Baby Names starting with V for girls

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Val. Gender-neutral name. Val is seldom used as a children's name.

Vala, var. Valla, means "singled out". Scarce as birth names, but Vala and Valla are comparable to the more popular Kala.

Valda, var. Velda, Vallda, means "renowned ruler". Popular. Compare Valda, Vallda and common Va- surnames Valde (upper 82%), Vala (33%).

Valencia, var. Valentia, means "strong, healthy". Somewhat widely used as children's names, Valencia and Valentia are comparable to the popular Valentina.

Valentina, var. Val, Vale, Vally, Valja, Valli, Valyn, Valen, Velora, Valera, Valida, .. 13 more, means "strong, healthy". Vale, Valeda, Valen, Valena and Valenteen are more uncommon as variations of Valentina.

Valera. Valera, like the similar Valena, exists more usually as a last name. See also Valry.

Valerie, var. Val, Vale, Valry, Valka, Valery, Vallie, Valarie, Valorie, Vallery, Vallory, .. 13 more, means "strong, healthy". Prominent. Valerie, var. (cf. Henrie, Karie) end with the popular feminine-sounding -rie.

Valeska, means "splendid leader". Valeska is not frequently adopted as a baby name.

Valetta, var. Valeda, Valeta, Valletta. Rare. Compare Valetta, Valletta (18%), etc. with popular surnames Valetin (upper 94%), Valega (89%), which also begin with Val-.

Valkyrie, var. Valkyria, Vallkyrie, Valkyrria. Unique. Valkyrie, Valkyrria, etc. are not listed in the US Census.

Valley, var. Vallie, Vallia, Vallee. Valley (upper 5%), Vallee (8%), Vallie (32%), like Valleau (upper 37%), Vallese (44%), are popular Vall- prefix surnames.

Vallombrosa, var. Valombrosa, means "shady valley". Not Top 1000 names.

Valonia, var. Valonya, Vallonia, means "shallow valley". Rare. Compare Valonia, Vallonia with popular surnames Colonia (upper 94%), Palagonia (57%), which also end with -onia.

Valora, var. Valory, Valoura, Valorya, Vallora, Valoria, Valorie, Valouria, means "brave, courageous". Common as surnames, and Valora (top 75%), Vallora are comparable to popular surnames Campora (top 67%), Sykora (10%), which also end with -ora.

Van, means "of". Scarce as a girls' name, but Van is similar to the more popular Vina. Gender-neutral name.

Vanda, var. Vonda, Vohnda, Vannda, Vahnda. Usage of Vanda and forms expanded during 1960-1969 and has become less, with Vonda becoming less stylish.

Vanessa, var. Van, Vanya, Venna, Vania, Vanna, Vaneza, Venesa, Vanita, Vanisa, Vanija, .. 36 more, means "butterfly". Vanessa (upper 5%), Venessa (32%), Van (40%), Vannessa (51%) and Vanesa (56%) are familiar as feminine names.

Vania, var. Vanya, Vanina, means "brings good news". Vania (top 84%) and Vanya (74%) exist frequently as last names.

Vanita, means "woman". Rare, but Vanita is similar to popular surnames Vanlith (top 38%), Vanier (29%), which also begin with Van-. See also Vania.

Vanity, var. Vanitee, means "empty; inflated in pride". Not in Top 1000.

Vanna, var. Vana, Vanetta, means "golden". Rare. Vanna, like Breayanna, Bryanna, ends with the popular feminine -anna.

Vanora, var. Vannora, means "white wave". Unusual, but Vanora, Vannora are similar to common last names Vanore (upper 39%), Vandoran (84%), which also begin with Van-.

Varda, var. Vardia, Vardit, Vardis, Vardith, Vardina, Vardice, means "rose". Varda, Vardice, etc. are hardly found as feminine names, and Varda exists regularly (upper 38%) as a surname.

Varina, var. Verina. Unusual, but Varina is comparable to common last names Varns (upper 42%), Varni (36%), which also start with Var-.

Varvara, var. Vava, Vavka, Varya, Varka, Varina, Varinka, Varenka. Unusual. Varvara (cf. Iara, Zara) ends with the popular feminine -ara.

Vashti, var. Vashtee, means "beautiful". Not in Top 1000.

Vasilia, var. Vazeelia, Vaseelia, Vasillia, Vasilija, Vasiliya, Vazeeliya, Vasilliya. Vasilija and variants are rare as birth names.

Veda, var. Vida, Veta, Veida, Veeda, Vedis, means "knowledge, wisdom". Vedis, Veeda and Veida are more rare as variant forms of Veda.

Vedette, var. Vedetta, means "sentry, scout". Uncommon. Vedette, like Cosette, Dannette, ends with the popular feminine -ette.

Vega, var. Vaga, Vayga, Vaiga, means "falling vulture". Vaiga and variants are hardly found as first names.