Baby Names starting with O for girls

Baby Names from A to Z

Oba. Oba was not a Top birth name in 2014. See also Oma.

Ocarina. Outside Top 1000.

Oceana, var. Oceania, means "ocean". Oceana and Oceania were not Top birth names in 2014.

Octavia, var. Ottavia, Octiana, Octavie, Octaviana, Octoviana, Octavianne, means "eighth". Octavia is common as a version.

Odele, var. Odela, Odell, Odella, Odelle, Odelet, Odelina, Odeline, Odelette, means "song". Odell is familiar as a variant form of Odele.

Odelia, var. Oda, Odele, Odette, Odilia, Odella, Odeelia, Odellia, Ottilie, Odelinda, means "praise God". Unusual. Odelia, Odeelia (cf. Cecelia, Arthelia) end with the favored feminine -elia.

Odessa, var. Odissa, Odyssa, Odyssia, means "angry man". Usage of Odessa as a baby name has waned circa the 1910s.

Odette, var. Odetta, means "wealth". Not in popularity charts.

Odila, var. Odile, Odolia, Odilia, means "fortunate or prosperous in battle". Odilia is recognizable (top 63%) as a female name, whereas Odila, Odile and Odolia are scantly used.

Ofra, var. Ophra, Ofrit, Ofrat, means "fawn". Ofra, Ophra, etc. were not among 2014's Top names.

Ogenya, means "God is my help". Unusual. Ogenya (cf. Illionya, Tahnya) ends with the popular feminine -nya. See also Olenya.

Oksana, var. Oksanna, means "praise God". Unusual. Oksana, like Savana, Olimpiana, uses the familiar feminine -ana ending.

Ola, var. Olla, means "ancestor's relic". Popular as last names, and Ola (top 32%), Olla (56%) are similar to popular Ol- surnames Oli (top 88%), Olt (42%).

Olathe, means "lovely". Unconventional. Olathe is not listed in the US Demographics. See also Olette.

Oleisa, var. Olisa, Oleesa. Rare. Oleisa, Olisa (cf. Carisa, Jalisa) end with the common feminine-sounding -isa.

Olena, var. Olina, Olenya, Olinia, Olinija, means "sun ray". Common as surnames, and Olena (top 60%) is similar to popular -lena surnames Ellena (top 32%), Lalena (72%).

Olesia, var. Ola, means "man's defender". Unique. Olesia, like Cesia, Lesia, ends with the common feminine -esia.

Olethea, var. Oleta, Oletha, means "verity, truth". Oleta has decreased in popularity as a birth name since 1910-1919.

Olexa, means "man's defender". Unusual. Olexa (cf. Xuxa, Alexa) uses the rare feminine-sounding -xa suffix. See also Oleesa.

Olga, var. Ola, Olia, Olenka, means "blessed, holy; successful". Unusual. Olga, like Erga, Marga, uses the familiar feminine -ga ending.

Oliana, var. Oleana, Olianna, means "oleander". Oliana, Oleana and Olianna are not often adopted as birth names.

Olida, var. Oleta, means "olive tree". Not in popularity charts.

Olina, var. Oline, Oleen, means "joyous". Olina, Oleen and Oline are not Top 1000 names.

Olinda, var. Olynda, means "wild fig". Uncommon. Compare Olinda, Olynda with common surnames Oliva (top 1%), Olin (5%), which also begin with Ol-.

Olivia, var. Olva, Olia, Olive, Oliva, Ollie, Oliff, Olivet, Olevia, Olivea, Olivya, .. 7 more, means "olive tree". Oliver (upper 1%), Olivar (16%) are popular last names similar to Olivia (upper 28%), var..

Olwen, var. Olwyn, Olwin, Olwenn, Olwynne, means "white footprint". Unique. Olwen, like Blodwen, Aledwen, ends with the popular feminine-sounding -wen.

Olympia, var. Olimpe, Olypme, Olympie, Olimpia, Olimpiada, Olimpiana, means "from Mount Olympus". Not in Top 1000.

Oma, means "leader". Oma has diminished in popularity as a baby name since 1890-1899. See also Oni.

Omega, means "the end". Omega is a familiar (top 71%) given name, and is found often (top 53%) as a surname.

Omyra, var. Omeira, means "myrrh". Unconventional. Omyra and Omeira are not listed in the US Demographics.

Ondine, var. Ondyne, Ondina, means "little wave". Unconventional, but Ondine, Ondina, Ondyne are comparable to popular last names Ondich (top 57%), Ondik (68%), which also begin with Ond-.

Ondrea, var. Ondra. Not in Top 1000.

Oneida, var. Onyda, Onida, means "long awaited". Uncommon. Oneida, Onida, like Querida, Allida, end with the familiar feminine -ida.

Onella, means "light". Not in popularity charts. See also Odella.

Oneonta. Unique. Oneonta, like Assunta, Shaunta, ends with the familiar feminine-sounding -nta.

Onnjel, var. Onjella, means "angel". Onnjel and Onjella were not Top birth names in 2014.

Onora, var. Ornora, Onoria, Onnora, Onorine, means "honor". Uncommon. Onora, Onnora, Ornora (cf. Vanora, Lenora) end with the favored feminine -nora.

Oona, var. Oonagh. Uncommon. Compare Oona with common -ona surnames Plona (top 45%), Vrona (96%).

Opal, var. Opall, Opaline, Opalina, means "gem, jewel". Unique. Opal (cf. Abeetal, Abital) ends with the common androgynous-sounding -al.

Ophelia, var. Ofelia, Ovelia, Ofilia, Ovalia, Ophelya, Ophelie, Ophilia, means "help". Usage of Ophelia and Ofelia as birth names has fallen off since the 1880s.