Baby Names starting with J for girls

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Ja-, var. Jalyn, Jalea, Jaral, Jarae, Jalena, Jameka, Jalisa, Jamika, Janiel, Jacodi, .. 32 more. The variant form Jaliyah has grown progressively more popular with parents. The forms Jamika and Jalisa are widely used as versions of Ja-.

Jacaranda, var. Jakaranda, Jacarranda, Jacarannda. Rare as a birth name for girls.

Jacey, var. Jacy, Jaci, Jacee, Jaycie, Jaycee, Jacine, Jaicee, Jacelyn. Unisex name. Jacey is uncommonly used as a feminine name. The variation Jaycie is common as a variant form of the name.

Jacinda, var. Jacy, Jacie, Jacey, Jacenda, Jacinta, Jacynth, Jacinth, Jacenia, Jacenta, Jacinna, .. 7 more. Jacinda is commonly occurring (Top 72%) as a female name. The form Jacinta is prevalent as a version of Jacinda.

Jackie, var. Jacky, Jacki, Jacqui, Jackee, Jacque, Jackey, Jacquie, Jacquey, Jacquetta. Also suitable as a boys' name. Jackie is common (Top 5%) as a women's name. The forms Jacquie and Jacque are common as variations of Jackie.

Jaclyn, var. Jaklyn, Jaclynn, Jacklyn, Jakleen, Jacklynn, Jackleen. Jaclyn and Jacklyn have waned in popularity as names for babies over time since 1980. The form Jacklyn is widely used as a variation of this name.

Jacobina, var. Jacky, Jackee, Jackie, Jacoba, Jacobine, Jakobina, Jakobine, Jacobyna, Jacobetta, Jackobina, .. 1 more, means "he who supplants". Jacobina is a scantly used feminine name. The form Jackie is widely used as a variation of this name.

Jacqueline, var. Jacki, Jacqi, Jacky, Jackie, Jaklyn, Jacqui, Jaclin, Jaclyn, Jacquel, Jakleen, .. 37 more, means "he who supplants". The name Jacqueline has increased in popularity as a given name for baby girls over the years since 1880-1889. The variations Jaqueline, Jacquelynn, Jacqualine and Jackie are popular as variant forms of Jacqueline.

Jacquelyn, var. Jaclyn, Jacklyn. Jacquelyn is a commonplace (Top 9%) given name. The form Jaclyn is commonplace as a variation of the name.

Jade, var. Jada, Jady, Jaida, Jaeda, Jaide, Jayda, Jayde, Jadee, Jadyn, Jaden, .. 13 more, means "precious stone". Also suitable as a boys' name. The variant forms Jade, Jayden, Jayda and Jada have risen in popularity as given names over the years. The variations Jayden, Jaiden and Jadyn are common as variant forms of Jade.

Jadwige, var. Jadwiga, means "safety in battle". Rarely used as a girls' name. The variation Jadwiga is common as a form of the name.

Jae, var. Jaya, Jaena, Jaylee, Jaelyn, Jaeleah, Jayleen, Jaelana, Jaylene, Jaeleen, Jaylynn, .. 2 more. Unisex name. Seldom used as a name for baby girls, but used somewhat often as a surname. The variations Jaylynn and Jaylee are commonly used as forms of this name.

Jael, var. Jayil, Jayel, Jaelle, means "mountain goat". Name applicable for both sexes. Jael is infrequently used as a given name.

Jaffa, var. Joppa, Jafit, means "beautiful". Jaffa is unusual as a given name. See also Yaffa.

Jahzara, means "blessed princess". Rare as a birth name for girls.

Jaime, var. Jayme, Jamie, Jamey, Jamee, James, Jaymee. The variant form Jamie has gained in popularity over the years. Unisex name. The forms Jayme and James are popular as versions of Jaime.

Jaleesa, var. Jaliza, Joleisa, Jaleisa, Joleesa, Jilleesa, Jilleisa. Jaleesa is a recognizable (Top 69%) female name. See also Janeesa.

Jamaica, var. Jemayka, Jemaica, Jamaika, Jamaeca. Jamaica is a unique feminine name, occurring frequently (Top 53%) as a last name according to the US Census. See also Jamika.

Jameelah, var. Jamila, Jemila, Jamela, Jamille, Jamilla, Jamilah, Jamelia, Jameela, Jamilia, means "beautiful". Unique as a given name for baby girls. The form Jamila is widely used as a variation of Jameelah.

Jamesina, var. Jamesette, Jamesetta, means "he who supplants". Jamesina is an uncommonly used women's name.

Jamie, var. Jama, Jami, Jamee, Jaima, Jamey, Jayme, Jamia, Jamei, Jaime, Jaimy, .. 11 more, means "he who supplants". A name applicable for both genders. The name Jamie has surged in popularity as a given name for baby girls over time. The variations Jaymie, Jami, Jama and Jaime are commonplace as forms of Jamie.

Jamila, var. Jamilla, Jamille, Jameela, Jamilah, Jamelia, Jameila, Jamillia, means "lovely". A moderately scarce given name for baby girls now, though occurring regularly as a first name among women in the community according to the US Census. See also Janela.

Jamison, means "son of James". A seldom-used given name, Jamison is found more conventionally as a surname. Name suitable for both genders.

Jan, var. Jana, Jann, Janna, Janne, Janah, Jannah, Janine, Janina, means "God is gracious". Usage of the names Jan, Janna, Janine and Jana as girls' names has fallen off over the years since 1950. Name suitable for both sexes. The forms Janna and Janina are generally used as versions of the name.

Jana, var. Janah, Janny, Janna, Jannie, Jannah, Janica, Janalee, Janalyn, Jannalee, Janalynn, .. 1 more, means "God is gracious". Somewhat uncommon as a birth name, Jana is however used fairly commonly as a last name. The variation Jannie is common as a variant form of this name.

Janae, var. Janea, Jenee, Jenay, Jenai, Jenae, Janay, Janah, Janai, Jinae, Jinnea, .. 11 more. Janae and Janay have been on a downward trend in favor as baby names over time since 1990. The variation Jenee is widely used as a form of Janae.

Jancis, var. Jances, Jancess. Seldom used as a given name for girls. See also Janis.

Jane, var. Jan, Joan, Jess, Joni, Jean, Jana, Jany, Jeni, Janit, Jenda, .. 69 more, means "God is gracious". The variant forms Joanna, Janessa, Janelle, Ivanna and Gianna have gained increasing favor with parents since 1880-1889. The variations Sheena, Joni, Johanna, Jeni, Jeanne, Jean, Janise, Janie, Janetta, Janene, Janella, Jana and Iva are familiar as variant forms of Jane.

Janelle, var. Janel, Jenell, Janely, Janell, Jinelle, Janelba, Janella, Jonelle, Jinella, Jenelle, .. 5 more. Very common as a name for newborns (#450 last year), and also found somewhat frequently as a surname. The forms Jonelle and Janella are widely used as variations of the name.

Janessa, var. Janesse, Janissa, Jannessa. Popular choice for a name for babies (#761 in 2014), Janessa is also found regularly as a first name among females of all ages in the US Census. See also Lanessa.