Baby Names from Tangela - Tempest

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Tangela, var. Tanjela, Tanngela, Tanjella. Tangela is frequently occurring (Top 44%) as a women's name. See also Dangela.

Tani, var. Tanis. A scarce name for girls that occurs more commonly as a surname. See also Tony.

Tanisha, var. Tanitia, Tinecia, Tanysha, Tynisha, Tanesha, Tenicia, Tiniesha, Teneesha, Tanniece, Taniesha, .. 4 more. Usage of Tanisha and Tanesha as names for newborns has trended downward over the years. The form Tynisha is popular as a version of Tanisha.

Tansy, var. Tandy, Tanzey, Tanzia, Tansia, Tansee, Tansey, Tandie, Tanazia, means "eternal life". Tansy is an unconventional feminine name. The form Tandy is commonplace as a version of this name.

Tanya, var. Tana, Tahna, Tania, Tanja, Tonya, Tanee, Tahni, Taina, Tawnya, Tarnya, .. 9 more. A slightly uncommon given name for girls now, but Tanya still exists regularly as a first name among women in the community according to the US Census. The variations Tonya and Tania are prevalent as variant forms of Tanya.

Tara, var. Tarra, Tarah, Tarrah, Taralyn, Taralynn, means "hill; star". Tara is a commonplace (Top 5%) first name, and it appears commonly (Top 67%) as a last name according to the US Census. The variation Tarra is widely used as a variant form of the name.

Taree, means "bending branch". A rare given name for girls. See also Torree.

Tarleton, var. Tarlton, means "Thor's settlement". A scarce girls' name, Tarleton is used more conventionally as a surname. Name suited for both sexes.

Taryn, var. Taran, Teryn, Tarin, Tarynn, Taryna, Tarren, Tarina, Tarnia, Tarryn. Taryn has decreased in popularity as a birth name for girls over the years since 1990. See also Tiryan.

Tasha, var. Tassa, Tasya, Tosha, Taska, Tasia, Tashi, Tashey, Tahsha, Tassie, Tashia, .. 3 more. Usage of Tasha, Tosha and Latasha as birth names for females has declined over time. The forms Tosha and Tashia are common as variations of the name.

Tasia, var. Tazia, Tasya, Tashia. Slightly uncommon as a baby name nowadays, though Tasia is still found regularly as a first name among the general female population according to the US Census. The form Tashia is commonplace as a version of the name.

Tasmine, var. Tasmin, Tasmyne, Tasmina, Tasmeen, Tasmeena. Tasmine is an unconventional female name. See also Yasmine.

Tate, var. Tait, Tayte, Taitt, means "cheerful". Both a feminine and a masculine name. Seldom used as a girls' name, existing more often as a last name.

Tatiana, var. Tati, Tatia, Tonya, Tanya, Tatie, Tania, Tajana, Tatyana, Taziana, Tetyana, .. 12 more. Popular choice for a given name for girls (#577 in 2014), Tatiana also occurs commonly as a first name among women in the community in the US Census. The forms Tonya and Tatianna are familiar as versions of Tatiana.

Tatum, means "Tata's homestead". The name Tatum has risen in favor with parents since 1880.

Taura, var. Taurina. Rarely used as a name for kids. See also Tora.

Tavia, var. Tava. A seldom-used baby name. See also Tova.

Tawny, var. Tawni, Tawna, Taney, Tawnie, Tawnya, Tawnia, Tawnee, Tawney, Tahnee, means "a green field; golden brown". Slightly infrequent as a birth name these days, though Tawny still occurs often as a first name among the female populace in the US Census. The form Tawnya is commonplace as a variation of Tawny.

Tayla, var. Taylyn, Taylin. Tayla is intermittently used as a feminine name. See also Twila.

Taylor, var. Tayler, Tailor, Tahlor, means "tailor; to cut". Unisex name. The name Taylor has increased in popularity over the years. The form Tayler is generally used as a version of Taylor.

Te-, var. Teana, Teona, Telisa, Teonna, Teanna, Tenisha, Telisha, Telayna, Tenesha. The form Tenisha is familiar as a variation of this name.

Tea. Slightly uncommon as a name for baby girls, Tea occurs more conventionally as a last name. See also Trea.

Teagin, means "poet, philosopher". Scarcely used as a given name.

Teal, var. Teil, Teill, Teela, Teall, Teille, Tealle. Teal is uncommonly used as a feminine name, and it occurs often (Top 4%) as a surname in the US Census. See also Tali.

Tecla, var. Telka, Tekli, Telca, Tekla, Thekla, Thecla, Teccla, means "God's glory". Tecla is unconventional as a female name. The form Thekla is common as a version of Tecla.

Teddi. Scarce as a name for kids. See also Taddie.

Tehila, var. Tehilla, means "praise song". Seldom used as a name for newborns. See also Teill.

Temira, var. Timora, Temora, means "tall". Seldom used as a name for girls. See also Tamra.

Temperance, means "moderation". A popular birth name for females.

Tempest, var. Tempestt, Tempeste, Tempesta, means "turbulent, stormy". Both a feminine and a masculine name. Rarely used as a birth name, Tempest is used more commonly as a last name.