Baby Names starting with S for girls

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Saba, var. Sabah, Sheba, Shebah, means "from Sheba; morning". Unique. Saba, Sheba, like Baba, Zuba, end with the popular feminine-sounding -ba.

Sabelle, var. Sabella. Sabelle and Sabella are rarely occurring feminine names, and Sabella appears often (top 9%) as a surname.

Sabetha. Uncommon. Sabetha (cf. Lauretha, Oletha) ends with the familiar feminine -etha. See also Tabetha.

Sabina, var. Savina, Savine, Sabine, Sabyna, Sebina, Sabiny, Sebinah, Sahbina, Sabinna, means "Sabine". Usage of Sabina as a baby name has decreased circa 1910-1919.

Sable, means "black". Gender-neutral name. Common as surname, and Sable (top 12%) is similar to popular last names Kable (top 30%), Strable (49%), which also end with -able.

Sabra, var. Sebra, Sabrah, Sabrette. Sabra (top 42%) and Sebra (76%) exist regularly as surnames.

Sabrina, var. Sabryna, Sebrina, Sabreen, Sabrene, Sabrena, Sabreena, Sebreena, Sabrinna. Adoption of Sebreena and variants stepped up in 1997 and is almost as widespread now.

Sachi, var. Sachiko, means "child of joy". Rare. Sachi (cf. Agathi, Shashi) ends with the popular androgynous-sounding -hi.

Sade, var. Sada, Sadia, Sadina, means "honor confers a crown". Sade, Sada, Sadia (cf. Safe, Sadi) are popular Sa- prefix last names.

Sadie, var. Sada, Saida, Sadah, Saydie, Sydell, Saidie, Saidey, Saidee, Sydelle, Sadelle, .. 1 more, means "princess". Common. Sadie, Saidie, Saydie (cf. Addie, Biddie) end with the favored feminine -die.

Sadira, means "lotus tree". Rare, but Sadira is similar to popular surnames Sadiq (top 20%), Sadia (84%), with the Sadi- prefix. See also Jadira.

Saffron, var. Saphron, Saffren, Saffran, Saffronia. Not in Top 1000.

Safiyah, var. Safia, Safiya, means "friend; pure". Safiyah, Safia and Safiya were not Top birth names in 2014.

Sagara, means "the sea". Not in Top 1000. See also Samara.

Sage, var. Sayge, Saige, means "wise, healthy". Sage (top 2%), Saige (92%), like Saga (top 68%), Save (63%), are popular Sa- prefix surnames.

Sahara, var. Sahra, Saharra, Saharah, means "desert". Not Top 1000 names.

Saida, var. Sayda, means "huntress; fortunate". Unusual as baby names, but Saida and Sayda are comparable to the more common Maida.

Saisha, var. Saesha, means "meaningful life; truth of life". Saisha and Saesha were not among 2014's Top names.

Sakura, means "cherry blossom". Unique. Sakura (cf. Azura, Azzura) ends with the common feminine-sounding -ura. See also Shakira.

Salama, var. Salma, Soloma, Saloma, Sallama, means "peace". Popular as last names, and Salama (upper 15%), Sallama are similar to common -ama surnames Kama (upper 28%), Halama (29%).

Salamanca. Unique. Salamanca (cf. Lourenca, Bellanca) ends with the familiar feminine -nca.

Salamasina. Not in Top 1000.

Salena, var. Selena, Salina, Saleena, means "the moon". Saleena is more rare as a version of Salena.

Salimah, var. Selima, Salima, means "safe". Not in Top 1000.

Sally, var. Sal, Salley, Sallie, Sallee, Salcia, Saletta, Sallyann, Salletta, Sallette, Sallianne, means "princess". Sal (upper 46%), Sallee (3%), Salley (4%), Sallie (17%) and Sally (14%) are found often as surnames.

Salome, var. Selma, Salma, Salomi, Selima, Sahlma, Saloma, Salima, Salmah, Selmah, Solome, .. 3 more, means "peace". Sahlma, Salima, Salmah, Saloma and Salomea are more exclusive as variant forms of Salome.

Salvadora, means "savior". Unusual. Salvadora, like Eldora, Fedora, ends with the popular feminine -dora.

Salvia, var. Salvina, Sallvia, means "whole, healthy". Salvia, Sallvia and Salvina are not in the Top 1000.

Samala, var. Samale, Sammala, means "requested of God". Popular as last names, and Samala (upper 53%), Sammala are similar to common -mala last names Tomala (upper 27%), Kosmala (47%).

Samantha, var. Sam, Sami, Samey, Sammey, Sammie, Sammee, Symantha, Simantha, Semantha, Samentha, .. 2 more, means "God heard". Common. Samantha, Semanntha, etc. (cf. Jolantha, Diantha) end with the common feminine -ntha.