Baby Names starting with H for boys

Baby Names from A to Z

Habakkuk, var. Habacuc, Habbakuk, means "embrace". Not in Top 1000.

Habib, var. Habeeb, means "loved one". Not Top 1000 names.

Hackett, var. Hacket, Hackit, Hackitt, means "little hewer (of wood)". Hackett (upper 1%), Hacket (69%), like Hacker (upper 2%), Hacken (96%), are common Hac- prefix surnames.

Hackman, means "hewer, hacker (of wood)". Not Top 1000 name.

Hadar, var. Heder, Hadur, Hadaram, means "splendor, glory. ornament; citrus fruit". Popular as last names. Compare Hadar (top 49%), Hadaram, Hadur and popular Ha- surnames Hadad (top 22%), Hagar (7%).

Hadden, var. Hadon, Haden, Haddin, Haddon, Haddan, means "hill of heather". Hadden (cf. Dredden, Rudden) is a common -dden suffix surname.

Hadi, means "rightly guide". Unique. Hadi, like Rudi, Fadi, ends with the popular androgynous -di. See also Hani.

Hadley, var. Hadly, Hadlee, Hadlea, Hadleigh, means "heather meadow". Hadley, Hadly, etc. are unusual as children's names.

Hadrian, var. Hadrien, means "from Hadria". Hadrian and Hadrien are not often adopted as boys' names.

Hadriel, means "splendor of Jehovah". Uncommon. Hadriel, like Andriel, Aeriel, ends with the favored masculine -riel. See also Hadrien.

Hadwin, var. Hedwin, Hadwyn, Hedwinn, Hadwinn, Hadwynne, means "friend in war". Hadwin (upper 35%), like Baidwin (upper 94%), Medwin (83%), is a common -dwin suffix last name.

Hafiz, var. Hafeez, Haphiz, Hapheez, means "one who guards". Hafeez (top 22%) and Hafiz (33%) occur often as surnames.

Hagen, var. Hagan, Haggan, means "youthful one". Unusual as boys' names, but Hagan, Hagen, etc. are similar to the more conventional Hassan.

Hagley, var. Hagly, Haglee, Haglea, Hagleigh, means "enclosed meadow". Rare. Hagley (cf. Barkley, Rawley) uses the common masculine -ley suffix.

Haig, means "enclosed with hedges". Common as surname. Compare Haig (upper 11%) and common last names Hair (upper 3%), Hait (40%), with the Ha- prefix. See also Haim.

Haidar, var. Hyder, Haydar, Haider, means "lion". Scarce as birth names, but Hyder, Haidar, etc. are comparable to the more conventional Ryder.

Haim, var. Hayim, Hayyim, means "life". Unique. Haim, Hayim, Hayyim, like Maksim, Efraim, end with the popular masculine -im.

Hakeem, var. Hakim, means "wise, intelligent". Hakeem and Hakim are irregularly used first names.

Hakon, var. Hako, Hagen, Hakan, Hagan, Hacon, Haakin, Haakon, Haaken, means "noble, of the highest race". Not Top 1000 names.

Hal, means "home leader". Somewhat popular as a children's name, Hal is similar to the common Val. See also Pal.

Halbert, var. Halburt, means "shining hero". Halbert (top 5%), like Haler (top 35%), Halbe (61%), is a popular Hal- prefix surname.

Halden, var. Haldan, Halvdan, Halfdan, Haldane, Halfdane, means "half Dane". Haldane and variants are barely found as men's names.

Hale, var. Hal, Halen, Hayle, Hallen, Haylan, means "hero; from the hall". Hal has fallen off in favor as a baby name circa the 1950s.

Haley, var. Haily, Hayley, Hallie, Halley, Hailey, Haleigh, Hayleigh, means "hay meadow; ingenious, clever". Uncommon. Haley, var., like Brinley, Buckley, end with the popular masculine -ley.

Halford, var. Hallford, means "valley ford; Hal's ford". Uncommon. Halford, Hallford, like Oxxford, Beresford, end with the familiar masculine-sounding -ford.

Hali, means "the sea". Unconventional, but Hali is similar to popular last names Scali (top 21%), Cali (8%), which also end with -ali. Also used for girls.

Halim, means "gentle". Halim (top 15%), like Blim (top 76%), Lalim (66%), is a common -im suffix surname. See also Hallem.

Hall, means "worker at the hall". Common as surname, and Hall (upper 1%) is similar to popular surnames Chall (upper 49%), Knall (84%), which also end with -all. See also Gall.

Hallam, var. Hallem, means "the valley". Hallam and Hallem are not often adopted as children's names.

Hallberg, var. Halberg, Halburg, Hallburg, means "rock mountain". Hallberg, Halburg, etc. are uncommon as birth names.

Halle, means "rock". Gender-neutral name. Halle is a scarce first name, registering commonly (top 10%) as a last name.

Halley, means "meadow near the hall; holy". Not much used as a children's name, Halley is used more conventionally as a surname. Cross-gender use.

Halliwell, var. Helliwell, Hallowell, Hallewell, means "holy well". Not in Top 1000.

Hallward, var. Halward, Halwerd, Hawarden, means "guardian of the hall". Hallward, Halwerd, etc. were not Top birth names in 2014.

Halsey, var. Halsy, Hallsy, Hallsey, means "Hal's island". Halsema (top 41%), Halseth (27%) are common surnames similar to Halsey (top 3%).

Halstead, var. Halsted, Hallsted, Hallstead, means "the manor grounds". Halstead, Hallstead (cf. Barnstead, Linstead) are common -tead suffix last names.

Halton, var. Halten, Halton, Hallton, means "estate on the hill". Not in popularity charts.

Halvard, var. Halvor, Halver, Halvar, Halverd, Hallvor, Hallverd, Hallvard, means "guardian of the rock". Halvard, Halver, etc. are uncommon as baby names.

Ham, means "heat". Ham is not often used as a birth name. See also Hani.

Hamal, var. Hamahl, means "lamb". Rare, but Hamal, Hamahl are similar to popular surnames Haman (top 8%), Hamar (25%), which also start with Ham-.