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Baby Names Beginning with A for Girls

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Aafje - Alda | Aldina - Andrea | Andromeda - Aston | Astra - Azure

pinCommon One-syllable Names

A- girl names: Agnes, Asia.

pinCommon Two-syllable Names

A- girl names: Abbey, Abbie, Abby, Ada, Adah, Adda, Addie, Adele, Adell, Adelle, Adley, Adline, Adrienne, Afton, Aggie, Aida, Aileen, Aimee, Ainsley, Aisha, Aja, Alaysia, Alba, Albert, Alda, Aleen, Alene, Ali, Alice, Aline, Allene, Allie, Alline, Ally, Alva, Anais, Annis, Ansley, Asha, Ashlynn.

pinCommon Three-syllable Names

A- girl names: Aanya, Abagail, Abbigail, Abigail, Abigale, Abigayle, Abrielle, Adaline, Adalyn, Adalynn, Addilyn, Addilynn, Addison, Addisyn, Addyson, Adela, Adelaide, Adeline, Adella, Adelyn, Adelynn, Adilene, Adison, Adrian, Adriane, Adrianne, Adyson, Agatha, Aiyana, Aiyanna, Akeelah, Akira, Alaina, Alana, Alani, Alanna, Alannah, Alaya, Alayah, Alayna, Alberta, Albertha, Albertine, Albina, Alida, Alverta, Alvina, Anissa, Anya, Ayanna.

pinCommon Four-syllable Names

A- girl names: Adamaris, Adelaida, Adelia, Adelina, Adriana, Adrianna, Albertina.

pinAll Names from Aafje - Alda

Top 1000 baby names ranking of A names: Aanya, Abigail, Ada, Adah, Adamaris

Aafje. "One of the magical beings."

Aanya, Anya, Ania. "Inexhaustibility; other, another person."

Aaricia. "Proud, distinguished and noble princess."

Abarrane, Abame. "Father of many."

Abebi. "She came after asking."

Abelia, Abelle, Abella. "Breath, vapour."

Abellona. "Destroyer."

Aberdeen. Aberdeen (top 73%), like Abegglen (top 36%), is a popular -en suffix surname.

Abia. "Great."

Abiah, Avia, Aviah. "God is my father."

Abida. "God's worshipper."

Abiela. "God is my father."

Abigail, Abi, Abbe, Abby, Abba, Abbi, Abbie, Abbye, Abbee, Abbey, Abigel, .. 26 more. "Father of exaltation."

Abijah, Abisha, Abeeja, Abishah, Abeesha, Abeedja. "God is my father."

Abila. "Beautiful."

Abilene, Abiline, Abilena, Abalina, Abalene.

Abina, Abena, Abraba. "Born on Tuesday."

Abir, Abeer. "Aroma, scent."

Abital, Avital, Abeetal. "Father of dew."

Abra, Abrah, Abame, Abrahana, Abarrane. "Father of many; example, lesson."

Abriana, Abri, Abree, Abrienne, Abrianna, Abrielle. "Father of many."

Acacia. "Thorny tree."

Acadia. "Place of plenty."

Accalia. Rather uncommon as a birth name.

Aceline, Asceline. "Noble."

Achava, Ahava. "Friendship."

Achsah. "Ankle bracelet."

Acima, Achima, Acimah, Achimah. "God will judge."

Acquanetta, Aquanette, Aquannette, Acquanette. "Water."

Ada, Adi, Ade, Adda, Adia, Adie, Aida, Addi, Adey, Adan, Addy, .. 4 more. "Noble."

Adah. "Adornment."

Adair, Adare, Adayre, Adaire. "Wealthy spear."

Adalgisa, Adelvice, Adelgise, Adalgise. "Noble, precious promise."

Adalia, Adal, Addal, Adali, Adala, Adalee, Adalie, Addala, Adalley. "God is my refuge; noble one."

Adamaris, Adamari. "To love."

Adamina, Ada, Addie, Adamine, Ademina, Ademeena, Adaminna, Adameena. "Earth."

Adamma. "Beautiful child."

Adana. "Earth."

Adanna. "Her father's daughter."

Adara, Adra, Adrah. "Virgin; beauty; noble."

Addie, Addy. "Noble; son of Adam."

Addison, Adison, Adyson, Adisson, Addyson, Addisyn, Addeson. "Son of Adam."

Addula. "Noble cheer."

Adel. "God is eternal."

Adela, Adell, Adele, Adella, Adalia, Adelia, Adalie, Adelle, Adelita, Adellah. "Noble."

Adelaide, Ado, Ada, Ady, Adi, Aide, Adel, Adey, Addy, Addi, Adde, .. 36 more. "Noble kind."

Adelie. "Noble."

Adelinde, Adele, Adeline, Adelinda. "Noble, soft, tender."

Adeline, Aline, Addie, Adella, Adalyn, Adline, Adellah, Adilene, Adelynn, Adelind, Addilyn, .. 8 more. "Noble."

Adelisa, Adaliz, Adeliza, Adalicia.

Adelma. "Noble, famous."

Adelpha, Adelfa. "Beloved sister."

Adena, Adene, Adina, Adinah. "Decoration."

Adeola, Adola. "The crown brings honor."

Adesina. "My coming has opened the way."

Adhita. "Learned person."

Adiba, Adibah, Adeeba. "Cultured, refined."

Adiella. "The Lord's adornment."

Adila. "Righteous, fair."

Adima. "Noble, renowned."

Adin, Adina, Adeana. "Delicate and slender."

Adina, Adena, Adine, Adeen, Adinah, Adeena, Adeana. "Noble, gentle, delicate."

Adira, Adeera. "Strong, noble, powerful."

Aditi. "Boundless."

Adiva, Adivah, Adeeva. "Polite, considerate."

Adlai, Adley. "God is just."

Adolpha, Adolfa, Adollfa. "Noble wolf."

Adoncia. "Sweet."

Adonia. "Extremely good looking."

Adora, Adore, Adoria, Adoree, Adorae, Adoray, Adorlee, Adorabelle. "A gift; beloved; adored."

Adra, Adara. "Virgin."

Adrienne, Adra, Adrie, Adria, Adrea, Adrina, Adreea, Adrian, Adriah, Adrien, Adriene, .. 13 more. "From Hadria."

Aegina. Aegina was not among 2014's Top names. See also Aghna.

Aesara. Aesada, Aesana and Aesaraai are kreatif forms.

Aeron. "Battle."

Top 1000 baby names ranking of A names: Addie, Addison, Adela, Adelaide, Adeline

Top 1000 baby names ranking of A names: Adrienne, Afton, Agatha, Aggie, Agnes

Top 1000 baby names ranking of A names: Aida, Aileen, Aimee, Ainsley, Aisha

Top 1000 baby names ranking of A names: Aiyana, Aja, Akira, Alana, Alannah

Top 1000 baby names ranking of A names: Alaysia, Alba, Alberta, Alda

Aeronwen. "Fair, blessed berries."

Afra, Aphra, Affra, Affery, Affera. "Young deer; color of earth."

Afraima. "Fertile."

Africa, Afrika, Aphria, Apirka, Aifric, Apirkah, Aifrica, Afrikah, Affrica, Africah, Affrika, .. 3 more. "Pleasant."

Afton, Affton.

Afua, Afia, Afiwa. "Born on Friday."

Agapi, Agape, Agappe. "Love, affection."

Agate. A peculiar girls' name, Agate is found more conventionally as a surname. See also Agoti.

Agatha, Ag, Agi, Agy, Agie, Agye, Aggy, Aggi, Aggye, Aagje, Agota, .. 15 more. "Good, honorable."

Agave. "Illustrious, noble."

Aggie. "Good, pure."

Aglaia. "Brilliance."

Agnes, Ag, Agi, Agy, Agot, Agie, Agna, Agye, Anis, Aggi, Aggy, .. 42 more. "Pure, holy."

Agnola, Agnolle, Agnolla. "Angel."

Agraciana, Agracyanna, Agracianna. "Forgiveness."

Agrafina, Agrafena. "Born feet first."

Agrippa, Agrafina, Agrippine, Agrippina. "Born feet first."

Agrippina, Agripina. "Born feet first."

Ahava, Ahuda, Ahuva, Ahouva, Achava. "Friendship."

Aibhlin, Aibhilin.

Aida, Aide, Aeeda, Aidee, Ayeeda. "Reward, present."

Aidan, Adan, Aden, Ayden, Aiden, Audan, Aydenn. "Fire."

Aiko. "Little loved one."

Ailani. "High chief."

Ailbhe, Alvy, Alva, Alby, Ailbe. "White."

Aileen, Aila, Ailyn, Aleen, Alene, Aline, Ailli, Ailie, Ailee, Ailey, Alline, .. 5 more.

Aili. "Of noble estate."

Ailie. Ailie is unusual as a birth name. See also Ailey.

Ailish. Not in Top 1000. See also Alliss.

Ailith, Aldith. "Seasoned warrior."

Ailsa, Ailse, Ailis. "Island of Alfsigr."

Aimee, Aime, Amey, Aimey, Aimie. "Beloved."

Aina. "Forever."

Aine. "Brilliant; happiness."

Ainsley, Ansley, Aynsley, Aynslie, Aynslee, Ainslee, Ainslie, Ainsleigh. "Only hermitage wood or clearing."

Airi. Not Top 1000 name. See also Aili.

Airlea, Airlia. "Ethereal."

Aisha, Asha, Asia, Ashia, Ashah, Ayisa, Aysha, Ayshe, Aisia, Asiah, Aesha, .. 25 more. "Alive and well."

Aislinn, Aislin, Aislyn, Ashlynn, Ashling, Aislynn, Aisling, Aishling. "Dream, vision."

Aithne, Aine, Aithnea. "Fire."

Aiyana, Ayanna, Aiyanna. "Forever flowering."

Aja, Azha. "Goat."

Ajua, Aju, Ajo, Adwowa. "Born on Monday."

Akasha. "Space, sky."

Akela, Akeelah. "Noble."

Aki. "Autumn; bright; glistening."

Akiko. "Autumn's child; bright child; glistening child."

Akilah, Akili, Akiela. "Bright, intelligent."

Akilina, Aquilina, Acquilina, Acuqileena. "Eagle."

Akira. "Bright, clear, ideal."

Akiva, Akeeva. "Protect, shelter."

Akosua, Akosia, Akwasiba. "Born on Sunday."

Akyra. "Bright, clear, ideal."

Alaia, Alaya, Alayah. "Exalted, sublime; to ascend; joyful."

Alaine, Allyn, Alane, Alleen, Allena, Alline, Alaina, Allene, Aleyne, Aleine, Alayne, .. 6 more. "Precious."

Alair, Allaire. "Cheerful."

Alala. "War-like."

Alamea. "Ripe, precious."

Alana, Alie, Alene, Alani, Allyn, Alane, Alona, Allana, Alleen, Alonna, Allene, .. 17 more. "Precious; awakening."

Alannah. "Precious."

Alanza. "Ready for battle."

Alaqua. "Sweet gum tree."

Alarice, Alarica, Allaryce, Alaricka, Alarieka. "Noble, regal ruler."

Alastair, Alasdair, Alastrina, Alastriona. "Man's defender."

Alaula. "Light of dawn or sunset glow."

Alaysia. Popularly used, with usage of 0.014% for Alaysia as a girls' name in 2014, higher than 0.011% in 2013. See also Allysia.

Alba, Alby, Alva, Albia, Albine, Albina, Albane, Albinka, Albinia. "White."

Alberga, Alberge. "White; noble."

Alberta, Al, Ali, Alie, Ally, Alli, Allie, Aubine, Albert, Auberte, Alverta, .. 7 more. "Noble, bright."

Albinia, Alva, Alba, Alvina, Albina, Aubine, Albinka. "White, fair."

Albreda. "Elf counsel."

Alcestis. Alcestis is uncommon as a girls' name.

Alcina, Alcee, Alsina, Alsyna, Alcine, Alzina, Alcinia, Alsinia, Allcine, Alseena, Allcinia.

Alcinda, Allcinda, Alicinda, Alacinda, Alicynthia.

Alda, Aldea, Aleda, Alida, Aldona, Aldine, Aldene, Aldara, Aldina, Aldana, Aldabella. "Old, prosperous."