Baby Names starting with P for girls

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Pacifica, var. Pasifica, means "peaceful". Pacifica is atypical as a women's name.

Padme, var. Padma, means "lotus". Padme is unusual as a women's name.

Pagan, means "country dweller". Scarce as a birth name for girls, Pagan is found more conventionally as a last name. Also suitable as a boys' name.

Paige, var. Page, Payge, Paget, Padget, Pagett, Padgett, means "young servant". Very popular as a baby name (#135 in 2014), and also existing commonly as a surname. Both a feminine and a masculine name. The variation Page is widely used as a variant form of Paige.

Paisley. Gender-neutral name. A very popular choice for a girls' name (#53 in 2014), Paisley is also used conventionally as a last name.

Palila, var. Pali, means "bird". Name used for both women and men. A unique birth name.

Pallas, var. Palles, Paladia, Palladia, means "wisdom". Pallas is a rarely used feminine name, and it occurs commonly (Top 27%) as a last name according to the US Census. See also Dallas.

Palma, var. Palmer, Pallma, Palmyra, Palmira, Palmeda, Palmeeda, Pallmyra, Pallmirah, means "palm tree". Somewhat uncommon as a name for girls, Palma occurs more commonly as a last name. The form Palmira is common as a version of Palma.

Paloma, var. Peloma, Palloma, Palometa, Palomita, means "dove". A common birth name (#869 a year ago), and also used often as a last name. See also Palma.

Pamela, var. Pam, Pama, Pammy, Pamala, Pammie, Pamilla, Pammela, Pamelyn, Pamella, Pamelia, .. 5 more, means "honey; all sweetness". Pamela is frequently occurring (Top 1%) as a first name. The forms Pamella and Pam are popular as versions of this name.

Pamina. Unique as a birth name. See also Pomona.

Pandora, var. Pandoura, Pandorra, Panndora, Pandorah, means "all gifts". Dora has decreased in favor as a birth name over time since 1880-1889. The variation Dora is familiar as a form of Pandora.

Pandra, means "chief dragon". Seldom used as a birth name. See also Xandra.

Pangiota, var. Panagiota, means "all-holy". Unique as a given name.

Pania, var. Panya, Paniya. Pania is atypical as a women's name. See also Tania.

Panphila, var. Panfila, Panfyla, Panphyla, means "all-loving". A scarce name for girls.

Pansy, var. Pansie, Pansey, means "flowering plant with velvety petals". Usage of Pansy as a baby name has fallen off over the years since 1890-1899. See also Patsy.

Panthea, var. Panthia, Pantheya, Pantheia, means "of all gods". Panthea is atypical as a given name. See also Penthea.

Paquita. A seldom-used birth name. See also Laquita.

Paradisa, means "garden, orchard". Rare as a birth name for girls.

Paris, var. Parris, Parisa, Parrish, Parissa. Very popular choice for a given name for girls (#269 in 2014), Paris also exists commonly as a surname. Also suitable as a boys' name.

Parker, means "park keeper". Very popular choice for a name for kids (#235 in 2014) that is also found conventionally as a surname. Name suited for both girls and boys.

Parmenia, var. Permenia, Parmenya, means "clever, studious, of intelligence". Parmenia is a unique women's name. See also Parmelia.

Parrish, var. Parish, means "ecclesiastical locality". Also suitable as a boys' name. Parrish is an unusual given name, and it occurs often (Top 1%) as a surname in the US Census.

Parthenia, var. Pathina, Pathinia, Parthena, Parthenie, Parthinia, Partheenia, means "maiden". Parthenia is a recognizable (Top 85%) women's name.

Parthenope. Scarce as a girls' name. See also Parthenie.

Pascale, var. Pascua, Pascha, Pascuala, Pashelle, Paschale, Pascalle, Pascaline, Pascalette, means "passover". Name suited for both women and men. Pascale is a scarcely used first name, occurring commonly (Top 13%) as a last name in the US Census.

Pat. A name used for both women and men. A moderately rare given name, existing somewhat often as a surname.

Patches, var. Patch. Patches is an intermittently used feminine name, appearing often (Top 90%) as a surname according to the US Census.

Patience, var. Patient, Pazienza, Patienzia, Paciencia, means "enduring, forebearing". A popular name for newborns (#988 in 2014), and also found somewhat commonly as a last name.