Baby Names starting with D for girls

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Da-, var. Dashay, Danira, Dashea, Davonna, Davonne, Davisha, Danisha, Danessa, Danille, Danique, .. 3 more. Danille is common (top 73%) as a women's name.

Dabney, var. Dabny, Dabnie, means "from Aubigny". Not in popularity charts.

Dacey, var. Dacy, Daicy, Dacia, Dacee, Dacie, Deyci, Daicee, Daisey, means "from the south". Daisey (upper 55%) and Dacia (73%) are frequently occurring women's names.

Dacia, var. Daysha. Unconventional, but Dacia is comparable to popular last names Cacia (top 58%), Gracia (3%), which also end with -cia.

Dada, means "curly-haired". Rather uncommon as a girls' name, Dada occurs more frequently as a surname. See also Didi.

Daenerys, var. Dany. Unusual. Daenerys, like Nerys, Glennys, uses the favored feminine -ys ending.

Daffodil. Daffodil is not a Top 1000 name.

Dagmar, means "glorious, day's glory". Less common today. Dagmar was last found in 1900-1909 in the Top 1000.

Dagny, var. Dagne, Dagna, means "new day". Common, and Dagny is similar to popular surnames Tanny (top 93%), Manny (18%), which also end with -ny.

Dahlia, var. Dahl, Dalla, Dalia, Dayha, Daleia, Dahiana, means "valley". Usage of Dahlia and variants as children's names in 2014 was up >100% compared to a decade ago.

Dai, means "great". Common as surname. Compare Dai (upper 7%) and popular Da- surnames Dain (upper 18%), Dal (83%). Cross-gender use.

Daina, means "God is my judge; song; melody". Not in Top 1000. See also Dannah.

Daira, var. Daeira, Danira, Dayeera, means "knowing, informed". Rare. Daira, Daeira, Danira (cf. Sephira, Yakira) end with the familiar feminine-sounding -ira.

Daisy, var. Daysi, Deyse, Deysi, Daizy, Dasie, Daisi, Daisey, Daisie, Daisee, means "day's eye". Common as surnames, and Daisey (upper 24%), var. are comparable to common Da- surnames Daiss (upper 67%), Dairy (94%).

Dakota, var. Dakoda, Dakotah, means "friend, ally". Popular as last names. Compare Dakota (top 55%) with popular last names Tota (top 35%), Malota (60%), which also end with -ota.

Dale, var. Dael, Dail, Daly, Dayla, Daile, Dayle, Dalla, Dalene, Dalena, Dalina, .. 2 more, means "valley". Dale, Dalena, etc. (cf. Dalie, Dalen) are common Dal- prefix last names.

Dalia, var. Dalya, Dalit, Dalyah, Daliya, Dalila, Daliah, Daliyah, means "gentle; slender branch, tendril". Dalia was a Top birth name in 2014.

Dalila, means "delicate, gentle". Dalila is unique as a children's name. See also Delila.

Dallas, var. Dallis, Dalles, means "from the dales, the valley meadows". Well-used, with usage of 0.14% for Dallas and variants as baby names in 2014, higher than 0.13% a year ago.

Dalmace, var. Dalma, Dalmatia, Dalmassa. Rare, but Dalmace is similar to popular surnames Cacace (top 17%), Drace (35%), which also end with -ace.

Damaris, var. Damara, Damris, Damerys, Damiris, Demaras, Demarys, Demaris, Dameris, Damariz, Damalas, .. 6 more, means "calf; to tame; gentle". Popular. Compare Damaris, Damalis, etc. and common Da- surnames Dasari (upper 46%), Damani (55%).

Damia, var. Damya, Damyen, Damyan, Damian, Damiane, Damiana, Damyana, Damyenne, Damienne. Unconventional, but Damia is similar to popular last names Lumia (top 35%), Samia (41%), which also end with -mia.

Damita, var. Dama, means "little noblewoman". Unusual. Compare Damita and common -ita last names Tita (top 55%), Nicita (79%).

Dana, var. Dane, Danna, Danya, Dayna, Dayne, Dania, Daney, Danah, Daena, Danay, .. 4 more, means "from Denmark". Dana, Danica and Danna were among 2014's Top names.

Danae, var. Dee, Dene, Dinae, Dinay, Denay, Denae, Danay, Danea, Danee, Donnay, .. 1 more. Not in popularity charts.

Dangelis, var. Dangela, Deangelis, Diangelis, Deangellis. Deangelis (upper 3%) and Diangelis (62%) are found frequently as last names.

Danica, var. Danaca, Danika, Donika, Donnica, Dannica, Dannika, means "morning star; from Denmark". Prevalent. Danica, Dannica, Donnica, like Anica, Veronica, end with the familiar feminine -nica.

Danielle, var. Dany, Dani, Daney, Dania, Danna, Danit, Danni, Danee, Danya, Danny, .. 26 more, means "God is my Judge". Popular as last names. Compare Danielle (upper 36%), Danyelle, etc. with popular last names Vanstelle (upper 89%), Jennelle (54%), which also end with -elle.

Danna, var. Dany, Dana, Dani, Danni, Dania, Danya, Dannee, Dannia, Dannon, Dannah, .. 10 more. Dana, Danette and Dania are widely used as forms of Danna.

Dantea, means "lasting, enduring". Uncommon as a birth name, but Dantea is comparable to the more conventional Danita. See also Diantha.

Daphne, var. Daffi, Danfy, Dafne, Dafna, Daffy, Daphna, Dafnie, Dafnee, Daffie, Daphnie, .. 2 more, means "laurel tree". Common. Compare Daphne and popular -hne last names Fuehne (top 94%), Kuhne (21%).

Dara, var. Darah, Daria, Darya, Darra, Darda, Darrah, Darice, Dareen, Darian, Darragh, .. 1 more, means "nugget of wisdom". Dara (cf. Delara, Sara) is a common -ara suffix last name.

Daralis, var. Darelis, Daralice, means "beloved". Rare. Daralis, Darelis, like Amaryllis, Filis, end with the common feminine -lis.

Darby, var. Darb, Darrby, Darbie, Darbey, Darbee, Darrbey, Darrbie, means "deer park". Dardy (top 44%), Darcy (4%) are common last names similar to Darby (top 1%), Darbee (90%).

Darcie, var. Darsi, Darcy, Darci, Darsee, Darice, Darsey, Darsie, Darcee, Darcel, Darcia, .. 7 more, means "dark". Darcy has declined in popularity as a girls' name since the 1960s.

Daria, var. Dari, Darya, Darien, Darina, Darion, Dorian, Darian, Darice, Darrian, Dariane, .. 7 more, means "maintains possessions well". Daria (upper 37%) and Dorian (51%) are frequently occurring as female names.

Darice, var. Dareese, Dareece. Uncommon, but Darice is comparable to common surnames Darilek (top 41%), Daris (29%), which also begin with Dari-.

Darlene, var. Darla, Dareen, Darlyn, Darline, Darlinn, Darlyne, Darlina, Darleen, Darlena, Darelle, .. 7 more, means "dearling; darling". Common. Compare Darlene, Darrylene with popular surnames Decleene (top 41%), Grene (67%), which also end with -ene.

Daron. Common as surname, and Daron (upper 33%) is similar to popular Dar- surnames Daren (upper 97%), Darmon (56%). Unisex name.

Darnell, var. Darnae, Darnisha, Darnelle, Darnetta, means "hidden nook". Darnielle (top 80%), Darney (42%) are common surnames similar to Darnell (top 1%).