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Mab - Mckenzie | Mead - Mystique

pinCommon One-syllable Names

M- girl names: Madge, Mae, Maeve, Mai, Mame, Maud, Maude, May, Maye, Mayme, Meg.

pinCommon Two-syllable Names

M- girl names: Mabel, Mabelle, Mable, Macey, Maci, Macie, Macy, Maggie, Maida, Maira, Maisie, Maiya, Malaysia, Maleah, Mallie, Mamie, Manda, Mandi, Mandy, Mara, Marcelle, Marci, Marcia, Marcie, Marcy, Maren, Marge, Margie, Margit, Margo, Margot, Margret, Margy, Mari, Marie, Mariel, Marin, Marion, Marla, Marlee, Marleigh, Marlen, Marlene, Marley, Marlie, Marlo, Marlyn, Marlys, Marnie, Marsha, Marta, Martha, Marva, Marvel, Mary, Mattie, Maudie, Maura, Maureen, Maurine, Mavis, Maxie, Maxine, Maya, Maybell, Maybelle, Maymie, Mayra, Mazie, Megan, Meghan, Melva, Meta, Miah, Mimi, Minnie, Mitzi, Miya, Moira, Mollie, Molly, Muriel, Mya, Myra.

pinCommon Three-syllable Names

M- girl names: Mackenzie, Madalyn, Madalynn, Maddison, Madeleine, Madeline, Madelyn, Madelynn, Madilyn, Madisen, Madison, Madisyn, Madonna, Madyson, Mafalda, Magdalen, Magdalene, Mahala, Maia, Makena, Makenna, Makenzie, Malia, Mallory, Malvina, Manuela, Marcela, Marceline, Marcella, Margaret, Margarete, Margarette, Margery, Marguerite, Maria, Mariah, Mariam, Marian, Mariann, Marianne, Maribel, Maribeth, Mariela, Marilee, Marilou, Marilyn, Marilynn, Marina, Marisa, Marissa, Marita, Maritza, Marjorie, Marjory, Marlena, Marquita, Martina, Maryam, Maryann, Maryanne, Marybelle, Marybeth, Maryjo, Marylin, Marylou, Marylyn, Mathilda, Mathilde, Matilda, Matilde, Mckayla, Mckenna, Mckenzie, Melvina, Miriam, Moriah.

pinCommon Four-syllable Names

M- girl names: Magdalena, Magnolia, Marcelina, Margaretta, Margarita, Mariana, Marianna, Maricela, Marietta, Marisela.

pinAll Names from Mab - Mckenzie

Top 1000 baby names ranking of M names: Mabel, Mackenzie, Macy, Madeline, Madge

Mab, Mave, Meave, Mavis. "Joy, hilarity; baby."

Mabel, Mab, Mable, Mayble, Maybel, Maible, Maybell, Mabelle, Maybelle. "Lovable."

Macaria, Makaria, Makarria, Maccaria, Macarria, Macarisa. "Blessed."

Machiko. "Child who learns truth; beautiful child."

Mackenna, Mckenna, Mackendra.

Mackenzie, Mckenzie, Makenzie, Makensie, Mackenzey. "Fire-born; son of the wise ruler."

Macon. Not in popularity charts. Also used for boys.

Macy, Maci, Maicy, Macey, Macie, Macee, Maicey. "Weapon."

Madeline, Mala, Mady, Mada, Maud, Madge, Madel, Maddy, Magda, Maude, Madlin, .. 48 more. "Woman from Magdala."

Madeira, Madira, Madera.

Madge. Not in popularity charts. See also Midge.

Madison, Madyson, Madisen, Madisyn, Madisson, Maddison. "Son of the mighty warrior."

Madonna, Madona. "My lady."

Madra. "Mother."

Maeja. Outside Top 1000. See also Marja.

Maeko. "Truth child."

Maemi. "Smile of truth."

Maery. Rare. Compare Maery and popular -ery surname Mandery (top 49%). See also Mahra.

Maeve, Mave, Meave. "Intoxicating; she who makes drunk."

Mafalda, Maffalda. "Mighty in battle."

Magali, Magaly, Maggali, Magalie, Magaley. "Pearl."

Magda. Magda was not a Top birth name in 2014. See also Majida.

Magdalena, Magdalen, Magdeline, Magdalene, Magdelena. "Woman from Magdala."

Maggie, Magli, Maguy, Maggy, Maggi, Maggey, Magali. "Pearl."

Magnilda, Magnhilde. "Strong in battle."

Magnolia, Maggy, Maggie.

Mahala. "Woman."

Mahalia, Mahala, Mahali, Mahelia, Mehalia, Mahalla, Mahalee, Mahalah, Mahalath, Mahaliah. "Tender one."

Mahina. "Moon, moon-light."

Mai, Maj.

Maia, May, Maj, Mya, Moja, Moya, Moia, Maya, Maja, Maiah, Maaja, .. 1 more. "Great; mother."

Maida, Mady, Magda, Mayda, Maddy, Maydey, Maidel, Maidie, Maddie, Maydena. "Maiden; young, unmarried woman."

Maira. Usage of Maira as a girls' name has trended downward circa 1992. See also Maure.

Mairin, Marin, Mairim. "Star of the sea."

Maisie, Mazie, Mazey, Maisy, Maisey, Maisee, Maizie. "Pearl."

Maiya, Maiyah. "Rice valley."

Majesta, Majesty. "Royal bearing, dignity."

Majida, Maji, Majidah. "Noble glory."

Makara. "Sea dragon."

Makena, Makenna.

Malana. "Buoyant, light."

Malaysia. Malaysia became more trendy in 2014, gaining +80 rankings as a girls' name to reach #399.

Malcolmina, Malcolmeena.

Malia, Malea, Maleia, Maleah. "Perhaps, probably."

Malina. "Peace."

Malka, Milka, Malke, Milke, Milcah, Malkia, Malkah, Malcah, Malkie. "Queen."

Mallorca, Majorca.

Mallory, Malori, Malory, Mallary, Mallori, Malorie, Mallery, Malorey, Mallorey, Malloree, Mallorie, .. 2 more. "Unlucky."

Malva, Melva, Melvina. "Slender, delicate."

Malvina, Mel, Mal, Melva, Malva, Melvie, Mavina, Malvie, Melvine, Melvina, Maveena. "Smooth brow."

Mamie, Mame, Mayme, Maime. "Star of the sea; pearl."

Manda, Mandy, Mandie, Mandee. "Lovable."

Mandisa. "Sweet."

Mandoline, Mandalin, Mandelin, Mandolyn, Mandalyn, Mandolin, Mandellin, Mandellyn, Mandalynn, Mandolynne.

Mandy, Manda, Mandi, Mandie. "Lovable."

Manika. "Jewels."

Manon. "Woman from Magdala."

Mansi. "Plucked flower."

Manuela, Manuelita. "God is with us."

Mara, Mari, Mahra, Marah, Marra, Maralina, Maraline, Maralinda. "Bitter."

Maravilla, Marvel, Marivel, Marvelle, Marvella, Marivella. "Miracle to marvel at."

Marcella, Marcy, Marcie, Marcele, Maricel, Marcela, Marcile, Marcilee, Marquita, Marsella, Marselle, .. 14 more. "Dedicated to Mars."

Marcene, Marceen, Marcena, Marcina, Marcenia, Marceyne. "Dedicated to Mars."

Marcia, Marci, Marcy, Marsia, Marcie, Marsha, Martia, Marcena, Marcita, Marcina, Marcile, .. 13 more. "Dedicated to Mars."

Marcy, Marci, Marsey, Marsee, Marcie, Marcee, Marcey. "Dedicated to Mars."

Mare, Mair, Maire. "Star of the sea."

Marelda, Marilda, Marrelda. "Famous battle maid."

Marell. Marell is not often adopted as a children's name. See also Marvell.

Margaret, Mag, Meg, Marg, Meta, Marji, Megan, Margy, Marge, Madge, Margo, .. 74 more. "Pearl."

Margery, Margy, Marjy, Margi, Marje, Marge, Margey, Marjie, Marjori, Marjory, Marjery, .. 7 more. "Pearl."

Margo, Margot, Margaux, Margeaux.

Marguerite, Margarite, Margurite, Margherite, Marguerita, Margherita, Margaruite, Margharita.

Mari, Marilu, Marita, Marilee, Maridel, Marilou, Marycruz, Marilene, Marilena, Maribeth, Marilisa. "Star of the sea."

Maria, Mayra, Marya, Maree, Marja, Marie, Mayria, Moriah, Marika, Mariah, Moraiah, .. 7 more. "Star of the sea."

Mariah. "Star of the sea."

Top 1000 baby names ranking of M names: Madison, Madonna, Maeve, Mafalda, Magdalena

Top 1000 baby names ranking of M names: Maggie, Magnolia, Mahala, Mai, Maia

Top 1000 baby names ranking of M names: Maida, Maira, Maisie, Maiya, Makena

Top 1000 baby names ranking of M names: Malaysia, Malia, Mallory, Malvina, Mamie

Top 1000 baby names ranking of M names: Manda, Mandy, Manuela, Mara, Marcella

Top 1000 baby names ranking of M names: Marcia, Marcy, Margaret, Margery, Margo

Top 1000 baby names ranking of M names: Marguerite, Mari, Maria, Mariah, Marian

Top 1000 baby names ranking of M names: Marianne, Maribel, Maricela, Marie, Mariel

Top 1000 baby names ranking of M names: Marietta, Marilyn, Marin, Marina, Marion

Top 1000 baby names ranking of M names: Marisa, Marisela, Marissa, Marjorie, Marla

Top 1000 baby names ranking of M names: Marlee, Marlen, Marlene, Marlo, Marsha

Top 1000 baby names ranking of M names: Martha, Martina, Mary, Maryann, Matilda

Top 1000 baby names ranking of M names: Maud, Maura, Maureen, Mavis, Maxine

Top 1000 baby names ranking of M names: May, Maya, Mayra, Mckayla, Mckenna, Mckenzie

Marian, Marion, Mariam, Maryann, Mariane, Mariana, Maryanne. "Star of the sea; grace."

Marianne, Marien, Maryam, Maryan, Mariana, Mariann, Maryann, Mariane, Maryanna, Marianna, Marianda. "Star of the sea; grace."

Maribel, Meribel, Maribell, Meribelle, Meribella, Marybelle, Maribella, Maribelle. "Star of the sea; beautiful."

Marie, Maree. "Star of the sea."

Mariel, Mariet, Marial, Marilla, Marijke, Marella, Marlele, Marelle, Marieke, Mariela, Marielle, .. 1 more. "Star of the sea."

Maricela, Maricel, Marisela, Maricella. "Dedicated to Mars."

Marietta, Mariet, Maretta, Maryetta, Mariette. "Star of the sea."

Marigold, Maragold, Marrigold.

Marika, Maryk, Marike, Maryka, Mariske, Mariska, Marijke, Marieke. "Star of the sea."

Mariko. "Ball, circle."

Marilla, Marilis, Marella. "Shining sea."

Marilyn, Marlyn, Maralin, Marylin, Marylyn, Marilin, Maralyn, Marelyn, Marilee, Marrilyn, Marylynn, .. 6 more. "Star of the sea."

Marin, Marrin, Marinn.

Marina, Marne, Marni, Marna, Maryn, Marnie, Marena, Marine, Mareen, Mareina, Mareena, .. 7 more. "From the sea."

Marion, Marian, Maryon, Maryonn. "Star of the sea."

Mariposa, Marriposa. "Butterfly."

Maris, Marys, Meris, Marise, Marris, Marisa, Maryse, Marisse, Marissa. "Of the sea."

Marisa, Morysa, Morisa, Marysa, Mareisa, Maressa, Moreisa, Marysia, Mareesa. "Star of the sea."

Marise. "Infinite, endless."

Marisela, Maryzela, Marisella, Maricella, Maresella. "Star of the sea."

Marissa, Meris, Marisa, Mariza, Maryssa, Meryssa, Morissa, Merissa, Maritza, Maricia, Marisha, .. 4 more. "Of the sea."

Maristela. "Star of the sea; star."

Marjan, Marjon, Marjanne. "Star of the sea."

Marjo. Marpo, Marrjo and Mirjo are kreatif variations.

Marjolaine. "Marjoram."

Marjorie, Marja, Marje, Marji, Marjy, Margi, Margy, Marge, Marjie, Margey, Margie, .. 8 more. "Pearl."

Marketa, Markie, Markia, Markee, Markeda, Markita, Marqueta, Marquita, Markeeta.

Markeisha, Markesha, Markisha, Markiesha.

Marla, Marlys, Marlette. "Star of the sea."

Marlee, Marlie, Marley, Marleigh. "Marshy meadow."

Marlen, Marlyn, Marlin, Marlynn, Marlenne. "Star of the sea."

Marlene, Marla, Marna, Marlee, Marlen, Marlea, Marlin, Marlyn, Marlie, Marley, Marleni, .. 13 more. "Star of the sea; from Magdala."

Marlin, Marlyn, Marlen, Marrlin, Marrlen, Marlenn, Marlinn. "Star of the sea; pretty."

Marlisa, Marlys, Marliss, Marlyse, Marlyssa, Marlissa, Marlisha. "Star of the sea."

Marlise, Marlis, Marlies. "Wished-for child."

Marlo, Marlon, Marlow, Marlowe.

Marmara, Marne, Marni, Marnya, Marnja, Marnia, Marney, Marnie. "Sparkling, shining."

Marni, Marna, Marne, Marnja, Marnya, Marnie, Marney, Marnee, Marnell, Marnina, Marnisha. "From the sea."

Marquise, Marqui, Marquisa, Marchesa, Marquesa, Markessa, Markaisa, Marquisha, Marchessa, Marquessa.

Marsala, Marsalla.

Marseilles. Not Top 1000 name.

Marsha, Marsia, Martia, Marsita. "Dedicated to Mars."

Martha, Mata, Mart, Marth, Marva, Marti, Marty, Matha, Matti, Marfa, Marit, .. 21 more. "Lady; mistress of the house."

Martina, Marta, Marty, Martie, Martine, Marteina, Marteena. "Dedicated to Mars."

Martinique. Martinique was not among 2014's Top names.

Marvell, Marve, Marvel, Marvele, Marvela, Marivel, Marvelle, Marvelyn, Marvella, Maraville, Marivella, .. 2 more. "Wonderful, extraordinary."

Marvina, Marva, Marvadene. "Renowned friend."

Mary, May, Mal, Mara, Mimi, Mair, Moll, Mare, Mame, Moya, Marya, .. 91 more. "Star of the sea."

Maryann, Maryanne, Maryanna.

Maryweld. "Mary of the woods."

Masada. "Foundation."

Mason, Maysen, Maison. "Stoneworker."

Massima, Maxima. "Greatest."

Matana. "Gift."

Matilda, Mat, Maud, Matti, Matty, Maude, Maudie, Mattie, Matilde, Matelda, Mafalda, .. 6 more. "Mighty in battle."

Matriona, Matryna, Matrena, Matrina, Motreina, Matresha. "Lady, matron."

Matsuko. "Pine tree child."

Mattea, Mathea, Mathia, Mattia, Matthea, Matthia. "Gift of God."

Maud, Maude, Maudie.

Maura, Mora, Morah, Moira. "Star of the sea."

Maureen, Mo, Mora, Mavra, Moira, Moria, Maura, Morena, Morine, Morene, Maurie, .. 10 more. "Star of the sea."

Mauve, Malva. "Mallow plant."

Mavis. "Song thrush."

Maxine, Max, Maxi, Maxy, Maxie, Maxime, Maxina, Maxene, Maxeen, Maxena, Maxence, .. 2 more. "Greatest."

Maxwelle. A novel children's name. Unisex name.

May, Mae, Mei, Maj, Maye, Maya, Mala, Maia, Maelee, Mayana, Maylene, .. 2 more. "The fifth month."

Maya, Mya, Miya, Miah, Maia, Maiya.

Mayda, Mayde. "Maiden."

Mayra, Myra, Moira, Mairi, Maire, Maira. "Star of the sea."

Maysa. "Graceful."

Mazarine, Mazine.

Mazhira. "Shining."

Mckayla, Mckay, Mckaylee. "Fiery."

Mckenna, Mackenna, Mackendra. "Ascend."

Mckenzie. "The fair one."