Baby Names starting with K for girls

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Ka-, var. Katiya, Katana, Kamara, Kamari, Kalisa, Katasha, Kashana, Katessa, Katisha, Katrisa, .. 16 more. The forms Katrice and Kamari are widely used as variations of Ka-.

Kacie, var. KC, Kacy, Kaci, Kayce, Kayci, Kasey, Kacey, Kacee, Kacia, Kaycee, .. 1 more. The names Kacie, Kasey, Kaci and Kacey have declined in popularity as given names for girls over time since 1990. The forms Kaycee and Kacy are prevalent as variations of the name.

Kadenza, var. Kadena, Kadence, means "with rhythm". Kadenza is an uncommon female name. The variation Kadence is commonplace as a variant form of Kadenza.

Kady, var. Kadi, Kadie, Kadee, Kadia, Kaidee, Kaedee, Kadian, Kadienne. Kady is a unique women's name, appearing often (Top 71%) as a surname according to the US Census. See also Mady.

Kaeya, means "monsoon flower". A scarce name for children. See also Kay.

Kai, var. Kaia, means "the sea". Both a feminine and a masculine name. The variant form Kaia has grown increasingly popular with parents. The form Kaia is widely used as a version of Kai.

Kaila, var. Kaela, Kailah, Kaelah, means "the laurel crown; style". Kaila is conventional (Top 72%) as a female name. The form Kaela is common as a version of Kaila.

Kailani, means "sea and sky". A common name for kids. See also Kaylan.

Kaitlin, var. Kathlyn, Katelyn, Kaitlyn, Kathlin, Kaitlan, Katelynn, Kaitlynn, Kaitleen, Kathlinne, Kaitlynne, .. 1 more. The variant forms Katelynn, Katelyn, Kaitlyn, Katelyn, Caitlyn and Caitlin have gained in popularity as given names over time since 1880-1889. The variations Kathlyn, Kaitlynn and Caitlyn are generally used as forms of Kaitlin.

Kala. Kala has trended downward in popularity as a name for babies over the years. See also Mala.

Kalani, var. Kaloni, Kalana, Kailani, Kalaine, means "the heavens, sky; royal one". Scarcely used as a birth name, Kalani is used more often as a surname. Name applicable for both girls and boys. The variation Kailani is prevalent as a form of the name.

Kalei, var. Kalea, Kalia, Kaleah, means "the flower wreath; the beloved". Seldom used as a birth name for girls. See also Kyley.

Kali, var. Kalli, means "black". The name Kali has gained in popularity as a given name for girls over the years. See also Pali.

Kalifa, means "chaste; holy". Rare as a baby name. See also Kalina.

Kalila, var. Kaly, Kalie, Kailey, Kylila, Kaylee, Kylilah, Kayllie, Kaleila, Kalilah, means "darling, beloved". The variant forms Kaylee and Kailey have become increasingly popular with parents since 1880. The form Kaylee is widely used as a variation of Kalila.

Kalina, var. Kalena, Kaleen, Kalene, Kaleena, means "flower". A unique given name, Kalina is found more commonly as a surname. The form Kalene is familiar as a version of the name.

Kalinda, var. Kalynda, Kalindi, means "the sun". Rare as a girls' name. See also Salinda.

Kallan, means "battle; rock". Seldom used as a name for kids. See also Kellen.

Kallie, var. Kali, Kally, Kalli, Kalle, Kahli, Kallita. Popular as a birth name (#643 in 2014), and existing commonly as a first name among women in the community in the US Census. The variation Kali is widely used as a variant form of Kallie.

Kalliope, var. Kallyope, means "beautiful voice". Seldom used as a given name for baby girls.

Kallista, var. Kala, Kally, Kalli, Kallie, Kalista, Kalesta, Kallysta, means "most beautiful". The variant forms Kallie and Callie have increased in popularity as names for girls over the years. The variations Kallie and Calista are popular as variant forms of the name.

Kama, means "love; ripe". Seldom used as a girls' name, Kama is used more often as a surname. See also Rama.

Kambria. Rarely used as a birth name for girls. See also Kymbra.

Kamea, var. Kameo, means "the one (and only)". Kamea is an intermittently used women's name. See also Kami.

Kamelia, var. Kamella. Kamelia is a scantly used women's name. See also Kamyla.

Kameron, var. Kamryn, Kamron, Kamrin, Kamren, means "crooked nose". Unisex name. A slightly rare name for newborns. The form Kamryn is prevalent as a variation of the name.

Kami, var. Kammi, Kammie, Kamlyn, means "lord". Slightly uncommon as a birth name for females nowadays, though Kami is still found regularly as a first name among the female populace according to the US Census. See also Sami.

Kamilah, var. Kamila, Kamille, Kamilla, Kamillia, Kamillah, means "perfect". The variant form Kamila has become progressively more popular as a birth name. The variation Kamille is commonly used as a form of this name.

Kamilla, var. Kamyla, Kamila, Kemilla, Kamilka, Kamella, Kamille, means "helper to the priest". The variant forms Millie, Kamila and Camilla have risen in popularity over the years. The forms Millie and Cammie are common as versions of this name.

Kanani, means "the beautiful one". Scarce as a name for kids. See also Kalani.