Baby Names starting with N for girls

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Na-, var. Nakia, Nalani, Nakita, Natoya, Natisha, Natosha, Natavia, Naquita, Nakisha, Nakeisha, .. 2 more. Nakeisha, Nalani, Naquita, Nareesha and Natahnee are more exclusive as versions of Na-.

Naama, means "beautiful, good-looking". Naama is not often used as a birth name. See also Nania.

Naavah, var. Nava, Navit, means "lovely". Unique. Naavah (cf. Elvah, Keevah) uses the familiar feminine -vah suffix.

Nabila, var. Nabilah, Nabeela, means "noble". Uncommon. Compare Nabila with common surnames Psaila (upper 98%), Jutila (46%), which also end with -ila.

Nadette, means "strong, brave bear". Uncommon, but Nadette is comparable to common -ette surnames Beyette (top 61%), Lovette (8%). See also Nanette.

Nadia, var. Nada, Nata, Nady, Natka, Nadya, Nadie, Nadja, Nadzia, Nadiya, Nadija, .. 4 more, means "hope". Prevalent. Nadia, like Palladia, Eladia, uses the favored feminine-sounding -adia ending.

Nadine, var. Nadie, Nadyna, Nadyne, Nadena, Nadina, Nadeen, Nadene, Naydeen. Nadie and forms peaked in popularity during 1920-1929 and have become less popular, with Nadine becoming less fashionable.

Nadira, var. Nadra, Nadirah, means "precious, scarce". Rare as children's names, but Nadra, Nadira, etc. are similar to the more familiar Nada.

Nagida, var. Negida, means "wealthy". Unusual. Compare Nagida and common last names Nania (upper 37%), Nagin (53%), with the Na- prefix.

Nahara, means "light". Unique. Nahara is not found in the US Demographics. See also Nehira.

Naida, var. Naia, Nyad, Nyada, Niada, Nayad, Naiad, Naiada, means "water nymph". Naia, Naiad, Naiada, Nayad and Niada are more unique as versions of Naida.

Naila, var. Nailah, means "attainer". Unconventional, but Naila is comparable to popular -ila last names Favila (top 22%), Kaila (92%).

Naima, var. Naimah, Naeema, means "to be contented". Uncommon. Naima, like Sima, Asima, uses the familiar feminine-sounding -ima ending.

Nairobi. Cross-gender use. Nairobi is not in the Top 1000.

Nalani, var. Nalanee, means "serenity of the skies". Nalanee and Nalani are uncommon as first names.

Nalea, means "lei of love; lioness, queen". A rare children's name. See also Neale.

Nan, var. Nana, Nanna, Nanny, Nanon, Ninon, Nania, Nanci, Nance, Nancy, Nancie, .. 7 more, means "He (God) has favored me". Adoption of Nan, Nancy, etc. as girls' names in 2014 was down 20.3% compared to a year ago.

Nana. Less used today. Nana was last recorded in 1880-1889 in the Top 1000. See also Gana.

Nancy, var. Nann, Nanny, Nanci, Nance, Nanncy, Nannie, Nansee, Nansey, Nancsi, Nancee, .. 6 more, means "He (God) has favored me". Usage of Nancy, Nanci and Nannie as children's names has declined since the 1880s.

Nanette, var. Ninon, Netty, Nettie, Nanine, Nannette, means "He (God) has favored me". Nanine, Netty and Ninon are more unique as forms of Nanette.

Naomi, var. Neomi, Noami, Noemi, Neoma, Navit, Naoma, Noemie, Naomia, Naomie, Nayomi, means "pleasant". Prevalent. Noemi, var. (cf. Sami, Lakshmi) end with the familiar feminine-sounding -mi.

Narcissa, var. Narcisa, Narsissa, Narkissa, Narcyssa, Narcisse, means "daffodil". Narcisa is commonplace as a version of Narcissa.

Narda, means "scented ointment". Uncommon as a baby name, but Narda is comparable to the more common Naida. See also Varda.

Nariko, var. Nari, means "gentle child". Uncommon. Nariko (cf. Yoko, Kioko) ends with the popular androgynous -ko.

Nastasia, var. Nastassya, Nastassia, Nastassja, Nastassija, Nastassiya, means "resurrection". Uncommon. Nastasia, like Nasia, Athenasia, ends with the familiar feminine -asia.

Nasya, var. Nasia, means "miracle of God". Unique. Nasya (cf. Netanya, Uraniya) ends with the popular feminine -ya.

Nata, means "swimmer". Also a boys' name. Nata was not a Top birth name in 2014.

Natalie, var. Nat, Nata, Natka, Natty, Nattie, Natale, Natala, Nataly, Nately, Nettie, .. 30 more, means "birthday". Natalie and variants became less trendy in 2014, dropping on average -10 positions as birth names with Natalee dropping the most.

Natalya, var. Natalia, means "birthday". Natalya and Natalia are commonplace as versions.

Natana, var. Nataniela, means "God has given". Rare. Compare Natana, Nataniela with popular surnames Nathan (upper 3%), Natera (21%), which also start with Na-.

Natasha, var. Natasa, Natajha, Natasja, Natasia, Natacia, Natisha, Natucha, Natosha, Natacha, Natashja, .. 9 more, means "birthday". Prominent, with usage of 0.0178% for Natasha, Natisha, etc. as girls' names in 2014, but lower than 0.0209% the previous year.

Nathania, var. Natanya, Netanya, Netania, Natania, Netanela, Nethania, Natanyah, Nataniya, Nataniela, Netanella, .. 3 more, means "God has given". Rare as birth names, but Natanya, Nathania, etc. are similar to the more popular Natalya.

Nathifah, var. Natifa, Nadhifa, Natifah, Nathifah, means "clean, pure". Rare. Nathifah, Natifah (cf. Ariah, Beckah) use the favored feminine -ah suffix.

Natividad, means "Christmas". Usage of Natividad as a children's name has dwindled circa the 1920s.

Natura, means "nature". Uncommon. Natura (cf. Ketura, Allura) uses the common feminine -ura suffix. See also Nadra.

Nausicaa, var. Nausikaa. Not in popularity charts.

Nazneen, means "exquisitely beautiful; charming". Nazneen is not a Top 1000 name.

Neala, var. Neile, Neale, Neila, Neille, Neilla, Nealla, means "champion". Neala, Neila, etc. are not in the Top 1000.

Nebraska, means "flat water". Not that popular as a birth name.

Nebula, means "mist". Not Top 1000 name.