Baby Names from Tasia - Theodora

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Tasia, var. Tazia, Tasya, Tashia, means "resurrection". Somewhat common as baby names, Tasia, Tazia, etc. are similar to the common Tessa.

Tasmine, var. Tasmin, Tasmyne, Tasmina, Tasmeen, Tasmeena. Rare as children's names, but Tasmine, Tasmin, etc. are comparable to the more conventional Jasmin.

Tate, var. Tait, Tayte, Taitt, means "cheerful". Tates (top 25%), Take (79%) are common surnames similar to Tate (top 1%), Tait (4%), Taitt (20%).

Tatiana, var. Tati, Tatia, Tonya, Tanya, Tatie, Tania, Tajana, Tatyana, Taziana, Tetyana, .. 12 more. Popular. Tatiana, Tiatiana, etc., like Krystiana, Cipriana, use the familiar feminine -iana ending.

Tatum, means "Tata's homestead". Popular as last name. Compare Tatum (upper 1%) with popular last names Raum (upper 25%), Gagum (70%), which also end with -um.

Taura, var. Taurina. Taura (top 72%), like Zura (top 45%), Maura (27%), is a common -ura suffix last name.

Tavia, var. Tava, means "eighth". Rare, but Tavia, Tava are comparable to popular surnames Talia (upper 38%), Tavis (28%), which also start with Ta-.

Tawny, var. Tawni, Tawna, Taney, Tawnie, Tawnya, Tawnia, Tawnee, Tawney, Tahnee, means "a green field; golden brown". Unique. Tawny (cf. Melony, Britteny) uses the favored feminine-sounding -ny suffix.

Tayla, var. Taylyn, Taylin. Not Top 1000 names.

Taylor, var. Tayler, Tailor, Tahlor, means "tailor; to cut". Common. Taylor, Tahlor, Tailor (cf. Ninor, Flor) end with the popular androgynous -or.

Te-, var. Teana, Teona, Telisa, Teonna, Teanna, Tenisha, Telisha, Telayna, Tenesha. Tenesha (top 94%) and Tenisha (48%) are recognizable as feminine names.

Tea. Tea (cf. Tee, Teat) is a common Te- prefix surname. See also Mea.

Teagin, means "poet, philosopher". Unconventional. Compare Teagin with popular Te- last names Tevlin (top 35%), Teager (66%).

Teal, var. Teil, Teill, Teela, Teall, Teille, Tealle. Teal, Tealle, etc. are hardly found as given names.

Tecla, var. Telka, Tekli, Telca, Tekla, Thekla, Thecla, Teccla, means "God's glory". Rare. Tecla, Thekla, etc., like Valla, Giula, use the favored feminine -la ending.

Teddi, means "God's gift". Teddi was not a Top birth name in 2014. See also Teddey.

Tehila, var. Tehilla, means "praise song". Unique. Tehila (cf. Pricila, Seila) ends with the familiar feminine -ila.

Temira, var. Timora, Temora, means "tall". Rare. Temira (cf. Zitomira, Semira) ends with the favored feminine-sounding -mira.

Temperance, means "moderation". Ranked in Top 1000.

Tempest, var. Tempestt, Tempeste, Tempesta, means "turbulent, stormy". Not Top 1000 names.

Terena, var. Teryl, Teryll, Teryna, Terrin, Terina, Tarina, Tarena, Terrina, Tereena, Therena, .. 7 more. Terena, Terenne, etc. are not in the Top 1000.

Teresa, var. Tess, Tesa, Techa, Terri, Terry, Tersa, Tessa, Tesia, Terez, Tresa, .. 25 more, means "late summer". Teresa and variants became less trendy last year, falling -48 positions as children's names with Teresa leading the fall.

Terpsichore, means "delight in dancing". Unique. Terpsichore (cf. Ellinore, Ellenore) uses the common androgynous -ore suffix.

Terra, var. Tera, Tiera, Terah, Tierra, Terrah, means "earth". Uncommon. Terra, Tierra, like Secorra, Sarra, use the popular feminine -rra ending.

Terry, var. Teri, Terri, Teryn, Terie, Teree, Terea, Terree, Terryn, Terrey, Terrie, .. 12 more, means "late summer". Not in Top 1000.

Teryl, var. Terryl, Terrene, Terrill, Terrena, Terrell, Terelyn, Terrall, Teralyn. Uncommon. Teryl, Terryl, like Merryl, Cherryl, end with the popular feminine-sounding -ryl.

Tertia, var. Tersha, Tersia, Tercia, means "third". Rare, but Tersha, var. are comparable to popular surnames Terzi (top 41%), Terzic (43%), which also start with Ter-.

Tesla, var. Tessla. Rare as girls' names, but Tesla and Tessla are similar to the more conventional Tessa.

Tessa, var. Tess, Teza, Tessy, Tessie, Tessia. Adoption of Tessa and variants as children's names in 2014 was up 2.6% compared to the previous year.

Texana, var. Texanna. Unconventional, but Texana is comparable to popular -ana last names Egana (upper 66%), Falana (45%).

Thaddea, var. Tada, Thada, Tadda, Thadee, Thadda, Taddie, Thaddie, means "heart". Tada (upper 30%) and Taddie (85%) exist regularly as surnames.

Thais, var. Tais, Taisa, Thaisa, Taisse. Rare as children's names, but Taisa, Thais, etc. are comparable to the more conventional Tasha.

Thalassa, var. Talassa, means "sea, ocean". Talassa and Thalassa are sparsely used given names.

Thalia, var. Talia, Tally, Talie, Thalie, Talley, Thalya, Thaleia, means "flourishing". Usage of Thalia and variants as girls' names in 2014 was 16.1% more than in 2013.

Thana, means "Thanksgiving". Uncommon. Thana (cf. Ishana, Roshana) ends with the favored feminine -hana. See also Teyna.

Thea, var. Tea, Thia, Theia, means "goddess". Tea has trended downward in popularity as a baby name since 1998.

Theda, var. Theta, Thida, Theida, means "people". Outside Top 1000.

Thelma, var. Telma, Thellma, means "will, volition". Rare. Thelma, Telma (cf. Selma, Delma) end with the familiar feminine-sounding -elma.

Themis, var. Temis, Temiss, Themiss. Unconventional, but Themis, Themiss are comparable to popular last names Theus (top 11%), Themer (100%), which also start with The-.

Theodora, var. Theo, Theda, Tedra, Teddie, Teddey, Todora, Teodory, Teodora, Theadora, Theodosia, means "God's gift". Not in popularity charts.