Baby Names starting with I for boys

Baby Names from A to Z

Iago. Uncommon as a birth name. See also Dago.

Ian, var. Ion, Iain, means "God is gracious". The name Ian has surged in popularity over time since 1880-1889. The form Ean is commonplace as a variation of the name.

Ib, means "Baal's pledge". Atypical as a birth name. Also suitable as a girls' name.

Ibrahim, var. Ibraheem. Ibrahim is an infrequently used men's name, appearing regularly (Top 7%) as a surname according to the US Census. See also Abrahim.

Icarus, var. Ikarus, Ikaros. Distinctive as a given name.

Ichabod, var. Ikavod, Ikabod, means "the glory is gone". Ichabod is an unconventional male name.

Idan, means "era, time". Distinctive as a birth name for males. See also Ivan.

Ido, var. Iddo, means "evaporate; to be mighty". Ido is unconventional as a given name. See also Ivo.

Idris, means "fiery leader; prophet". An unusual name for children which is found more conventionally as a surname. Name used for both sexes.

Ieuan, var. Ifan, Iefan, means "God is gracious". Unusual as a birth name. See also Ian.

Ignatius, var. Ignaz, Iggie, Inigo, Ignac, Ignatz, Ignace, Inacio, Ignazio, Ignacio, Ignacius, .. 1 more. Ignatius and Ignacio have declined in favor as boys' names over time. The variation Ignacio is familiar as a form of the name.

Igor, var. Inge, Ingmar, Ingemar. Igor is a scarce men's name. See also Ifor.

Ihab, means "gift". Atypical as a baby name. See also Ahab.

Ike. Usage of the name Ike as a given name has declined over time. See also Isa.

Ilan, var. Ilon, means "tree". Ilan is a scarce men's name. See also Ivan.

Ilario, means "cheerful". Atypical as a birth name for boys. See also Illario.

Ilias, var. Ilie, means "Jehovah is God". Ilias is rare as a masculine name. See also Ilja.

Ilya, var. Ilia, Illya, means "Jehovah is God". Uncommon as a given name. See also Ilja.

Imad, means "support, mainstay". Atypical as a name for kids. See also Amad.

Immanuel, var. Iman, Imani, Imanuel, Imanoel, Immannuel, means "God is with us". Immanuel is rarely occurring as a male name. See also Immanuele.

Imre, var. Imri, Imrie, Imray. Imre is unusual as a masculine name.

Ince, means "innocent". Unusual as a given name for boys, Ince is used more commonly as a last name. See also Ingo.

Indio, var. Indyo, Indeeo. Indio is scantly used as a men's name.

Indra, means "possesses rain". Uncommon as a name for kids.

Ingemar, var. Ing, Ingmar, Ingamar, Ingemur, means "son of Ing". Ingemar is scantly used as a first name. See also Ingevar.

Inglebert, var. Ingbert, Ingelbert. An uncommon name for babies.

Ingo, means "meadow; lord". Uncommon as a given name. See also Ing.

Ingram, var. Ingrim, Ingrams, Ingraham, Ingrahame, means "raven of peace; raven of Anglia". Ingram is unusual as a male name, appearing commonly (Top 1%) as a last name in the US Census.

Ingvar, var. Ingevar, means "Ing's soldier". Atypical as a birth name for males. See also Ingmar.

Inigo. An unusual given name for baby boys. See also Inge.