Baby Names from Jakeem - Jaroslav

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Jakeem, var. Jakim, means "raised up". Jakeem and Jakim are seldom adopted as birth names.

Jaladhi, var. Jaladi, Jeladi, Jeladhi, means "ocean". Not in Top 1000.

Jalal, var. Jelal, Jalil, Jellal, Jaliyl, Jallal, means "greatness, superiority, renown". Uncommon. Jellal, var., like Daneal, Mcdougal, end with the familiar masculine-sounding -al.

Jalen, var. Jalon, Jalin, Jalan, Jailin, Jaylan, Jaylen, Jaylon, Jaelon, Jaelin, Jaelan, .. 6 more. Prominent. Jayelen, var., like Nolen, Glen, end with the common masculine -len.

Jamal, var. Jimal, Jomal, Jamel, Jamil, Jemall, Jemahl, Jemaal, Jamael, Jimahl, Jomall, .. 12 more, means "handsome". Widely used, with usage of 0.0103% for Jamal and variants as baby names in 2014, though lower than 0.0106% the previous year.

Jamar, var. Jimar, Jemar, Jimarr, Jemarr, Jamarr. Jamar and variants became less trendy in 2014, dropping on average -17 rankings as boys' names with Jamar leading the fall.

James, var. Jem, Jim, Jame, Jago, Jagu, Jayme, Jimbo, Jimmy, Jacob, Jemmy, .. 12 more, means "he who supplants". James (upper 1%), Jimmy (8%), Jacob (10%), Jim (12%) and Jamie (19%) are conventional masculine names.

Jameson, var. Jamison, Jamieson, Jaimison, means "son of James". Jamison and forms are at the peak of their popularity presently.

Jamie, var. Jayme, Jamey, Jamee, Jaime, Jaimie, means "he who supplants". Popular as last names. Compare Jamie (top 28%), Jamee, etc. with popular last names Jame (top 47%), Jamir (80%), which also begin with Ja-.

Jamin, means "son of the right hand". Uncommon as a boys' name, but Jamin is similar to the more conventional Jamie. See also Jasin.

Jan, var. Jano, Janos, Janek, means "God is gracious". Jan and forms grew in popularity in the 1940s and are now less widespread, with Jan becoming less fashionable.

Janak, var. Janek. Not in Top 1000.

Janesh, means "leader of the people". Rare, but Janesh is comparable to popular -esh surnames Kubesh (upper 40%), Ramesh (19%). See also Janusz.

Janna, var. Jannai, means "flourishing". Janna and Jannai are rarely used as birth names.

Janson, var. Janse, Jensen, Jenson, Jansen, Janzen, Jansson, Janssen, Jantzen, means "son of Jan". Jansson and forms soared in popularity in 2014.

Janus, var. Janan, Jenaro, Janusz, Jennaro, Janiusz, Jenarius, Januarius, means "gateway". Rare as children's names, but Janus, Janan, etc. are similar to the more familiar James.

Japheth, means "may he expand". Japheth is rarely occurring as a men's name. See also Japhet.

Jarah, var. Jeriah, Jarrah, means "God gives sweetness; honey". Not in Top 1000.

Jardine, means "garden". Jardine (upper 6%), like Jardina (upper 77%), Jarvie (22%), is a popular Jar- prefix surname.

Jareb, means "he will struggle". Unusual. Jareb, like Waheeb, Jeb, ends with the common masculine -eb. See also Jarel.

Jared, var. Jaryd, Jerod, Jered, Jerad, Jarid, Jarod, Jarad, Jerred, Jerrod, Jerrad, .. 5 more, means "descending". Jared, Jerad, etc. became more trendy in 2014, gaining +9 positions as children's names with Jared leading the rise.

Jarek, means "spring". Not in Top 1000. See also Janek.

Jarell, var. Jaryl, Jarel, Jarrel, Jarryl, Jerrell, Jarrell. Unusual. Jarell, Jarrell, Jerrell, like Ferrell, Peverell, end with the common masculine -rell.

Jareth, var. Jereth, Jarreth. Not in Top 1000.

Jarl, var. Jarell. Jarell and Jarl are irregularly used as given names, and Jarl exists regularly (top 66%) as a surname.

Jarlath, var. Jarlaith, Jarleath. Not in Top 1000.

Jarman, var. Jerman, Jarmann, means "German". Jarman, Jarmann and Jerman are barely found as men's names.

Jaromir, means "famous spring". Not in Top 1000.

Jaron, var. Jeren, Jaryn, Jeran, Jarin, Jaren, Jaran, Jerrin, Jerron, Jerren, Jarron, .. 3 more, means "cry of rejoicing". Somewhat common as baby names, Jaron, Jarrin, etc. are similar to the common Javon.

Jaroslav, var. Jarek, Jaroslaw, means "beauty of spring". Not Top 1000 names.