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Cabalina - Charita | Charity - Cornelia | Corona - Czarina

pinCommon One-syllable Name

C- girl name: Ceil.

pinCommon Two-syllable Names

C- girl names: Cadence, Cailyn, Caitlin, Caitlyn, Caitlynn, Caleigh, Cali, Calla, Callie, Camille, Cammie, Campbell, Camryn, Candace, Candi, Candice, Candis, Candy, Cara, Caren, Carey, Cari, Carie, Carla, Carlee, Carleen, Carleigh, Carlene, Carley, Carli, Carlie, Carly, Carma, Carmel, Carmen, Carol, Carole, Caron, Carri, Carrie, Carrol, Carroll, Carson, Cary, Caryl, Caryn, Casey, Casie, Cassie, Cathi, Cathie, Cathleen, Cathrine, Cathryn, Cathy, Cayla, Caylee, Cecil, Cecile, Celeste, Celine, Chana, Chanda, Chandler, Chandra, Chanel, Chanelle, Chantal, Chante, Chantel, Chantelle, Charisse, Charla, Charleen, Charlene, Charline, Charmaine, Cherie, Cherise, Cheryl.

pinCommon Three-syllable Names

C- girl names: Calista, Cambria, Cameron, Camila, Camilla, Candida, Carina, Carisa, Carissa, Carlotta, Carmela, Carmella, Carolann, Carolee, Caroline, Carolyn, Carolynn, Casandra, Cassandra, Cassidy, Cassondra, Catharine, Catherine, Catina, Catrina, Cecily, Celena, Celestia, Celestine, Celia, Celina, Charissa, Charlotte.

pinCommon Four-syllable Names

C- girl names: Carmelita, Carolina, Catalina, Caterina, Cecelia, Cecilia.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of C names: Cadence, Caitlin, Calista, Calla, Callie

Cabalina. "Having to do with horses."

Cadence, Cady, Cadena, Cadance, Cadenza. "With rhythm."

Cadette. "Younger."

Cadhla. "Beautiful, graceful."

Cady, Cade, Cadi, Cadye, Cadey, Cadie, Cadee, Caidie. "Pure."

Cai. "Feminine."

Cailin, Cailyn, Caelan, Caelyn, Caylin, Caileen. "Girl."

Caitlin, Cait, Calen, Calin, Caity, Calyn, Caiti, Caylyn, Catlin, Caelin, Caelyn, .. 31 more. "Pure."

Caitrin. "Pure."

Cala. "Castle, fortress."

Calandra, Cal, Calli, Cally, Calley, Callie, Callee, Calinda, Calynda, Calandre, Calendre, .. 1 more. "Lovely one."

Calantha, Cal, Cally, Calli, Callie, Callee, Calley, Calanthe, Calanthia. "Beautiful flower."

Caledonia. "The Scottish highlands."


Calida, Calla, Calli, Callida. "Most beautiful; heated, with warmth."


Calista, Cali, Cala, Calli, Cally, Calla, Callie, Calysta, Calesta, Calissa, Calisto, .. 4 more. "Cup; fairest, most beautiful."

Calla. "Beautiful."

Callan, Calynn, Callen. "Rock."

Callidora. "Gift of beauty."

Callie, Cali, Calli, Cally, Calie, Calee, Calley, Calina, Cahlie, Callee. "Beautiful, lovely."

Calligenia. "Daughter of beauty."

Calliope, Callia, Callyope. "Beautiful voice."

Callula. "Small beauty."


Caltha. "Golden flower."

Calvina, Calvine, Calvinne, Calvinna. "Bald."

Calypso, Calipso, Callypso. "She who hides."

Cambria, Cambree, Cambaria. "The people."

Camellia, Camella, Camelia, Cammelia. "Helper to the priest."

Cameo, Cammeo. "Skin."

Cameron, Cami, Camren, Cameri, Camron, Camryn, Camrin, Camesha, Cameran, Cameren, Cameryn, .. 2 more. "Crooked nose."

Camilla, Cam, Cami, Cama, Cammy, Cammi, Camia, Camill, Camyla, Camela, Camyll, .. 15 more. "Helper to the priest."

Campbell. "Crooked mouth."

Canada. "Village, settlement."

Candace, Candi, Canda, Caddy, Candy, Candie, Candis, Candas, Candee, Candra, Candase, .. 7 more. "Clarity, whiteness."

Candelaria, Candela, Candelara, Candeloria, Candelarea. "Candle."


Candice, Candus, Candis, Candys, Candes, Candita, Candyss, Candyce, Candist, Candyse, Candise, .. 6 more. "Clarity, whiteness."

Candida, Candi, Candy, Candie, Candido, Candide. "White."

Candra. "Glowing."

Candy, Candi, Candie, Candee. "Sweet."

Canna. "Reed."

Cantara. "Little bridge."

Caoilainn, Caelan, Caelyn, Caelainn, Caoilinn, Caoilfinn, Caoilfhionn. "Slender and white, fair or pure."

Caoimhe. "Gentle, beautiful, precious."

Caparina, Caprina.

Capri, Capree.

Caprice, Capri, Caprise, Capricia, Capriana, Capreece. "Whimsical, playful."

Capucine. "Cowl."

Cara, Carah, Caera, Carry, Carina, Carine, Carrie, Caragh, Caretta, Caranda, Caralie, .. 6 more. "Beloved; friend."

Carabelle, Carabel, Carabell, Carrabelle. "Beloved; friend; God's promise."

Carden, Cardon, Cardin. "One who combs wool."

Careen, Carreen.

Caresse, Caress, Caressa, Carressa. "Tender touch."

Carey, Cary, Carrey. "Love."

Cari. "Love."

Carina, Carin, Caren, Carine, Carita, Carena, Carinna, Carrina, Cariana, Carenna, Careena. "Beloved."


Carissa, Caris, Caresa, Carisa, Caressa, Carrisa, Charissa, Carrissa. "Beloved; grace."

Carita, Caritta. "Beloved."

Carla, Carly, Carle, Carli, Carlah, Carlia, Carlin, Carlla, Carlyn, Carley, Carlis, .. 30 more. "Free man."

Carlene, Carlen, Carlyn, Carlina, Carline, Carlena, Carleen, Carleena, Carlaena, Carlenna. "Free man."

Carly, Carli, Carlee, Carlye, Carley, Carlie, Carlyne, Carlyta, Carlene, Carlita, Carleen, .. 2 more. "Free man."

Carlin, Carling. "Little champion."

Carlotta, Carlota. "Free man."

Carmel, Carma, Carmi, Carmy, Carmia, Carmie, Carman, Carmit, Carmill, Carmila, Carmeli, .. 26 more. "Garden, orchard."

Carmen, Carma, Carmi, Carmia, Carmin, Carmon, Carmie, Carman, Carmyna, Carmynn, Carmyta, .. 9 more. "Garden, orchard."

Carna, Carniela, Carnyella, Carniella. "Horn."

Carnation. "Flesh."

Carol, Cary, Caro, Cari, Carry, Carly, Carri, Carla, Carey, Carel, Caryl, .. 49 more. "Free man."

Caroline, Cari, Cary, Caro, Carol, Carla, Carri, Carly, Caddy, Carry, Carlan, .. 55 more. "Free man."

Carolyn, Carrie, Carylon, Caroyln, Carolynn, Carolien. "Free man."

Caron, Caren, Carin, Carren, Carron, Caronwen. "Pure."

Carondelet, Carondella, Carondalay.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of C names: Cambria, Cameron, Camilla, Campbell, Candace

Top 1000 baby names ranking of C names: Candice, Candida, Candy, Cara, Carey

Top 1000 baby names ranking of C names: Cari, Carina, Carissa, Carla, Carlene

Top 1000 baby names ranking of C names: Carlotta, Carly, Carmel, Carmen, Carol

Top 1000 baby names ranking of C names: Caroline, Carolyn, Caron, Carrie, Carson

Top 1000 baby names ranking of C names: Caryl, Casey, Cassandra, Cassidy, Cassie

Top 1000 baby names ranking of C names: Catherine, Cathleen, Cathy, Cayla, Cecilia

Top 1000 baby names ranking of C names: Cecily, Celena, Celeste, Celia, Celina

Top 1000 baby names ranking of C names: Celine, Chana, Chanda, Chandler, Chandra

Top 1000 baby names ranking of C names: Chanel, Chantal, Chante, Charissa

Carrie, Cary, Cari, Carri, Caree, Carie, Carey, Carry, Carree, Carrey. "Free man."

Carrington, Carington. "Charles's town."

Carson, Cason.

Carwen. "Love, fair, blessed."

Caryl. "Free man."

Carys, Cerys, Caris. "Love."

Casey, Cacy, Casi, Casy, Cass, Caci, Cacey, Casie, Cayse, Cazzi, Caysi, .. 21 more. "Alert, watchful."

Casilda, Cassilda. "Dwelling place."

Casiphia. "Gleaming, silvery white."

Cass, Cassy, Cassie. "Man's defender."

Cassandra, Cas, Cass, Casey, Cassi, Cassy, Casie, Cassie, Casaundr, Casondra, Casandri, .. 12 more. "Shining upon man."


Cassidy, Cass, Casidy, Cassidi, Cassity, Casadee, Cassady, Cassadi, Casidee, Cassidey, Cassidie, .. 5 more. "Curly-headed."

Cassie, Casy, Cassy, Cassi, Cassey, Cassee.

Cassiopeia, Cassiopia.

Castalia, Castallia.

Catarina, Caterina, Catalina. "Pure."

Catherine, Cat, Cay, Cath, Caye, Cari, Cate, Cadi, Cass, Caty, Cait, .. 92 more. "Pure."

Cathleen, Catlin, Catline, Catleen, Cathaleen. "Pure."

Cathy, Cath, Cathi, Cathie, Cathia. "Pure."

Catrice, Catreece. "Pure."

Catrin. "Pure."

Catriona, Catina, Catrin, Catrine, Catrina, Catroina, Catrinia, Catrenia, Catreena, Caitriona.

Cavanaugh, Cavanagh. "Chubby; comely."

Cayla, Caela, Caley, Caila, Cayley, Caylia, Caylie, Caylee, Callie, Cailey, Cailie, .. 4 more. "Slim and fair."

Ceallach. "Bright-headed."

Cecilia, Cee, Cela, Cele, Cile, Cili, Cici, Ceil, Cilly, Celia, Cilla, .. 50 more. "Blind; sixth."

Cecily, Cilly, Cicely. "Blind; sixth."

Cedrica, Cedra, Cedrika, Cedrina, Cedriana. "Kind and loved."

Ceilidh. "Visit, visiting."

Ceinlys. "Beautiful and sweet, fair."

Ceinwen, Cain. "Beautiful and white, blessed."


Ceirios. "Cherry."

Celandine, Celida, Celadonia, Cellandine. "Swallow."

Celena, Cela, Cesya, Cesia, Celina, Celeena, Celinka. "The moon."

Celeste, Cela, Celia, Celka, Celie, Celes, Celina, Celine, Celyna, Celest, Celinda, .. 19 more. "Heavenly."

Celia, Ceil, Cele, Celie. "Heaven."

Celina, Celine, Celene, Celena, Celinna, Celinda, Celinde, Celicia, Celenia, Celenne. "Heaven; the moon."

Celine, Celina, Ciline. "Heaven."

Celosia. "Aflame."

Cendrine. "Little ashes."

Cenobia. "Life of Zeus."

Cerelia, Cerella. "Relating to springtime."

Ceres. "To grow."

Cerese. "The tree and its fruit."

Ceri, Cerian. "Fair, blessed poetry."

Ceridwen, Cari, Ceri, Ceradwyn, Ceridwyn, Cerridwyn, Cerridwen. "Fair, blessed poetry."

Cerise, Ceri, Cera, Ceria, Cerea, Cerria, Ceryce, Cerisa, Cerice, Cerese, Cherise, .. 6 more. "Cherry."

Cesarina, Cesarea, Cesarie, Cesarine. "Head of hair."



Cha-, Charis, Chanae, Chanee, Chalia, Chenay, Chevon, Chalon, Cherie, Charice, Chanise, .. 10 more.

Chalice. "Cup."


Chamania, Chamaniah. "Sunflower."

Chana, Chani, Channa, Chanah, Chanach, Chaanah, Chaanach. "He (God) has favored me."

Chanda. "Hot, fierce, passionate."

Chandana, Chandanika, Chandanpreet. "Sandalwood."

Chandelle, Chandel, Chantelle. "Candle."

Chandler, Chandlar. "Candle maker."

Chandra, Candra, Chandy, Chanda, Chader, Chaundra, Chandara, Chandria, Chandrika. "Moon shining."

Chanel, Chanele, Chanell, Chenelle, Chanelle, Channell, Channelle. "Pipe."

Chaney, Chayney, Chainey. "Candle maker."

Chanina, Chaninah. "Gracious."

Chante, Chaunte, Chantay, Chantae. "To sing."

Chantal, Chante, Chonda, Chanta, Chantez, Chandal, Chantel, Chantil, Chanter, Chantra, Chaunte, .. 44 more. "Stone."

Chantrea. "Moonlight."

Chanya, Chania, Chanyah, Chaniach. "Grace of the Lord."

Chappell, Chappel, Chapell. "Near the chapel."

Chardonnay, Chardonay.

Charis, Chari, Charie, Carisa, Caressa, Charisa, Charish, Cherise, Charise, Charice, Carisse, .. 10 more. "Grace."

Charisma, Carisma, Charisma. "Blessing."

Charissa. "Grace."

Charita. "Of pleasant character."