Baby Names starting with D for boys

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Da-, var. Damar, Dajon, Davar, Davon, Daquan, Dashae, Damont, Dasean, Damone, Dajohn, .. 14 more. Adoption of Da-, Dashae, etc. as children's names in 2014 was 100% less than a year ago.

Dabney, var. Dabny, Dabnie, Dabnee, means "from Aubigny". Dabney, Dabnee, etc. are not frequently adopted as birth names.

Dace, var. Dacey, Dacio, Dacian, means "of the nobility". Rare. Dace (cf. Jace, Mace) uses the common androgynous-sounding -ace suffix.

Dacey, var. Dacy, Dace, Daicy, Daicey, Dacius, Dacian, means "from the south; from Dacia". Common as surnames, and Dacey (top 12%), Dacian, etc. are similar to popular Da- last names Daney (top 29%), Dazey (25%).

Dack. Unusual. Dack (cf. Edrick, Jerack) uses the common masculine -ck suffix. See also Zack.

Dadrian, var. Dade. Rare. Dadrian, like Arian, Gabrian, uses the popular masculine-sounding -rian ending.

Daedalus, var. Dedalus, Daldalos, means "craftsman". Uncommon. Daedalus, Dedalus, like Irenaeus, Paulinus, end with the familiar masculine -us.

Dargan, var. Dagen, Deegan, means "black-haired". Dagen and Dargan are more unique as variations.

Dag, var. Daeg, Dagny, Dagget, Daggett, means "daylight". Not in popularity charts.

Dagan, var. Dagon, means "grain, the earth". Dagan (upper 31%), like Nagan (upper 66%), Magan (19%), is a popular -agan suffix surname.

Dagobert, var. Dagbert, Dagoberto, means "bright day, shining day". Not in Top 1000.

Dagon. Outside Top 1000. See also Dyson.

Dagwood, means "shining forest". Not that common as a boys' name.

Dahy, var. Dahey, means "quick-footed". Outside Top 1000.

Dai, means "large; to shine". Unusual as a baby name, but Dai is similar to the more popular Hai. Cross-gender use.

Dailey, var. Daly, Daily, Daley, means "assembly". Rare as baby names, but Dailey, Daly, etc. sound like the more familiar Dale.

Dainard, var. Daneard, Daynard, Dainhard, Daneardt, Danehard, Danehardt, Dainehard, means "bold Dane". Uncommon. Compare Dainard, Daynard with common surnames Guenard (upper 62%), Guignard (37%), which also end with -nard.

Daivat, means "power, strength". A rare birth name.

Dajon. Not Top 1000 name. See also Dayson.

Dakota, var. Dekota, Dakoda, Dekohta, Dekowta, Dakotah, Dakodah, Daccota, Dakoeta, means "friend, ally". Adoption of Dakota, Dakoda, etc. as baby names in 2014 was 1.2% less than 2013.

Dalbert, var. Del, Delbert, means "bright-shining one". Del (upper 48%) and Delbert (35%) exist commonly as last names.

Dale, var. Dael, Dalle, Dayle, Daley, Daile, Dalen, Dallan, Dallin, means "valley". Dale (top 1%), like Whale (top 42%), Smale (14%), is a popular -ale suffix last name.

Dallan, var. Dal, Dalon, Dalan, Dallon, Dallen, Dallin, means "blind". Usage of Dallin as a children's name has decreased since 1999.

Dallas, var. Dal, Delles, Dalles, Dallis, means "from the dales, the valley meadows". Dallas, Dal, Dallis (cf. Dallin, Dallon) are common Dal- prefix surnames.

Dallin, var. Dallon, Dallen, Dallan, means "from the valley". Uncommon. Dallin, like Gaylin, Loughlin, uses the familiar androgynous-sounding -lin ending.

Dalton, var. Dalten, Delton, Daulton, Dallton, Daleton, means "from the valley town". Dalto (upper 27%), Dalin (38%) are popular surnames similar to Dalton (upper 1%).

Daly, var. Daley, Dawley, means "assembly". Daly, Daley and Dawley are not frequently used as children's names.

Dalziel, means "the small field". Dalziel (cf. Hamiel, Diel) is a popular -iel suffix surname.

Damario, var. Damero, Damaro, Demario, Damarius, Damarios, means "gentle; calf". Unique. Damario, Demario, like Januario, Hilario, use the common masculine -ario ending.

Damaskenos, var. Damascus, Damaskinos, means "from Damascus". Not in Top 1000.

Damek, var. Damick, Damicke, means "earth". Damek, Damick and Damicke are unusual as birth names.

Damian, var. Damon, Daman, Damen, Damyan, Demyan, Damyen, Damyon, Damion, Dayman, Daymon, .. 9 more. Damian, Damyen, etc. became less trendy in 2014, falling -198 positions as birth names with Damion falling the most.

Damon, var. Daman, Daymon, means "one who tames, subdues". Popular as last names. Compare Damon (upper 3%), Daman (22%), Daymon (33%) and common Da- surnames Danon (upper 55%), Damin (59%).

Dan, var. Dann, means "judge; God is my judge". Less widespread today. Dan was the variation last appearing (2000) in the Top 1000.

Dana, var. Dane, Danie, means "from Denmark". Unique. Dana (cf. Fontana, Aquilina) ends with the popular androgynous -na.

Danar. Rare. Danar (cf. Caezar, Haidar) uses the popular masculine -ar suffix. See also Danal.

Dane, var. Dain, Dayne, Danon, Daine, Dayner, means "from Denmark". Dane (top 7%), Dain (18%), Danon (55%), Dayne (56%) and Daine (85%) exist regularly as surnames.

Daniel, var. Dan, Dani, Dane, Danya, Danko, Danny, Danil, Danal, Danek, Daneal, .. 10 more, means "God is my judge". Popular as last names. Compare Daniel (upper 1%) and popular -niel surnames Miniel (upper 94%), Mcdaniel (1%).

Danno, means "field gathering". Popular as last name, and Danno (top 56%) is comparable to popular surnames Danino (top 94%), Danto (69%), with the Dan- prefix. See also Dunn.

Dante, var. Donte, Dontay, Dontae, Daunte, Dantay, Dantel, Dantae, means "lasting, enduring". Danne (top 77%), Danter (78%) are common last names similar to Dante (top 19%).