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One-syllable names

Three to six letter G- boy names: Gab, Gabe, Gad, Gael, Gaell, Gaelle, Gage, Gaige, Gail, Gaile, Gaill, Gaille, Gaines, Gains, Gair, Gal, Gale, Gauge, Gay, Gayle, Gayne, Gaynes, Geir.

Two-syllable names

Four to ten letter G- boy names: Gabbi, Gabbie, Gabbo, Gabby, Gabi, Gabie, Gable, Gabriel, Gabriele, Gaby, Gaddiel, Gadi, Gadiel, Gadish, Gaelan, Gaer, Gaetan, Gaetane, Gaeton, Gahan, Gaillard, Gaillen, Gaillhard, Galan, Galath, Galbrait, Galbraith, Galbreath, Galen, Galfrid, Galin, Gallbraith, Gallbreath, Galyn, Gavrel, Gavriel, Gavril, Gaylen, Gaylin, Gaylinn, Gaylon, Gehan.

Three-syllable names

Five to ten letter G- boy names: Gabrian, Gaetano, Gaillardet, Gaius, Galahad, Galeno, Galliard, Gavrilo.

Four-syllable names

Nine letter G- boy names: Gabrielli, Gabriello.

Gabbo - Galfrid

Top 1000 baby names ranking of G names: Gabriel, Gael, Gaetano, Gage, Gale, Galen

Gabbo. "Scoff, joke." Not in popularity charts. See also Gibby.

Gable. Popular as last name. Compare Gable (upper 2%) and common last name Mable (upper 27%), with the -ble suffix. See also Gabe.

Gabriel, var. Gab, Gay, Gabe, Gaby, Gabi, Gabie, Gabbi, Gabby, Gavrel, Gabbie, .. 7 more. "Man of God." Gabriel is a chic version.

Gad, var. Gadi. "Fortune, luck." Gad (top 27%), like Dad (top 51%), is a common -ad suffix last name.

Gadiel, var. Gaddiel. "God is my fortune." Gadielley, Galdiel and Gardiel are kreatif forms.

Gadish. "Shock of corn." Not Top 1000 name.

Gael, var. Gale. Gale is found often (top 1%) as a surname.

Gaetano, var. Gaetan, Gaeton, Gaetane. "From Gaeta." Gaetano (upper 14%) and Gaetan (70%) are found regularly as surnames.

Gage, var. Gauge, Gaige. "Pledge, oath." Gage and variants became less popular last year, dropping -90 rankings as boys' names with Gauge leading the decline.

Gahan, var. Gehan. Gahan and Gehan are scantly used as men's names.

Gaillard, var. Galliard, Gaillhard, Gaillardet. "Brave, cheerful, spirited." Outside Top 1000.

Gaines, var. Gains, Gayne, Gaynes. Gayne and variants are seldom used as baby names.

Gair, var. Geir, Gaer. "Small one." Not in popularity charts.

Gaius. "Happy." Uncommon. Gaius, like Giselbertus, ends with -us. See also Gaige.

Gal. "Wave, roller, swell." Not in Top 1000. Gender-neutral name.

Galahad, var. Galath. "Hawk, hero." Galahad and Galath were not among 2014's Top names.

Galbraith, var. Galbrait, Galbreath, Gallbreath, Gallbraith. "Foreign Briton." Not in popularity charts.

Gale, var. Gael, Gail, Gayle, Gaile, Gaill, Gaell, Gaelle, Gaille. "Foreigner; cheerful, happy." Conventional, with usage of 0.0874% for Gale and variants as boys' names in 2014, though lower than 0.0914% a year ago.

Galen, var. Galyn, Galan, Galin, Gaylin, Gaylon, Galeno, Gaylen, Gaelan, Gaylinn, Gaillen. "Calm." Galen is a frequently occurring (upper 58%) men's name.

Galfrid, var. Gal. Not in Top 1000.