ezio

[Fabrice - Patrick]
Fabrice [Fabrizio], Felix [Felizio], Henry [Enzio], Horace [Orazio], Ignatius [Ignazio], Innocenzio, Maurice [Maurizio], Nuncio [Nunzio], Orazio, Patrick [Patrizio]

[Sancho - Vincent]
Sancho [Sanzio], Tadeo [Tadzio], Thaddeus [Tadzio], Venezio, Vincent [Vicenzio, Vincenzio]