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Cabalina - Callidora | Callie - Candida | Candra - Carissa | Carita - Caryl | Carys - Cayla | Ceallach - Ceres | Cerese - Chanina | Chante - Charo | Chasidah - Cherish | Cherith - Chorine | Chriselda - Cicely | Cilia - Clarice | Clarimond - Clodagh | Clorinda - Concordia | Connie - Cornelia | Corona - Cydney | Cymbeline - Czarina

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Common two-syllable C- girl names: Cadence, Cailyn, Caitlin, Caitlyn, Caitlynn, Cali, Calla, Callie.

Common three-syllable C- girl name: Calista.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of C names: Cadence, Caitlin, Calista, Calla

Cabalina. "Having to do with horses." Not in Top 1000. See also Catalina.

Cadence, Cady, Cadena, Cadance, Cadenza. "With rhythm." Popular. Compare Cadence, var. with common last name Cadengo (upper 63%), which also starts with Ca-.

Cadette. "Younger." Cadette is not in the Top 1000. See also Nadette.

Cadhla. "Beautiful, graceful." Cadla, Cedhla and Chadhla are kreatif variations.

Cady, Cade, Cadi, Cadye, Cadey, Cadie, Cadee, Caidie. "Pure." Cadey and variants are not in the Top 1000.

Cai. "Feminine." Not Top 1000 name. Cross-gender use.

Cailin, Cailyn, Caelan, Caelyn, Caylin, Caileen. "Girl." Caelan, Caelyn, Caileen, Cailin and Caylin are more unconventional as variant forms.

Caitlin, Cait, Calen, Calin, Caity, Calyn, Caiti, Caylyn, Catlin, Caelin, Caelyn, .. 31 more. "Pure." Usage of Cayelin and variants grew in 1998 and is almost as conventional now, but with Caitlynn becoming less in vogue.

Caitrin. "Pure." Caitrin is irregularly used as a female name. See also Caitrinn.

Cala. "Castle, fortress." Cala, like the similar Vala, exists more usually as a last name.

Calandra, Cal, Calli, Cally, Calley, Callie, Callee, Calinda, Calynda, Calandre, Calendre, .. 1 more. "Lovely one." Widely used as birth names, Callie, Calandra, etc. are similar to the conventional Vallie.

Calantha, Cal, Cally, Calli, Callie, Callee, Calley, Calanthe, Calanthia. "Beautiful flower." Uncommon. Calantha, like Chrissantha, ends with -tha.

Caledonia. "The Scottish highlands." Outside Top 1000.

Calico. Scarce as a birth name, Calico is found more commonly as a last name. See also Chalice.

Calida, Calla, Calli, Callida. "Most beautiful; heated, with warmth." Somewhat frequently used as girls' names, Calla, Calida, etc. sound like the conventional Cali.

California. Not in Top 1000.

Calista, Cali, Cala, Calli, Cally, Calla, Callie, Calysta, Calesta, Calissa, Calisto, .. 4 more. "Cup; fairest, most beautiful." Uncommon, with the -sta suffix for Calista, Callesta, etc., like Carlista.

Calla. "Beautiful." Somewhat frequently used as a children's name, Calla is comparable to the familiar Carla. See also Caila.

Callan, Calynn, Callen. "Rock." Not in popularity charts.

Callidora. "Gift of beauty." Unique as a girls' name.