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Baby Names starting with F for girls

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Fabia - Fernanda | Fernley - Flossie | Flower - Fuchsia

Fabia, Fabra, Fabiane, Faviola, Fabiola, Fabiana, Fabianna, Fabienne, Favianna, Fabianne

Fabiola, Faviola

Fabrizia, Fabrice, Fabriqua, Fabricia, Fabrienne, Fabritzia


Fadila, Fazila, Fadheela

Faida, Fayda

Faith, Fe, Fay, Fae, Faye, Fayth, Faythe, Faithe

Faline, Felina, Faeleen, Fayline, Feyline

Fallon, Faline, Fallan, Fallen, Fallyn


Fanny, Fan, Fanni, Fania, Fannee, Fanney, Fannie, Fannia, Fantine, Fanceen

Farica, Flicka, Faricka, Fericka

Farina, Fareena

Farrah, Fara, Farah, Farra

Farren, Farin, Faryn, Faren, Farran, Farrin, Farron, Ferran, Farryn, Ferryn

Fatima, Fatma, Fatmah, Fateema, Fatimah, Fateemah

Fauna, Faune, Fawna, Fauniel, Fauniella

Faustine, Fausta, Fauste, Faustina

Fawn, Faun, Fauna, Fanya, Fawne, Faina, Fawna, Faunia, Fawnia, Fawnya

Fay, Fay, Fae, Fey, Fee, Fei, Faye, Feike, Fayanna

Fayette, Fayetta

Fedora, Fadora


Felicia, Feliz, Felis, Felice, Felisa, Feliss, Felise, Felita, Feliza, Falisha, Falicia, .. 14 more

Felicity, Flick, Felicita, Felicite, Felicitas

Fenella, Finella, Fynella

Fenia, Fenja, Fenya


Fern, Ferna, Ferne

Fernanda, Fern, Fernande, Ferdinanda, Ferdinande, Fernandina, Fernandine

Top 1000 baby names ranking of  names: Fabiola, Faith, Fallon, Fanny, Farrah, Fatima, Fay, Felicia, Felicity, Fern, Fernanda

Fabiola, Faith, Fallon, Fanny, Farrah, Fatima, Fawn, Fay, Felice, Felicia, Fern and Fernanda are commonly used names, while the other F- names are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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