Baby Names starting with W for girls

Baby Names from A to Z

Walburga, var. Walberga, Walpurgis, Wallburga, means "strong protection". Walburga, Walberga, etc. are not often adopted as baby names.

Walda, var. Welda, Wellda, Wallda, Waldina, Waldena, Waldette, means "ruler". Not in Top 1000.

Walker, var. Wallker, means "cloth-walker". Walker and Wallker are seldom used as children's names.

Walkiria. Walkiria is seldom adopted as a birth name.

Wallis, var. Wally, Wallys, Wallie, Walliss, Walless, means "from Wales". Outside Top 1000.

Waltrina, var. Waltina, Walteena, Walterine, means "army ruler". Not in popularity charts.

Wanda, var. Wendy, Wonda, Wandy, Wenda, Wandah, Wandie, Wandis, Wonnda, Wannda, Wahnda, .. 4 more, means "the tribe of the Vandals". Somewhat frequently used as birth names, Wandis, Wanda, etc. are comparable to the familiar Kandis.

Wanetta, var. Waneta, Wanita, Wanette, means "pale-skinned". Uncommon. Wanetta (cf. Klaretta, Primetta) ends with the common feminine -etta.

Warda, var. Wardia, Wardine, means "guardian". Common as surnames, and Warda (top 17%) is comparable to common -arda last names Skarda (top 20%), Zarda (64%).

Warna, means "fighting defender". A birth name that is little-used. See also Marna.

Wava, means "stranger". Common, and Wava is comparable to popular -ava last names Lava (upper 44%), Sava (25%). See also Tava.

Waverly, var. Waverley, means "meadow of quivering aspens". Not in Top 1000.

Wendell, var. Wendall, Wendelle, Wendaline, means "wanderer". Not in Top 1000.

Wendy, var. Wendi, Windy, Wenda, Wendye, Wendie, Wendey, Wendee, Wendaline, Wendeline, means "friend". Usage of Wendy and variants as children's names in 2014 was down 68.5% compared to a decade ago.

Weslee, var. Weslie, Weslia, Wesleya, means "western meadow". Unusual. Weslee, like Marylee, Coralee, uses the common feminine -lee ending.

Whitley, var. Whitlea, Whittley, Whitelea, means "white meadow". Whitelea, Whitlea and Whittley are more exclusive as variations of Whitley.

Whitney, var. Whitni, Whitny, Whitnee, Whitnie, Whitnea, Whittany, Whittnie, Whittney, Whiteney, Whittaney, .. 1 more, means "white island". Prominent. Whitney, Whittney, like Bryttney, Chastney, use the familiar feminine -tney ending.

Wibeke, var. Wiweca, Wiebke, means "alive". Unconventional. Compare Wibeke, Wiebke (37%), Wiweca and popular Wi- last names Wiede (upper 72%), Winke (47%).

Wilda, var. Wylda, Willda, means "Untamed; willow tree". Wilda occurs frequently (top 33%) as a last name.

Wilfreda, var. Wilfrieda, Wilfridda, means "desiring peace". Wilfreda, Wilfridda and Wilfrieda are rarely found as first names.

Wilhelmina, var. Wilna, Willy, Willa, Wilma, Wylma, Willie, Wileen, Willeen, Wilmina, Willene, .. 14 more, means "determined protector". Wilhelmina, Wilhelmine, etc. became more trendy in 2014, gaining +143 rankings as birth names with Willa leading the rise.

Willa, means "determined protector". Common as surname. Compare Willa (top 87%) with popular surnames Della (top 29%), Illa (44%), which also end with -lla. See also Willow.

Willow. Adoption of Willow is at its most widespread presently. See also Willie.

Wilma, var. Wylma, Willma, Wilmina, means "determined protector". Common. Compare Wilma, Willma, Wylma and popular -lma last names Delma (top 68%), Tilma (81%).

Wilmot, var. Wilmott, Wilmotina. Wilmot (upper 4%) and Wilmott (30%) occur commonly as last names.

Wilona, var. Wilone, means "longed-for". Unconventional. Compare Wilona with popular last names Chona (upper 94%), Girona (62%), which also end with -ona.

Winifred, var. Wina, Wynn, Winne, Wynne, Winnie, Wynifred, Wynafred, Winifryd, Winafred, Winfreda, .. 6 more, means "holy, blessed reconciliation; joy and peace". Usage of Winne and forms soared during 1880-1889 and is now lower, with Winnifred, Winnie and Winifred becoming less fashionable.

Winola, means "charming friend". Uncommon as a girls' name, but Winola is similar to the more conventional Winona.

Winona, var. Wenona, Wynona, Winnie, Wynnona, Wynonna, Winonna, Winoena, Wenonah, Winnona, Winonah, means "first-born daughter". Usage of Winona, Winnie and Wynona as baby names has decreased since 1890-1899.

Winsome, var. Wynsome, means "agreeable". Unconventional. Compare Winsome, Wynsome with popular -me last names Ransome (top 11%), Handsome (63%).

Winter, var. Wintar. Winter is popular as a version.

Wisdom. Wisdom is not in the Top 1000.

Wistar, var. Wister, Wistarr. Wistar, Wistarr and Wister were not Top birth names in 2014.

Wisteria, var. Wistaria. Rare. Compare Wisteria, Wistaria with popular -ria surnames Renteria (top 1%), Victoria (4%).

Wren. Wren (upper 2%), like Syren (upper 98%), Karen (19%), is a common -ren suffix surname. See also Aren.

Wyanet, var. Wyonet, Wyonetta, Wyanetta, means "beautiful". Rare as girls' names, but Wyanet, Wyanetta, etc. are comparable to the more popular Waneta.

Wyetta, var. Wyette. Scarce. Wyetta and Wyette are not found in the US Demographics.

Wynell. Unusual as a birth name, but Wynell is comparable to the more conventional Lynell.

Wynne, var. Wyn, Win, Wynn, Winne, Winny, Winnie, means "fair, pure". Somewhat popular as girls' names, Win, Wynne, etc. are comparable to the conventional Lin.

Wyome, var. Wyomie, Wyomia, means "wide plain". Uncommon. Wyome, Wyomia and Wyomie are not found in the US Demographics.