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Baby Names starting with W for girls

Walburga, Walberga, Wallburga, Walpurgis

Walda, Welda, Wellda, Wallda, Waldina, Waldena, Waldette

Walker, Wallker


Wallis, Wally, Wallie, Wallys, Walless, Walliss

Waltrina, Waltina, Walteena, Walterine

Wanda, Wandy, Wendy, Wenda, Wonda, Wannda, Wandis, Wandah, Wohnda, Wahnda, Wandie, .. 4 more

Wanetta, Wanita, Waneta, Wanette

Warda, Wardia, Wardine



Waverly, Waverley

Wendell, Wendall, Wendelle, Wendaline

Wendy, Wendi, Wenda, Windy, Wendee, Wendey, Wendye, Wendie, Wendeline, Wendaline

Weslee, Weslie, Weslia, Wesleya

Whitley, Whitlea, Whitelea, Whittley

Whitney, Whitny, Whitni, Whitnea, Whitnee, Whitnie, Whiteney, Whittney, Whittany, Whittnie, Whittaney, .. 1 more

Wibeke, Wiebke, Wiweca

Wilda, Wylda, Willda

Wilfreda, Wilfridda, Wilfrieda

Wilhelmina, Willa, Wilma, Wylma, Wilna, Willy, Willie, Wileen, Willene, Wilmina, Willeen, .. 14 more



Wilma, Wylma, Willma, Wilmina

Wilmot, Wilmott, Wilmotina

Wilona, Wilone

Winifred, Wina, Wynn, Winne, Wynne, Winnie, Winfreda, Wynifred, Winefred, Winafred, Winifryd, .. 6 more


Winona, Winnie, Wenona, Wynona, Wenonah, Winnona, Winonah, Wynnona, Winonna, Wynonna, Winoena

Winsome, Wynsome

Top 1000 baby names ranking of  names: Wanda, Wava, Wendy, Whitley, Whitney, Wilda, Wilhelmina, Willa, Willow, Wilma

Top 1000 baby names ranking of  names: Winifred, Winona

Wanda, Wanetta, Wava, Wendy, Whitley, Whitney, Wilda, Wilhelmina, Willa, Willow, Wilma, Winifred and Winona are commonly used names, while the other W- names are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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