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Names Ending with -ion for Boys

"ION" baby names ending with -ion are used more often as masculine names.

pinAdrian - Dionysius

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of -ion names: Damion, Darion, Darrion, Davion, Deion, Dion

[Adrion, .. 26 more] Form of Adrian 1 Origin fr. Latin word. "From Hadria." ..

Aktaion 2 Derivative of Greek word. "One who lives in Akte (Attica)."

[Albion, .. 16 more] Form of Alban 3 Source fr. Latin. "From Alba." ..

Albion 4 Derivative of Latin, Celtic. "White; rock, crag." ..

Arion 5 .. Mythology.

Benzion 6 Derivative of Hebrew. "Son of Zion."

[Brion, .. 13 more] Var. of Brian 7 Derivative of Celtic, Irish, Gaelic elements. "High, noble."

Campion 8 Derived fr. Middle English word. "Champion."

Champion [Campion, .. 2 more] 9 Source fr. Middle English word. "Warrior."

[Damion, .. 18 more] Form of Damian 10 Derived fr. Greek word. .. The Belgian priest Father Damien is ..

[Darion, Darrion, .. 3 more] Var. of Darian 11 .. See Darrien.

Darion [Darrion, .. 4 more] 12 Root fr. Greek element. "Gift." ..

[Darion, Darrion, .. 4 more] Forms of Darrien 13 Modern combined name ..

[Davion, .. 6 more] Form of Davian 14 Modern combined name of David and ..

Davion 15 From American element. Blend of David and Darrion.

Deion 16 Derivative of American. Variant of Dion, from Dionysius ..

[Dion, .. 16 more] Var. of Dennis 17 Root fr. English, Greek elements. "Follower of Dionysius." ..

[Devion, .. 8 more] Form of Devon 18 Origin fr. English word. .. Devon is a county in England ..

Dion [Deion, .. 8 more] 19 Origin fr. Greek element. Short form of Dionysius ..

[Dion, .. 6 more] Form of Dionysius 20 Greek mythology ..

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for -ion names for boys.

Adrian - Dionysius
Adrian [Adrion], Aktaion, Alban [Albion], Albion, Arion, Benzion, Brian [Brion], Campion, Champion [Campion], Damian [Damion], Darian [Darion, Darrion], Darion [Darrion], Darrien [Darion, Darrion], Davian [Davion], Davion, Deion, Dennis [Dion], Devon [Devion], Dion [Deion], Dionysius [Dion]

Dorian - Leo
Dorian [Dorion], Eifion, Einion, Eion [Ion], Emil [Emilion], Endymion [Endimion], Eoin [Ion], Eurion, Evian [Evion], Fabian [Fabion, Faybion], Garron [Garion], Gillean [Gillion], Gilzean [Gellion], Gur [Gurion], Hilary [Ilarion, Hilarion], Ian [Ion, Eion], Ion [Eion], John [Eion], Kevin [Kevion], Leo [Lion]

Mario - Zion
Mario [Meirion], Marion, Marmion, Maximilian [Maxemilion], Orion, Ryan [Rion], Savion [Xavion], Savyon [Savion], Sion [Zion], Spiridon [Spiridion], Tavon [Tavion], Torin [Torion], Travon [Travion], Trevin [Trevion], Xavier [Savion, Xayvion], Zion [Sion]