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Baby Names starting with D for girls

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One-syllable names

Three to six letter D- girl names: Da-, Dael, Dagne, Dahl, Dai, Dail, Daile, Dale, Dalles, Dayle, Deyse.

Two-syllable names

Four to seven letter D- girl names: Dabney, Dabnie, Dabny, Dacee, Dacey, Dacia, Dacie, Dacy, Dada, Daelyn, Dagmar, Dagna, Dagny, Daicee, Daicy, Daina, Daira, Daisee, Daisey, Daisi, Daisie, Daisy, Daizy, Dalene, Dalit, Dalla, Dallas, Dallis, Dalma, Dalmace, Daly, Danille, Dany, Dashay, Dashea, Dasie, Davonne, Dayha, Dayla, Daysha, Daysi, Deyci, Deysi.

Three-syllable names

Five to eight letter D- girl names: Daeira, Daenerys, Daffodil, Dahlia, Dakoda, Dakota, Dakotah, Dalena, Dalenna, Dalia, Daliah, Dalila, Dalina, Daliya, Daliyah, Dalmassa, Dalmatia, Dalya, Dalyah, Danessa, Daniesha, Danique, Danira, Danisha, Dashawna, Davisha, Davonna, Dayeera.

Four-syllable names

Six to eight letter D- girl names: Dahiana, Daleia, Dameshia.

Da- - Dalmace

Top 1000 baby names ranking of D names: Dagmar, Dagny, Dahlia, Daisy, Dakota

Da-, var. Dashay, Danira, Dashea, Davonna, Davonne, Davisha, Danisha, Danessa, Danille, Danique, .. 3 more. Not in popularity charts.

Dabney, var. Dabny, Dabnie. "From Aubigny." Dabney (top 3%), like Drobney (top 84%), is a popular -bney suffix last name.

Dacey, var. Dacy, Daicy, Dacia, Dacee, Dacie, Deyci, Daicee, Daisey. "From the south." Daisey (upper 55%) and Dacia (73%) are frequently occurring women's names.

Dacia, var. Daysha. Not in popularity charts.

Dada. "Curly-haired." Rather uncommon as a girls' name, Dada occurs more frequently as a surname. See also Didi.

Daenerys, var. Dany. Danerys, Darnerys and Denerys are kreatif forms.

Daffodil. Daffodil is not a Top 1000 name.

Dagmar. "Glorious, day's glory." Less common today. Dagmar was last found in 1900-1909 in the Top 1000.

Dagny, var. Dagne, Dagna. "New day." Dagny is frequently occurring (top 99%) as a first name, while Dagna and Dagne are scarcely used.

Dahlia, var. Dahl, Dalla, Dalia, Dayha, Daleia, Dahiana. "Valley." Dahlia is a trendy form.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of D names: Dale, Dalia, Dallas

Dai. "Great." Not in Top 1000. Cross-gender use.

Daina. "God is my judge; song; melody." Not in Top 1000. See also Dannah.

Daira, var. Daeira, Danira, Dayeera. "Knowing, informed." Not Top 1000 names.

Daisy, var. Daysi, Deyse, Deysi, Daizy, Dasie, Daisi, Daisey, Daisie, Daisee. "Day's eye." Ranked in Top 1000.

Dakota, var. Dakoda, Dakotah. "Friend, ally." Dakota exists regularly (top 55%) as a surname.

Dale, var. Dael, Dail, Daly, Dayla, Daile, Dayle, Dalla, Dalene, Dalena, Dalina, .. 2 more. "Valley." Dale, Dalena, etc. (cf. Dalie) are common Dal- prefix last names.

Dalia, var. Dalya, Dalit, Dalyah, Daliya, Dalila, Daliah, Daliyah. "Gentle; slender branch, tendril." Dalia was a Top birth name in 2014.

Dalila. "Delicate, gentle." Dalila is unique as a children's name. See also Delila.

Dallas, var. Dallis, Dalles. "From the dales, the valley meadows." Dallas (+30) is a chic version undergoing rekindling.

Dalmace, var. Dalma, Dalmatia, Dalmassa. Not in Top 1000.