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Baby Names Beginning with J for Boys

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Ja- - Jael | Jafar - Jamin | Jan - Jaroslav | Jarrell - Jedidiah | Jedrek - Jeroboam | Jerome - Joash | Job - Jordan | Jordi - Jules | Julian - Juvenal

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Common one-syllable J- boy names: Jace, Jack, Jacques, Jade, Jael, Jake, James, Jax, Jay, Jayce, Jayme, Jim.

Common two-syllable J- boy names: Jackie, Jackson, Jacky, Jacob, Jaden, Jadon, Jaeden, Jagger, Jaiden, Jaime, Jakob, Jakobe, Jalen, Jamar, Jamey, Jamie, Jaquan, Javon, Jaxen, Jaxon, Jaxson, Jayden, Jaydon, Jayvon, Jimmie.

Common three-syllable J- boy names: Jabari, Jacinto, Jacoby, Jamari, Javonte.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of J names: Jabari, Jace, Jacinto, Jack, Jackson

Ja-, Jaray, Jamon, Jalen, Jamar, Javon, Jayvon, Jaquan, Jaronn, Jamond, Jalenn, .. 7 more. Jajar, Jajed and Jarja are kreatif forms.

Jabbar, Jabar. "Consoler." Not Top 1000 names.

Jabari. "Valiant." Jabari (cf. Jafari) is a common -ari suffix surname. See also Jamari.

Jabez, Jabes, Jabesh. "Borne in pain." Outside Top 1000.

Jabin. "God has built." Not in Top 1000. See also Javon.

Jabir. "Consolation." Outside Top 1000. See also Jair.

Jacan. "Trouble." Uncommon, with the common -an suffix, like Jayelan. See also Jasin.

Jace, Jacy, Jaice, Jacen, Jacey, Jayce, Jacian. "The Lord is my salvation." Jace and Jayce are familiar as versions.

Jachin. "He establishes." Rare, with the -in ending, like Jestin. See also Jasin.

Jacinto, Jacindo. Jacinto is widely used as a variant form.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of J names: Jacob, Jacques, Jade, Jaden, Jadon, Jael

Jack, Jak, Jaq, Jacq, Jacky, Jacko, Jacqin, Jackie, Jackman. "God is gracious; he who supplants." Jack and variants became less trendy last year, falling -1 position as baby names with Jack leading the decline.

Jackson, Jax, Jack, Jaxen, Jaxon, Jacky, Jaxson, Jacson, Jakson, Jackie, Jacksen. "Son of Jack." Jackson, Jack, Jax, Jaxen, Jaxon and Jaxson are in the Top 1000.

Jacob, Jeb, Jay, Jim, Jago, Jake, Jaap, Jaco, Jack, Jakie, Jakeb, .. 24 more. "He who supplants." Jacob, Jack, Jacoby, Jaime, Jake, Jakob, James, Jamie and Jay were Top birth names in 2014.

Jacques, Jaq, Jock, Jacot, Jacque, Jaques. "He who supplants." Jacques (upper 2%), Jaques (6%), Jock (13%), Jacot (22%) and Jacque (23%) exist regularly as surnames.

Jade, Jayde, Jaide. Jade is widely used as a form.

Jaden, Jade, Jadon, Jader, Jayden, Jaydon, Jaidin, Jaedon, Jaeden, Jaiden. Jade, Jaeden and Jayden are prevalent as forms of Jaden.

Jadon, Jade, Jader, Jaden, Jayden, Jaydon, Jaidin, Jaedon, Jaeden, Jaiden. "Thankful; God will judge." Adoption of Jadon, Jaeden, etc. as birth names in 2014 was 28.4% less than a decade ago.

Jadrian. Jadrian is scantly used as a male name. Unisex name.

Jaeger, Jagur, Jagger. "Hunter." Listed in Top 1000.

Jael. "Mountain goat." Jael soared in popularity in 2012 and has become less conventional. Cross-gender use.