Baby Names starting with J for boys

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Ja-, var. Jaray, Jamon, Jalen, Jamar, Javon, Jayvon, Jaquan, Jaronn, Jamond, Jalenn, .. 7 more. Listed in Top 1000.

Jabbar, var. Jabar, means "consoler". Uncommon as birth names, but Jabbar and Jabar are similar to the more common Jamar.

Jabari, means "valiant". Jabari (cmp. Salari, Ritari) is a common surname with the -ari ending. See also Jamari.

Jabez, var. Jabes, Jabesh, means "borne in pain". Outside Top 1000.

Jabin, means "God has built". Common surname. Compare Jabin, and surnames Maybin, Pabin, which also end with -bin. See also Javon.

Jabir, means "consolation". Unique. Jabir, like Safir, Allystair, ends with the common masculine-sounding -ir. See also Jair.

Jacan, means "trouble". Uncommon. Jacan (cmp. Maximillian, Sipryan) ends with the common masculine -an. See also Jasin.

Jace, var. Jacy, Jaice, Jacen, Jacey, Jayce, Jacian, means "the Lord is my salvation". Jace, like Jake, Jaco, is a popular surname that begins with Ja-.

Jachin, means "he establishes". Uncommon. Compare Jachin, and common surnames Mceachin, Machin, with the -chin suffix. See also Jasin.

Jacinto, var. Jacindo. Jacinto is widely used as a variant form.

Jack, var. Jak, Jaq, Jacq, Jacky, Jacko, Jacqin, Jackie, Jackman, means "God is gracious; he who supplants". Popular last names. Compare Jack, and last names Dack, Tack, which also end with -ack.

Jackson, var. Jax, Jack, Jaxen, Jaxon, Jacky, Jaxson, Jacson, Jakson, Jackie, Jacksen, means "son of Jack". Popularly used, with usage of 0.4593% for Jackson and variants as children's names in 2014, but lower than 0.4627% the year before.

Jacob, var. Jay, Jim, Jaap, Jago, Jake, Jaco, Jack, Jakov, Jakub, Jakie, .. 20 more, means "he who supplants". Frequently used as baby names, Jack, Jacob, etc. are similar to the conventional Zack.

Jacques, var. Jaq, Jock, Jacot, Jacque, Jaques, means "he who supplants". Uncommon. Jacques (cmp. Barnes, Jiles) ends with the common masculine -es.

Jade, var. Jayde, Jaide. Uncommon. Jade, like Ramonde, Candide, ends with the favored androgynous-sounding -de.

Jaden, var. Jade, Jadon, Jader, Jayden, Jaydon, Jaidin, Jaedon, Jaeden, Jaiden. Widely used as birth names, Jaden, Jade, etc. are similar to the common Jase.

Jadon, var. Jade, Jader, Jaden, Jayden, Jaydon, Jaidin, Jaedon, Jaeden, Jaiden, means "thankful; God will judge". Adoption of Jadon, Jaeden, etc. as birth names in 2014 was 5.2% less than a year ago.

Jadrian. Jadrian is scantly used as a male name. Unisex name.

Jaeger, var. Jagur, Jagger, means "hunter". Unusual. Jaeger, like Eadger, Tiger, ends with the common masculine -ger.

Jael, means "mountain goat". Jael soared in popularity in 2012 and has become less widespread. Gender-neutral name.

Jafar, var. Jaffar, means "stream". Popular last names. Compare Jafar, Jaffar, and surnames Mavar, Opfar, which also end with -ar.

Jagger. Favored as a baby name (#705 in 2014), Jagger also occurs often as a last name. See also Jagur.

Jago. Jago, like Jaco, Jagoe, is a popular last name starting with Ja-. See also Jacko.

Jahan, var. Jehan, means "the world". Rare. Jahan (cmp. Vaughan, Ethan) ends with the common masculine-sounding -han.

Jaime, var. Jayme, Jaymie, Jaimie, Jaimey, means "he who supplants". Prevalent. Jaime, like Hume, Cunninghame, ends with the common androgynous-sounding -me.

Jaimini, means "victory". A boys' name which is seldom used. See also Jamin.

Jairo, var. Jair, Jairus. Adoption of Jairo, Jairus, etc. as boys' names in 2014 was down 63.8% compared to the previous year.

Jairus, var. Jair, Jairo, means "God enlightens". Adoption of Jairus, Jairo, etc. as baby names in 2014 was 63.8% less than 2013.

Jarius. Not generally used as a children's name. See also Jaris.

Jake. Prominent. Jake (cmp. Yorke, Clarke) ends with the common masculine-sounding -ke. See also Jacey.