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Baby Names starting with G for girls

Gabrielle, Gaby, Gavi, Gabi, Gabbe, Gabbi, Gavra, Gabbie, Gavrina, Gabriel, Gabrila, .. 15 more


Gaea, Gala, Gaia, Gaiea, Gaiana

Gael, Gaelle

Gaetana, Gaetane


Gail, Gal, Gale, Gahl, Gael, Galia, Gaill, Gayel, Gayle, Gayll, Gaila, .. 8 more

Gala, Galla

Galatea, Galatee, Galathea

Galiena, Galyena, Galiana, Galliena, Galianna


Galila, Glila, Gelila, Glilah, Galilah, Gelilia, Gelilya, Gelilah

Galina, Galya

Gallia, Gala, Galla

Galya, Galia, Gallia, Gallya


Gana, Ganah, Ganit


Garland, Garlande, Garldina

Gardner, Gardie, Gardener, Gardiner

Garnet, Granata, Grenata, Garnette, Grenatta


Gavrila, Gavryla, Gavrilla, Gavrylla

Gay, Gae, Gai, Gaye

Gayle, Gala, Galen, Gayla, Galea, Galena, Gaylen

Gaynor, Gayna, Gaenor, Gayner

Gazella, Gazelle


Geila, Gila, Geila, Geela, Gilah, Geelan, Gilana, Geelah, Geiliya, Geiliyah


Top 1000 baby names ranking of  names: Gabrielle, Gail, Garnet, Gay, Gayle

Gabrielle, Gail, Gala, Galina, Garnet, Gay and Gayle are commonly used names, while the other G- names are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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