Baby Names from Rashida - Reseda

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Rashida, var. Rashyda, Rasheda, Rashidah, Rasheida, Rasheeda, Rasheedah, means "rightly guided". Rare, but Rasheedah, var. are similar to popular surnames Rashada (top 52%), Rashid (5%), with the Rash- prefix.

Raven, var. Ravyn, Ravina, Rayven, Rayvinn, Rayvenne. Raven (top 6%), like Slaven (top 7%), Caven (20%), is a popular -aven suffix surname.

Ravenna, var. Ravena, Ravinna, Ravinia. Rare. Ravenna (cf. Morwenna, Tristenna) ends with the favored feminine-sounding -enna.

Rawnie, means "lady". Uncommon as a birth name, but Rawnie is similar to the more conventional Ranae. See also Rania.

Razia, means "contented". Rare, but Razia is similar to popular Ra- surnames Razi (top 35%), Razza (45%). See also Ruza.

Raziah, var. Razi, Razili, Raziela, Raziella, means "the Lord's secret". Raziah, Raziella, etc. are seldom used as baby names.

Ray, var. Raye, Rayla, Raylene, means "ewe". Ray (cf. Raday, Clay) is a popular -ay suffix surname.

Raya, means "friend". Raya (top 4%), like Awaya (top 99%), Laya (42%), is a common -aya suffix last name. See also Haya.

Rayann, var. Rayana, Raylene, Raynell, Raylynn, Rayleen, Rayeann, Rayanna, Raycine, Raynisha, Raynesha. Rayann and variants are unusual as baby names.

Rayna, var. Reina, Raina, Rayne, Reyna, Raynee, means "counsel; song". Rayna and variants became less popular in 2014, dropping -147 rankings as baby names with Rayna falling the most.

Reanna, var. Reanne, Reeanne, Reannon, Reannah, means "great queen, or goddess". Usage of Reanna and variants expanded in 1998 and is now less, with Reanna becoming less in vogue.

Reba, var. Rheba, Reyba. Reba and Rheba are familiar as variant forms.

Rebecca, var. Ree, Reba, Rivi, Riva, Rivy, Rivka, Rebba, Reeba, Rivah, Rheba, .. 30 more, means "to bind". Adoption of Rebecca, Rivkah, etc. as baby names in 2014 was 2.8% less than the year before.

Reed, var. Reid, Read, Reida, Reade, means "red-haired". Read (upper 1%), Reade (12%), Reed (1%), Reid (1%) and Reida (44%) are found commonly as last names.

Reese, var. Reece, means "enthusiasm". Common. Reese, like Janeese, Dareese, ends with the favored feminine-sounding -eese.

Refugia, means "shelter". Not in Top 1000.

Regan, var. Ragan, Rhegan, Reghan, Reagan, Raegan. Adoption of Regan, Reghan, etc. as baby names in 2014 was 8.1% less than the previous year.

Regina, var. Rina, Reina, Riona, Reggi, Reine, Raine, Regan, Reyna, Raina, Reggie, .. 10 more, means "queen". Popular as birth names, Regina, Reginna, etc. are similar to the popular Rosina.

Reiko, var. Rei, means "beautiful; lovely child". Not Top 1000 names.

Reina, var. Reyna, Reynalda, Reynelle, Reinette, Reinelle, Reinella, means "queen". Reina, Reyna and Reynalda are commonly used as forms.

Rella, means "other, foreign". Slightly novel as a birth name, Rella is used more conventionally as a last name.

Remedios, means "remedy, help". Not Top 1000 name.

Remy, var. Remi, Rhemy, Remie, Remmy, means "from Rheims". Ranked in Top 1000.

Rena, var. Rina, Rinah, Reene, Reena, means "melody". Rare. Rena, Reena (cf. Kristalena, Xena) end with the familiar feminine -ena.

Renata, var. Rene, Renee, Ranae, Ranay, Renie, Renae, Renisa, Renita, Renise, Rennie, .. 6 more, means "reborn". Popular, and Renata, Rennie (5%), etc. are comparable to common surnames Renaud (upper 4%), Renard (9%), which also begin with Ren-.

Rene, var. Reney, Renie, Rennie. Common as surnames. Compare Rene (top 9%), var. and popular surnames Rent (top 45%), Renoe (94%), with the Ren- prefix.

Renee, var. Rene, Ranae, Renne, Renie, Renny, Renay, Ranee, Ranay, Renae, Rennie, .. 9 more, means "reborn". Ranay, Renaye, Reneisha, Renell and Renelle are more unconventional as forms of Renee.

Renita, var. Renyta, Reneeta, means "resistant". Common. Compare Renita, Reneeta, Renyta with popular Ren- last names Renihan (top 80%), Renier (26%).

Renske, means "reborn". Renske is not often adopted as a baby name.

Reseda, means "mignonette flower". Not that prominent as a baby name. See also Reeda.