Baby Names starting with R for girls

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Rabab, var. Rabiah, means "pale cloud". Outside Top 1000.

Rabiah, means "gentle wind". Unconventional. Compare Rabiah, and popular last names Debrah, Sallah, with the -ah suffix. See also Raziah.

Rachana, var. Roshan, Rashana, Rachanna, Rashanda, means "creation". Rachana (cmp. Rachuba, Rattana) is a common last name with the Ra- prefix.

Rachel, var. Rae, Ray, Rahil, Rakel, Rahel, Raquel, Rachil, Rashell, Raquela, Racheal, .. 15 more, means "ewe, female sheep". Prevalent. Rachel (cmp. Grethel, Ethel) ends with the popular androgynous-sounding -hel.

Radha, means "success". Uncommon as a baby name, but Radha is comparable to the more popular Reatha. See also Roda.

Radmilla, var. Radmila, Radinka, Radilla, Redmilla, means "industrious for the people". Radmilla, Radilla, Radinka, Radmila and Redmilla were not among 2014's Top names.

Rae, var. Ray, Raye, Rayma, Rayna, Raelyn, Rayona, Raeann, Raella, Raelee, Rayette, .. 16 more. Rae, Raelene, Raelynn, Raye and Rayna are common as variant forms.

Rafa, var. Rafah, means "well-being, prosperity". Rafa and Rafah are uncommon as women's names, and Rafa occurs regularly (Top 86%) as a surname.

Rafaela. A slightly untypical girls' name now, though Rafaela still occurs commonly as a first name for women. See also Rafella.

Ragnild, var. Renilda, Renilde, Reynilda, Reynilde, Reinheld, Ranillda, Ragnhild, Ragnilda, Ragnhilda, Ragnhilde, means "all-knowing power". Not in Top 1000.

Raina, var. Raya, Reyna, Reina, Rayne, Rayna, Rainy, Raine, Raene, Rainah, Rayney, .. 14 more, means "queen". Popular last names. Compare Rainah, var., and surnames Ravina, Rain, which also start with Ra-.

Rainbow, var. Rain. Not in Top 1000.

Raisa, var. Raiza, Raizel, Rayzel, Raisse, Raissa, Raisabel, means "rose". Uncommon. Raisa (cmp. Eleisa, Karrisa) ends with the familiar feminine -isa.

Raja, means "hope". Unique. Raja, like Emilija, Marnja, ends with the favored feminine-sounding -ja. Gender-neutral name.

Rajani, var. Rajanee, Rajanae, means "night". Rajani (cmp. Rajab, Rajah) is a popular surname that begins with Raj-.

Raleigh, var. Raley, Railey, Rawley, Raileigh, Rawleigh, means "roe deer's meadow". Outside Top 1000.

Ralphina, var. Ralphine. Ralphina and Ralphine were not Top birth names in 2014.

Rama, var. Ramah, means "on high, exalted". Rama (cmp. Ramar, Ramas) is a common last name with the Ra- prefix.

Ramona, var. Rae, Ramee, Ramie, Romona, Remona, Remonna, Romonda, Romonde, Ramowna, Romonia, .. 6 more, means "protecting hands". Rae (Upper 4%), Ramee (96%), Ramie (57%) and Ramona (94%) are found often as surnames.

Ramsay, var. Ramsey, means "raven island; ram island". Popular last names, like surnames Ramshaw, Ramser, with the Rams- prefix.

Rana, means "beautiful, eye-catching". Rana is a frequently occurring (Top 51%) female name, and appears frequently (Top 5%) as a last name. See also Rani.

Ranae, var. Renee, Ranisha, Ranessa, Ranelle. Rare. Ranae (cmp. Jannae, Junae) ends with the familiar feminine -nae.

Randa, means "beautiful". Popular last name, like last names Danda, Aranda, with the -anda suffix. See also Sanda.

Randy, var. Randi, Randa, Randie, Randee, Randene, Randelle, means "admirable". Somewhat widely used as children's names, Randy, Randene, etc. are similar to the common Candy.

Rani, var. Rana, Rayna, Raine, Ranee, Ranit, Rania, Ranice, Raynell, Ranique, means "she is singing; queen". Rani, Rana, Rania, like Rane, Rant, are popular last names beginning with Ran-.

Ranielle. Not Top 1000 name. See also Randelle.

Ranita, var. Ranit, Ranith, Ranite, Ranice, Ranitta, means "song". Rare as girls' names, but Ranice, Ranita, etc. are comparable to the more familiar Janice.

Raoule, var. Raula, Raoula. Raoule, Raoula and Raula are seldom found as women's names.

Raphaela, var. Rafa, Refella, Rafella, Rafelle, Rafaela, Raffaela, Refaella, Rafaelia, Raffaele, Rephaela, .. 6 more, means "God heals". Somewhat popular as girls' names, Rafa, Raphaela, etc. sound like the common Riva.

Raquel, var. Roquel, Racquel, Raquela, Racquell, Raquelle. Popular last names. Compare Raquel, Racquel, Racquell, Raquela, Raquelle, and surnames Ramel, Rakel, which also begin with Ra-.