Baby Names starting with F for boys

Baby Names from A to Z

Fabian, var. Fabe, Fabio, Favio, Faber, Fabek, Fabyan, Favian, Fabion, Fabyen, Fabius, .. 12 more, means "bean". Faber (upper 2%), Fabian (2%), Fabiano (9%), Fabien (41%) and Fabio (26%) exist often as surnames.

Fabrice, var. Fabrizio, Fabriano, Fabrizius, Fabritius, Fabricius, means "craftsman". Fabrice, Fabriano, etc. are not in the Top 1000.

Fabron, var. Fabre, Fabroni, means "young blacksmith". Not in Top 1000.

Fachtna, means "hostile, malicious". Outside Top 1000.

Factor, means "businessman". Factor (cf. Rector, Doctor) is a popular -ctor suffix last name.

Fadi, means "savior". Not in Top 1000. See also Fadl.

Fadile, var. Fadl, Fazil, Fadle, Fadil, means "virtuous, excellent". Fadile and variants were not Top birth names in 2014.

Fafnir, var. Fraenir, Fraener. Not in Top 1000.

Fagan, var. Fegan, Fagin, Feggan, means "little ardent one". Not Top 1000 names.

Fahd, var. Fahed, Fahad, means "panther, leopard". Not in Top 1000.

Fahim, var. Fahmi, Faheem, means "intelligent". Rare. Fahim, like Eliachim, Seraphim, ends with the popular masculine-sounding -him.

Faine, var. Fane, Fain, means "happy, joyous". Faine (top 34%), like Plaine (top 61%), Kaine (26%), is a common -aine suffix surname.

Fairbairn, means "fair-haired child". Not in Top 1000.

Fairbanks, means "bank along the pathway". Scarce as a boys' name, Fairbanks is found more often as a surname.

Fairchild, means "fair-haired child". Uncommon. Fairchild, like Warfield, Renauld, ends with the familiar masculine -ld.

Fairfax, means "lovely hair". Seldom used as a baby name, Fairfax is found more conventionally as a surname.

Faisal, var. Feisal, Faysal, Faycal, Faizal, Faical, means "sword". Unique. Faysal, var. (cf. Shoval, Vital) end with the common masculine-sounding -al.

Faivish, var. Fayvel, Feivel, Feibush, means "bright, radiant". Rare, but Faivish is comparable to popular -ish surnames Jaquish (upper 24%), Marish (80%).

Faiz, var. Faaiz, Faizah, means "victor, winner". Faiz (cf. Paiz, Piz) is a popular -iz suffix last name.

Fajr, var. Fajer, Fajar, means "dawn; beginning, start". Outside Top 1000.

Fakhri, means "pround, elegant, glorious". Common as surname, and Fakhri (top 73%) is similar to popular -ri surnames Tahiri (top 82%), Bari (17%).

Falco, var. Falk, Falke, Fowler, Falcon, Falken, Falkner, Falconer, Faulkner, Faulconer, Falconner, .. 1 more. Falco, Faulconer, etc. are barely found as masculine names.

Fallows, var. Fallow, means "the fallow field". Outside Top 1000.

Faolan, var. Felan, Faelan, Fillan, Foillan, means "wolf". Unconventional. Compare Foillan, var. with popular -lan last names Kolan (upper 64%), Holan (25%).

Faraj, var. Farag, means "to cure". Not in Top 1000.

Faraji, means "consolation". Faraji (cf. Farage, Farace) is a popular Far- prefix last name. See also Farag.

Faramond, var. Faramund, Farrimund, Farrimond, means "traveler's protection". Not in Top 1000.

Fares, var. Faris, means "horseman, knight". Common as surnames. Compare Fares (upper 16%) and common last names Dares (upper 92%), Jares (31%), which also end with -ares.

Fargo. Unusual. Fargo, like Demingo, Dingo, ends with the common masculine -go. See also Fares.

Farid, var. Fareed, means "exceptional, unique". Farid and Fareed are intermittently used as men's names.