Baby Names starting with P for girls

Baby Names from A to Z

Pacifica, var. Pasifica, means "peaceful". Pacifica and Pasifica are not often adopted as children's names.

Padme, var. Padma, means "lotus". Outside Top 1000.

Pagan, means "country dweller". Rare. Pagan (cf. Reagan, Rhegan) uses the familiar androgynous-sounding -gan suffix. Gender-neutral name.

Paige, var. Page, Payge, Paget, Padget, Pagett, Padgett, means "young servant". Popular. Paige, like Jadwige, Saige, ends with the unusual androgynous-sounding -ige.

Paisley. Gender-neutral name. Paisley (cf. Walmsley, Polsley) is a common -sley suffix surname.

Palila, var. Pali, means "bird". Palila and Pali are not in the Top 1000.

Pallas, var. Palles, Paladia, Palladia, means "wisdom". Pallas (upper 14%), like Pasillas (upper 6%), Kallas (9%), is a popular -llas suffix surname.

Palma, var. Palmer, Pallma, Palmyra, Palmira, Palmeda, Palmeeda, Pallmyra, Pallmirah, means "palm tree". Palma (top 2%), like Tilma (top 81%), Kalma (81%), is a common -lma suffix surname.

Paloma, var. Peloma, Palloma, Palometa, Palomita, means "dove". Paloma (cf. Moma, Belloma) is a common -oma suffix last name.

Pamela, var. Pam, Pama, Pammy, Pamala, Pammie, Pamilla, Pammela, Pamelyn, Pamella, Pamelia, .. 5 more, means "honey; all sweetness". Pamela, Pam, Pamala, Pamelia and Pamella are popular as versions.

Pamina. Pamina is scarcely used as a women's name. See also Pnina.

Pandora, var. Pandoura, Pandorra, Panndora, Pandorah, means "all gifts". Popular as last names. Compare Pandora (upper 88%), Panndora and popular -ora last names Kendzora (upper 87%), Sandora (33%).

Pandra, means "chief dragon". Not in popularity charts. See also Candra.

Pangiota, var. Panagiota, means "all-holy". Pangiota and Panagiota were not among 2014's Top names.

Pania, var. Panya, Paniya, means "crown". Unconventional. Compare Pania, Paniya, Panya and popular last names Panka (upper 58%), Panik (32%), which also start with Pan-.

Panphila, var. Panfila, Panfyla, Panphyla, means "all-loving". Panphila, Panfyla, etc. are not in the Top 1000.

Pansy, var. Pansie, Pansey, means "flowering plant with velvety petals". Pansy is popular as a variant form.

Panthea, var. Panthia, Pantheya, Pantheia, means "of all gods". Panthea, Pantheya, etc. are uncommon as birth names.

Paquita, means "from France". Paquita is not in the Top 1000.

Paradisa, means "garden, orchard". Unique. Paradisa, like Katrisa, Klarrisa, uses the common feminine -isa ending.

Paris, var. Parris, Parisa, Parrish, Parissa. Popular. Paris, Parris, like Lyris, Tris, use the popular feminine-sounding -ris ending.

Parker, means "park keeper". Cross-gender use. Parker (+32) is a contemporarily stylish form.

Parmenia, var. Permenia, Parmenya, means "clever, studious, of intelligence". Unusual. Parmenia, Parmenya and Permenia are not listed in the US Census.

Parrish, var. Parish, means "ecclesiastical locality". Unique. Parrish, Parish (cf. Tish, Cherish) end with the favored feminine-sounding -ish.

Parthenia, var. Pathina, Pathinia, Parthena, Parthenie, Parthinia, Partheenia, means "maiden". Parthenia is a recognizable (upper 85%) women's name.

Parthenope. Parthenope was not among 2014's Top names. See also Parthenie.

Pascale, var. Pascua, Pascha, Pascuala, Pashelle, Paschale, Pascalle, Pascaline, Pascalette, means "passover". Pascale (upper 7%) and Pascua (6%) occur commonly as last names.

Pat. Pat has trended downward in favor as a name for girls since 1940-1949. Unisex name.

Patches, var. Patch. Outside Top 1000.

Patience, var. Patient, Pazienza, Patienzia, Paciencia, means "enduring, forebearing". Ranked in Top 1000.

Patricia, var. Pat, Patsy, Patte, Patti, Patty, Pattee, Pattie, Pattey, Patrica, Patryce, .. 8 more, means "noble; patrician". Patricia (upper 18%), Patrice (44%), like Patrich (upper 99%), Patricola (92%), are popular Patr- prefix last names.

Paula, var. Pola, Pavla, Paola, Pavia, Pauly, Pauli, Paule, Polly, Paulla, Pollie, .. 9 more, means "small". Common as surnames. Compare Paula (top 12%) with popular surnames Papula (top 99%), Bula (25%), which also end with -ula.

Paulina, var. Pavlina, Polline, Paulyne, Pauline, Pauleen, Paulene, Paolina, means "small". Paulina (upper 54%), Pauline (16%), like Paulino (upper 3%), Pauli (10%), are popular Paul- prefix last names.

Paxton, var. Paxten, means "peace town". Paxton (cf. Paton, Paison) is a popular Pa- prefix surname.

Payne, var. Paine, means "countryman, rustic villager, peasant". Payne and Paine are scantly used as given names.

Payton, var. Peyton, means "noble; patrician". Payton (top 1%) and Peyton (2%) appear commonly as last names.

Paz, means "peace". Outside Top 1000. Cross-gender use.

Pazia, var. Paza, Pazit, means "golden". Unique. Pazia (cf. Florenzia, Anastazia) uses the common feminine-sounding -zia suffix.

Peace. Not in popularity charts.

Peachy, var. Peach. Peaco (upper 47%), Peachey (6%) are popular surnames similar to Peachy (upper 65%), Peach (5%).