Baby Names starting with L for girls

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La-, var. Lanae, Lanai, Larae, Laray, Lakia, Laree, Laday, Lacoya, Lanika, Latina, .. 44 more. Usage of Lakeisha, Lashanda, Lashawn, Latanya, Latasha, Latifah, Latisha, Latonya, Latoya, Latrice, Lavonne and Lawanda as children's names has trended downward since the 1930s.

Lacey, var. Lacy, Laci, Lace, Lacee, Lacie, Laicey, Laisey, Laycie, Laicee, Lacina, .. 3 more. Lacky (top 82%), Lacen (50%) are popular surnames similar to Lacey (top 1%), Lace (28%), etc..

Ladonna, var. Ledonna. Rare. Ladonna, Ledonna, like Breonna, Lonna, end with the popular feminine-sounding -onna.

Lady, var. Laidy, Ladey, means "bread kneader". Lady (upper 15%), like Coady (upper 8%), Dady (17%), is a popular -ady suffix surname.

Lael, means "belonging to God". Unique. Lael, like Michael, Chantael, ends with the favored androgynous-sounding -ael. See also Lalla.

Laila, var. Laleh, Layla, Laela, Laily, Laylah, Laliah, Lailie, means "night beauty". Laila, Layla and Laylah are popular as variant forms.

Laine, var. Layne, Lanie, Laney, Laina, means "path, roadway". Common as surnames. Compare Laine (upper 6%) and popular surnames Plaine (upper 61%), Fraine (57%), with the -aine suffix.

Lainey, var. Laney. Common, and Lainey is comparable to popular last names Dominey (upper 28%), Liney (89%), which also end with -iney.

Lake, var. Laken, Laiken. Common as surnames. Compare Lake (upper 1%), Laiken, Laken (66%) with popular last names Lage (upper 9%), Laue (15%), which also start with La-.

Lakeisha, var. Lakisha, Lakitia, Lekisha, Laketia, Lakicia, Lakecia, Lakesha, Lekeisha, Lakeesha, Lekeesha, .. 4 more. Less used today. Lakeisha was the version last found (1993) in the Top 1000.

Lakshmi, var. Laxmi, means "good sign, good omen". Lakshmi and Laxmi are not Top 1000 names.

Lala, var. Lalla, means "tulip". Somewhat common as baby names, Lala and Lalla are comparable to the familiar Lela.

Lalage, var. Lally, Lallie, means "to chatter or babble". Lalage, Lallie and Lally are not frequently used as girls' names.

Laleh, means "tulip". Outside Top 1000. See also Lally.

Lalia, var. Lali, Lalya, Lallia, means "talk; well-spoken". Lalia, Lallia, etc. are barely found as female names.

Lalika, means "lovely woman". Lalika was not among 2014's Top names. See also Malika.

Lalita, means "playful". Uncommon, but Lalita is similar to common surnames Olita (upper 95%), Zurita (6%), which also end with -ita. See also Loleta.

Lalla. Popular as last name, and Lalla (top 23%) is similar to popular -alla last names Lavalla (top 52%), Spalla (25%). See also Lallia.

Lallie, var. Lally, Lalia, means "to chatter or babble". Scarce as birth names, but Lallie, Lally, etc. are similar to the more conventional Kallie.

Lana, var. Lanna, Lanae, Lanny, Lanette. Lana and Lanette are commonplace as forms.

Lanai, var. Lenai, means "porch". Uncommon, but Lanai, Lenai are similar to common surnames Kanai (top 36%), Yanai (75%), with the -nai suffix.

Landra, means "counselor". Uncommon. Landra, like Cyndra, Kiandra, uses the familiar feminine-sounding -ndra ending. See also Xandra.

Lane, var. Layne, Lanie, Laney, Laine, Lainey. Unusual. Lane (cf. Orane, Phillane) ends with the popular feminine -ane.

Lanetta, var. Lanette. Popular, and Lanetta, Lanette are comparable to common Lan- last names Lanzetti (upper 96%), Lancette (53%).

Langley, var. Langlea, Langlee, Langleigh, means "long meadow". Langleigh and variants are unusual as baby names.

Lani, means "sky". Lanyi (top 56%), Lanis (66%) are popular surnames similar to Lani (top 40%). See also Leoni.

Lanice. Lanice was not a Top birth name in 2014. See also Danice.

Lantana, var. Lantanna. Unusual. Lantana (cf. Gaetana, Christana) uses the familiar feminine-sounding -tana suffix.

Lara, var. Larra, Larita, Larina, Larinda, Laramae, Laralaine, means "protection". Lara (upper 1%), like Lars (upper 56%), Laxa (53%), is a popular La- prefix last name.

Laraine, var. Larine, Larina, Lareine, Laraene, Larayne, Larraine. Laraine and Larraine are popular as variant forms.

Lareina, var. Larena, Laraene, Lareine, Larayne, Larreina, Larrayna, means "the queen". Uncommon. Compare Lareina, Larreina and common -ina surnames Surina (upper 50%), Carolina (17%).

Larissa, var. Lari, Lissa, Lyssa, Larisa, Lorissa, Lerissa, Laryssa, means "cheerful". Unique. Larissa, Lorissa, etc., like Clairissa, Sarissa, use the common feminine -issa ending.

Lark. Not in Top 1000. Cross-gender use.

Larkspur. Larkspur was not among 2014's Top names.

Larsen, var. Larson, Larsson, Larssen, means "son of Lars". Larsen, Larson, etc. (cf. Larner, Largent) are common Lar- prefix surnames.

Lassie, var. Lassey, means "little girl". Lassey is more uncommon as a variant form of Lassie.

Lata, means "beautiful vine". Lata (upper 19%), like Rata (upper 82%), Kata (29%), is a popular -ata suffix surname. See also Mata.

Latanya, var. Latonya, Latonia, Latanja, Latania. Outside Top 1000.

Latasha. Somewhat popular as a baby name, Latasha is similar to the common Letisha. See also Latisha.

Latifah, var. Latifa, Latiffa, Lateifa, Lateefa, Lateefah, Lateiffa, means "gentle, pleasant". Not in Top 1000.