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La- - Lori | Lorna - Lysandra

pinCommon One-syllable Names

L- girl names: Lea, Leah, Leann, Leanne, Lee, Leigh, Lesia, Lise, Liv, Liz, Lois, Lyn, Lynn, Lynne.

pinCommon Two-syllable Names

L- girl names: Lacey, Laci, Lacie, Lacy, Laila, Lainey, Laken, Lala, Lana, Lanette, Laney, Lanie, Lara, Laraine, Lashawn, Lassie, Latrice, Laura, Laureen, Laurel, Lauren, Laurette, Lauri, Laurie, Laurine, Lauryn, Lavern, Laverne, Lavonne, Layla, Laylah, Leana, Leandra, Leanna, Leatrice, Leda, Leeann, Leesa, Leila, Leilah, Lela, Lelah, Lena, Lenna, Lenore, Leone, Lesley, Lesli, Leslie, Lesly, Leta, Letha, Letta, Lettie, Lexi, Lexie, Lexus, Leyla, Lia, Libbie, Libby, Lida, Lila, Lilah, Lilith, Lilla, Lillie, Lilly, Lily, Lina, Linda, Lindsay, Lindsey, Lindy, Linette, Linnea, Linsey, Lisa, Lisette, Lisha, Lissa, Lissette, Liza, Lizbeth, Lizeth, Lizette, Lizzie, Logan, Lola, Lollie, Lona, Loni, Lonie, Lonna, Lonnie, Lora, Loren, Lorene, Lori, Lorie, Lorine, Lorna, Lorraine, Lorri, Lorrie, Lura, Lurline, Lyda, Lyla, Lylah, Lynda, Lyndsay, Lyndsey, Lynette, Lynnette, Lynsey.

pinCommon Three-syllable Names

L- girl names: Ladonna, Lakeisha, Lakesha, Lakisha, Laquita, Larissa, Lashanda, Latasha, Latifah, Latisha, Latoya, Latricia, Lauretta, Laverna, Lavina, Lawanda, Leia, Leilani, Lelia, Lenora, Leola, Leona, Leonie, Leonor, Leonore, Leontine, Leora, Leota, Leticia, Letitia, Liana, Liberty, Lilia, Lilian, Lillian, Lilyan, Livia, Lizabeth, Lolita, Lorelei, Lorena, Lorenza, Loretta, Loriann, Lovina.

pinCommon Four-syllable Names

L- girl names: Lakeshia, Latanya, Latonia, Latonya, Lavenia, Lavinia, Leonora, Liliana, Lilianna, Lilliana, Lillianna, Louvenia, Luvenia.

pinAll Names from La- - Lori

Top 1000 baby names ranking of L names: Lacey, Ladonna, Laila, Lainey, Lakeisha

La-, Lanae, Lanai, Larae, Laray, Lakia, Laree, Laday, Lacoya, Lanika, Latina, .. 44 more.

Lacey, Lacy, Laci, Lace, Lacee, Lacie, Laicey, Laisey, Laycie, Laicee, Lacina, .. 3 more.

Ladonna, Ledonna.

Lady, Laidy, Ladey. "Bread kneader."

Lael. "Belonging to God."

Laila, Laleh, Layla, Laela, Laily, Laylah, Laliah, Lailie. "Night beauty."

Laine, Layne, Lanie, Laney, Laina. "Path, roadway."

Lainey, Laney.

Lake, Laken, Laiken.

Lakeisha, Lakisha, Lakitia, Lekisha, Laketia, Lakicia, Lakecia, Lakesha, Lekeisha, Lakeesha, Lekeesha, .. 4 more.

Lakshmi, Laxmi. "Good sign, good omen."

Lala, Lalla. "Tulip."

Lalage, Lally, Lallie. "To chatter or babble."

Laleh. "Tulip."

Lalia, Lali, Lalya, Lallia. "Talk; well-spoken."

Lalika. "Lovely woman."

Lalita. "Playful."

Lalla. Not in popularity charts. See also Lallia.

Lallie, Lally, Lalia. "To chatter or babble."

Lana, Lanna, Lanae, Lanny, Lanette.

Lanai, Lenai. "Porch."

Landra. "Counselor."

Lane, Layne, Lanie, Laney, Laine, Lainey.

Lanetta, Lanette.

Langley, Langlea, Langlee, Langleigh. "Long meadow."

Lani. "Sky."

Lanice. Unusual. Compare Lanice and common Lan- last name Lanoue (upper 10%). See also Danice.

Lantana, Lantanna.

Lara, Larra, Larita, Larina, Larinda, Laramae, Laralaine. "Protection."

Laraine, Larine, Larina, Lareine, Laraene, Larayne, Larraine.

Lareina, Larena, Laraene, Lareine, Larayne, Larreina, Larrayna. "The queen."

Larissa, Lari, Lissa, Lyssa, Larisa, Lorissa, Lerissa, Laryssa. "Cheerful."

Lark. Not in Top 1000. Cross-gender use.

Larkspur. Larkspur was not among 2014's Top names.

Larsen, Larson, Larsson, Larssen. "Son of Lars."

Lassie, Lassey. "Little girl."

Lata. "Beautiful vine."

Latanya, Latonya, Latonia, Latanja, Latania.

Latasha. Somewhat popular as a baby name, Latasha is similar to the common Letisha. See also Latisha.

Latifah, Latifa, Latiffa, Lateifa, Lateefa, Lateefah, Lateiffa. "Gentle, pleasant."

Latisha, Letisha, Letitia, Latitia, Leticia, Laticia, Latesha, Lettisha, Letticia, Lateisha. "Happiness."

Latona. Liatona, Loetona and Lutona are kreatif variations.

Latoya, Latoia, Letoya, Latoyla, Latorya, Latoria, Latoyah. "Victorious one."

Latrice, Letrice, Leatrice, Letreece, Latricia, Latrecia, Latreece, Latreese, Latreshia. "Noble; patrician."

Lauda. "Praise."

Laudonia. "Praise to the house."

Laufeia. "Wooded or leafy island."

Laura, Lori, Lari, Lory, Lora, Lorey, Lorie, Lorna, Lavra, Lolly, Loren, .. 48 more. "The bay, or laurel plant."

Laurel, Lorel, Laural, Loralle, Lauriel, Laurell, Lorelle, Laurelle, Lauralle. "The bay, or laurel plant."

Lauren, Laren, Lorin, Loryn, Lorne, Laryn, Loren, Larryn, Lorene, Lorena, Lorren, .. 22 more. "The bay, or laurel plant."

Laurence, Lorenza, Larsine, Larsina, Lourence, Lourenca, Laurentia, Larenzina, Laurentine, Laurentina, Laurentyna, .. 1 more. "From Laurentum."

Laveda, Laveta, Lavette, Lavetta, Lavella, Lavelle. "Cleansed."

Laverne, Lavern, Loverna, Leverne, Laverna, Laverine, Laverrne.

Lavinia, Levina, Luvena, Lovina, Luvina, Lavena, Lavina, Lovinia, Luvenia, Luvinia, Livinia, .. 6 more.

Lavonne, Levonne, Lavonda, Lavonna, Levonda, Lahvonne.

Leah, Lea, Lee, Lia, Leia, Leigh. "Delicate; weary."

Leala, Leola, Lealie, Lealia. "Loyal, faithful."

Leandra, Leoine, Leanda, Leanza, Leodora, Leoline, Leandre, Leonelle, Leiandra, Leandria. "Lion man."

Leanna, Leana, Leann, Lianne, Leanne, Leeann, Leyanne, Leeanne, Leianne, Leighanne, Leighanna.

Leatrice, Leetriss.

Lecia, Lisha.

Leda, Lyda, Leta, Lida, Leyda, Leida.

Lee, Lea, Leigh. "Meadow or pasture."

Lehava, Lehavit. "Flame."

Leila, Lyla, Lila, Lela, Leela, Lilah, Layla, Leyla, Lelia, Laila, Lelah, .. 2 more. "Night beauty."

Leilani, Lalani. "Heavenly lei; royal child of heaven."

Leith, Lethe, Leithe. "Broad river."

Lela. "Black beauty."

Leland. "Meadow land."

Lelia, Lilia, Lellia, Leelia.

Lemuela, Lemuelah, Lemuella, Lemuellah. "Devoted to God."

Lena, Lina, Leyna, Leina, Leena.

Lenis, Lene, Lenos, Lenita, Lenice, Leneta, Lennice. "Mild, soft, silky."

Lenna, Lenda, Leonarda. "Lion's strength."

Lenore, Lenor, Lenorr, Lenora, Leonore, Leonora, Lenorra, Lenorah, Lenorre. "Light."

Top 1000 baby names ranking of L names: Lala, Lana, Lara, Laraine, Larissa

Top 1000 baby names ranking of L names: Lassie, Latanya, Latasha, Latifah, Latisha

Top 1000 baby names ranking of L names: Latoya, Latrice, Laura, Laurel, Lauren

Top 1000 baby names ranking of L names: Laverne, Lavinia, Lavonne, Leah, Leandra

Top 1000 baby names ranking of L names: Leanna, Leatrice, Leda, Lee, Leila

Top 1000 baby names ranking of L names: Leilani, Lela, Lelia, Lena, Lenna

Top 1000 baby names ranking of L names: Lenore, Leona, Leonie, Leonora, Leora

Top 1000 baby names ranking of L names: Leslie, Leta, Letha, Letitia, Lexie

Top 1000 baby names ranking of L names: Lia, Liana, Libby, Liberty, Lida

Top 1000 baby names ranking of L names: Lila, Lilith, Lillian, Lily, Lina

Top 1000 baby names ranking of L names: Linda, Lindsay, Linette, Linnea, Lisa

Top 1000 baby names ranking of L names: Lissa, Liv, Livia, Liz, Liza

Top 1000 baby names ranking of L names: Lizbeth, Lizette, Logan, Lois, Lola

Top 1000 baby names ranking of L names: Lolita, Loni, Lora, Lorelei, Loren

Top 1000 baby names ranking of L names: Lorena, Lorenza, Loretta, Lori

Leoda, Leota. "Of the people."

Leona, Leola, Leone, Leonie, Leowna, Leonia, Leeona, Leoine, Leeowna, Leontyne, Leonelle, .. 1 more. "Lion."

Leonarda, Lenda, Lenarda, Leonarde, Lennarda. "Lion strength."

Leonie, Leoni, Leone, Leonie, Leonda, Leonine, Leondra, Leonela, Leontine, Leonline, Leondrea. "Lion."

Leonora, Leora, Lenore, Leonor, Lanora, Lenora, Leanor, Leonore, Leanora, Leanore. "Compassion; light."

Leontyne, Leontine, Leontina.

Leora, Liora, Leorah, Leeora. "Compassion; light."

Leslie, Lesly, Lesli, Lezley, Lezlie, Lezlee, Leslee, Lesley, Leslea, Lesleigh. "Holly garden."

Leta, Lita, Leeta. "Gladly."

Letha, Lethe, Leitha, Lethia, Leithia. "Forgetfulness."

Letitia, Leta, Leda, Letha, Letty, Letta, Latia, Letice, Lettie, Lettice, Letycja, .. 9 more. "Joy."

Levana, Livaun, Livana, Levona, Levanna, Livanna, Levania. "To rise."

Levina. "Lightning bolt."

Levona. "Frankincense."

Lewana, Levana, Livana, Levanna, Lewanna. "Shining white one; the moon."

Lexie, Lexa, Lexi, Lexya, Lexus, Lexia, Lexann, Lexine, Lexina, Lexandra. "Man's defender."

Leya. "The law."

Lezith. "God is my oath."

Lia, Liya, Leeya.

Liana, Liann, Liane, Leana, Lianna, Lianne, Liahna, Leanna, Leiana. "To twine around."

Liane, Lianne, Liahne, Leeanne, Leeahnne.

Libby, Lib, Liby, Libet, Libbie, Libbey, Libbee, Lilibet, Lilibeth. "God is my oath."

Liberty. "Freedom."

Licia, Lisia, Lesia, Leesha, Leecia, Leecea. "From Lycia."

Lida, Lyda, Lidah, Leida. "Loved by the people."

Lidwina, Lidwine, Lidwien, Lidweina, Lidweena. "The people's friend."

Liesl, Lisl, Liesa, Liese, Liezl, Liesel, Liezel. "God is my oath."

Lieselotte. Outside Top 1000.

Ligia, Lygia. "Musical."

Lila, Lyla, Lylah, Lilah, Leila, Layla. "Night."

Lilac, Lilach.

Lilias, Lilas, Lillas, Lillias. "Lily."

Lilibeth, Lilibet, Lilybet, Lilybell, Lilybeth, Lillibet.

Lilith, Lillith. "Belonging to the night."

Lillian, Lily, Lili, Lila, Lilly, Lilli, Lilia, Lilyan, Lilian, Lillia, Lillie, .. 12 more. "Lily."

Lily, Lil, Lili, Lila, Lilli, Lilla, Lilly, Lilie, Lilia, Lilas, Lilyan, .. 12 more.

Limor, Leemor. "Myrrh."

Lin. Cross-gender use. Lin, like the similar Win, exists more usually as a surname.

Lina, Lyna, Lena, Leina, Leena. "Palm tree."

Linda, Lin, Lyn, Lynn, Linn, Lynda, Lyndy, Lynne, Lynde, Lindy, Lindi, .. 8 more. "Pretty."

Linden, Lindon, Lindynn, Lindenn.

Lindsay, Lind, Linzi, Lynzi, Lynzy, Linzy, Lynzey, Linsie, Lynsey, Linzee, Lindsy, .. 11 more. "Lincoln's marsh; island of linden trees."

Linette, Linet, Lynnet, Linnet, Lynette, Lanette, Linetta, Lonette, Lenette, Lynnette, Linnette. "Idol; linnet, a small songbird."

Linnea, Lynae, Lenae, Linna, Linea, Lynea, Lynnae, Linnae, Lynnea, Linnaea. "Lime or linden tree."

Liora, Lior, Leeor, Liorit, Leeora. "God's gift of light to me."

Lirit, Liri, Leerit. "Musical."

Lisa, Liza, Lise, Liesa, Leesa, Leeza, Liszka, Liseta, Lisebet, Lisette. "God is my oath."

Lisandra, Lizandra, Lissandra.

Lissa, Lyssa, Lissette.

Lita, Leta.

Liv. "Defense."

Livia, Livy, Livya, Livvy, Lyvia, Livija. "Olive."

Liya, Leeya. "I am the Lord's."

Liz, Lyz, Lyzz, Lizz, Lizette, Lizanne. "God is my oath."

Liza, Liz, Lyza, Leeza, Lizzie, Litzea, Litsea.

Lizbeth, Lizbet, Lisbet, Lisabet, Lyzbeth, Lizabeth, Lisabeth. "God is my oath."

Lizena. "God is my oath."

Lizette, Lizeth, Lisette, Lyzette, Lissette. "God is my oath."

Llesenia. Llesenia is not a Top 1000 name.

Loelia. Uncommon. Loelia, like Lucia, ends with -ia. See also Lolla.

Logan, Logann. "Hollow."

Loida, Loyda.

Loire, Loir, Loirane.

Lois. "Superior."

Lola, Lolla, Loela.

Lolita. Somewhat atypical as a girls' name these days, though Lolita is still found often as a first name for women.

Loni, Lona, Lonni, Lonna, Lonie, Lonee, Lonnie. "Oak tree; lion."

Lora, Lory, Lori, Lorah, Lorra, Lorey, Lowra, Loree, Lorree, Lorrie, Lorrae, .. 7 more. "Laurel."

Lorelei, Lura, Lurette, Lurleen, Lurlene, Lurline, Lorilyn, Lorilee, Loralee, Loralei, Loralie, .. 3 more.

Lorelle, Lowrelle, Lorrella, Laurelle. "Laurel tree."

Loren, Lorin, Loryn, Lorryn, Lorrin, Lorren. "From Laurentum."

Lorena, Loreen, Lorene, Lorrina, Lorenna, Lorenia, Loreene, Lorraine. "Laurel."

Lorenza, Laurenca, Laurenza, Lorenzina. "From Laurentum."

Loretta, Loreta, Lorette, Laretta, Leretta, Lowretta, Lorretta, Larretta, Lauretta, Laurette. "Laurel."

Lori, Loris, Loree, Loria, Lorri, Lorian, Loriel, Lorinda, Loriann, Loriana, Lorilee, .. 2 more. "Laurel."