Baby Names starting with H for girls

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Habibah, var. Hebiba, Habiba, Haviva, Habibi, Havivah, means "loved one". A scarce given name.

Hadara, var. Haduraq, Hadarit, Hadarah, means "beauty, splendor, glory". Rarely used as a name for babies. See also Hadria.

Hadassah, means "myrtle, bride; star". Common choice for a name for children.

Hadley, var. Hadly, Hedly, Hedlie, Hedley, Hedlea, Hadlea, Hadleigh, Hedleigh, means "heather meadow". A name suitable for both women and men. A very common choice for a name for kids (#99 the past year), Hadley also exists frequently as a last name. The variation Hadleigh is common as a form of Hadley.

Hadria, var. Hadrien, Hadriana, Hadriane, Hadrienne, Hadrianna, means "from Hadria". Rare as a given name. See also Hadara.

Hafsa, var. Hafza, Hafsah. Seldom used as a given name for girls.

Hagar, var. Hajar, Hagir, Haggar, means "forsaken". Rare as a name for kids, Hagar occurs more frequently as a last name.

Haidee, var. Hadee, Hyday, Haydee, means "well-behaved, modest". Usage of Haydee as a given name for girls has waned over time since 1940-1949. The form Haydee is popular as a variation of this name.

Hala, var. Halah, means "halo". Hala is an intermittently used feminine name. See also Mala.

Halcyone, var. Halcyon, Halcyona, means "kingfisher". Seldom used as a birth name for girls.

Haldana, var. Haldane, Haldanna, means "half-Danish". Haldana is an unconventional given name.

Haley, var. Halea, Hayley, Haylee, Hailee, Haylie, Hailey, Haleigh, means "hay meadow". A name applicable for both sexes. A very popular choice for a birth name for girls (#265 in 2014) that also exists conventionally as a last name. The variations Haylie and Haleigh are commonplace as variant forms of Haley.

Halfrida, means "peaceful heroine; peaceful home". A seldom-used girls' name.

Halia, means "remembrance of a loved one". A seldom-used given name. See also Talia.

Halima, var. Helima, Halimah, Haleima, Haleema, Haleemah, means "gentle, mild-mannered". A rare girls' name which exists more commonly as a surname. See also Hilma.

Halimeda, var. Hali, Hallie, Halette, Halameda, means "the sea". Meda, Hallie and Hali have faded in favor as birth names over the years since 1880-1889. The variation Meda is familiar as a variant form of Halimeda.

Halleli, var. Hilly, Halleluja, Halleliya, Hallelujah, means "greatly praised". Halleli is irregularly used as a feminine name.

Hallie, var. Hali, Halli, Halle, Halley. Unisex name. Hallie, Halle and Hali have declined in favor as girls' names over time. The variation Halley is familiar as a form of the name.

Hamida, var. Hamidah, Hameida, Hameedah, means "giving thanks". Hamida is irregularly used as a female name. See also Hanita.

Hana, var. Hannah, means "happiness; flower; work". The variant form Hannah has risen in favor with parents. The variation Hannah is familiar as a form of this name.

Hanako, means "flower child". Rarely used as a baby name. See also Hanka.

Hania, var. Hannia, Hannya, Haniya, Hannyah, Hanniah, Haniyah, Hanniya, Hanniyah, means "a place to rest; to be happy". Hania is intermittently used as a female name. See also Tania.

Hanita, means "grace of the gods". A unique name for children. See also Wanita.

Hannah, var. Hana, Hanny, Honna, Hanna, Hanne, Hanah, Hannie, Hannele, Hanalee, Hanalise, .. 1 more, means "He (God) has favored me". The name Hannah has gained increasing favor as a name for newborns since 1960. The forms Nannie, Hanna, Annie and Ann are prevalent as versions of the name.

Hansika, means "small swan". Seldom used as a name for children. See also Hansina.

Hansine, var. Hansina, Hanseen, means "God is gracious". Seldom used as a girls' name.

Happy, means "cheerful". Rare as a birth name for females.

Haralda, var. Hally, Halley, Hallie, Harolda, Haroldina, Haroldene, means "army ruler, commander". Hallie has faded in popularity as a name for girls over time. The form Hallie is familiar as a variation of Haralda.

Harela, var. Harrela, Harrella, Harrellah, means "the Lord's mountain". A scarce name for babies. See also Harlea.

Harley, var. Harly, Harlea, Harlee, Harlie, Harleen, Harlene, Harleigh, means "hare meadow". The name Harley has gained in popularity as a name for babies over the years since 1880-1889. A name used for both genders. The variation Harlene is popular as a variant form of Harley.