Baby Names starting with Q for girls

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Qiturah, var. Qeturah, Quetura, Queturah, means "incense, scent". Not Top 1000 names.

Queena, var. Queen, Quenna, Queenie, means "queen". Popular. Compare Queena with common -ena surnames Dalena (upper 57%), Galena (63%).

Quenby, var. Quinby, Quinbie, Quenbie, means "queen's settlement". Quenby, Quenbie, etc. are not Top 1000 names.

Querida, means "beloved, darling". Uncommon, but Querida is similar to common surnames Querio (top 68%), Querin (71%), which also begin with Que-.

Questa, means "one who seeks". Unusual. Questa (cf. Callesta, Celesta) uses the favored feminine -esta suffix. See also Quesia.

Quiana, var. Qiana, Quianna, Quiyanna, means "silky". Less popular today. Quiana was the variant last recorded (the 1980s) in the Top 1000.

Queta. A quaint children's name. See also Questa.

Quilla, var. Quylla, means "feather". Rare. Quilla (cf. Sirilla, Drucilla) ends with the common feminine -illa.

Quinn, var. Quin, Quincy, Quincey, means "counsel". Quinn (top 1%), like Chinn (top 3%), Blinn (10%), is a popular -inn suffix surname.

Quincey, var. Quincy, Quinci, Quinsy, Quincie, means "estate of the fifth son". Quincey (top 44%), Quinci (96%) and Quincy (17%) exist regularly as surnames.

Quintana. Quintana is not in the Top 1000. See also Quentina.

Quintina, var. Quentina, Quintana, Quintona, Quintessa, Quintonice, Quintonette, means "fifth". Quintana and variants are not Top 1000 names.

Quirina, means "warrior". Uncommon, but Quirina is comparable to common surnames Quirin (top 23%), Quiring (15%), which also begin with Qui-.