Baby Names starting with L for boys

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La-, var. Laron, Laval, Lavar, Lavon, Laray, Laroy, Lamar, Lajon, Lasean, Lamont, .. 13 more. Lamar (upper 38%) and Lamont (42%) are common masculine names.

Laban, var. Lavan, means "white". Lavan (upper 15%) and Laban (26%) appear commonly as last names.

Lachlan, means "from the land of lakes". Popular. Compare Lachlan and common -lan surnames Aclan (upper 97%), Chlan (64%).

Lachman, var. Lachmann, means "man from the lake". Lachman and Lachmann were not among 2014's Top names.

Lacrosse, means "the cross". Lacrosse is seldom used as a boys' name.

Lacy, var. Lacie, Lacey. Lacy (upper 1%), Lacey (1%), like Lacoy (upper 50%), Laky (50%), are common La- prefix surnames.

Ladd, var. Lad, Laddy, Laddey, Laddie, means "manservant; young man". Somewhat frequently used as baby names, Lad, Ladd, etc. are similar to the conventional Tad.

Ladislas, var. Lazlo, Lacko, Laslo, Laszlo, Ladislaus, means "glorious rule". Unusual. Ladislas, like Wallas, Nicolas, ends with the favored masculine-sounding -las.

Ladell, var. Ladle, means "ladle maker or seller". Common as surnames. Compare Ladell (top 50%) with popular last names Rydell (top 16%), Dydell (97%), which also end with -dell.

Ladon. Uncommon. Ladon, like Kaidon, Adon, uses the familiar masculine-sounding -don ending. See also Cadon.

Lafayette. Not in popularity charts.

Laird, means "lord". Laird is not a Top 1000 name. See also Caird.

Lake, var. Laike, Lakon, Laken, Laikin, Laiken. Common as surnames, and Lake (upper 1%), Laken (66%), Lakon are similar to common last names Laker (upper 21%), Lakey (6%), with the Lak- prefix.

Lakshman, means "auspicious, good fortune". Uncommon. Compare Lakshman with common -hman surnames Rachman (upper 59%), Tishman (58%).

Lalo, var. Lale, Lallo, means "to sing a lullaby". Lalo, Lale and Lallo are hardly found as first names.

Lamar, var. Lemar, Lamarr, Lemarr, Lamarre, means "the water; land famous". Conventional, with usage of 0.0306% for Lamar and variants as boys' names in 2014, though lower than 0.0564% in 2013.

Lambert, var. Lambirt, Lambart, Landbert, Lamberto, means "land brilliant". Common as surnames. Compare Lamberto (top 51%), var. and popular Lamb- last names Lamborn (top 15%), Lambard (92%).

Lamont, var. Lemond, Lamond, Lammond, Lamonte, means "law man". Less widespread today. Lamont was the form last listed (2008) in the Top 1000.

Lance, var. Lantz, Lanzo, Launce, means "land". Widely used as boys' names, Lance, Lanzo, etc. are similar to the conventional Vance.

Lancaster, var. Lankester, Lancester, Lancashire, Lanchester, means "fort on the Lune river". Lancaster and variants are not in the Top 1000.

Lancelot, var. Launcelot, means "servant". Not in Top 1000.

Lander, var. Land, Landry, Landor, Landis, Landers, Landiss. Lander and variants became less popular in 2014, dropping -66 rankings as birth names with Landry dropping the most.

Landon, var. Lando, Landyn, Landin, Landen, Landan, means "long hill". Popular. Landon, like Elsdon, Waldon, uses the common masculine -don ending.

Lane, var. Layne, Laine, means "path, roadway". Adoption of Lane and variants as baby names in 2014 was 1.8% less than 2004.

Lang, var. Lange, means "tall one". Uncommon. Lang, like Chang, Hasting, uses the familiar masculine -ng ending.

Langdon, var. Landon, Langden, means "long hill slope". Langdon (upper 2%), like Langton (upper 8%), Langlo (84%), is a common Lang- prefix surname.

Langford, means "long ford". Langford was not a Top birth name in 2014.

Langhorne, var. Langhorn, means "long horn". Langhorne and Langhorn were not Top birth names in 2014.

Langley, var. Langly, Langlee, Langlea, Langleigh, means "long meadow". Langlee and variants are rarely found as men's names, and Langley occurs often (upper 1%) as a surname.

Langston, var. Langton, Langsdon, Langsden, means "long stone". Prominent. Langston, like Weston, Carston, uses the favored masculine-sounding -ston ending.

Langward, means "tall guardian". Langward is rarely adopted as a birth name.

Langworth, means "long paddock". Unconventional. Compare Langworth with popular last names Edgeworth (upper 15%), Headworth (99%), which also end with -orth.

Lanier, means "woolworker". Lanzel (top 77%), Lanin (90%) are popular surnames similar to Lanier (top 1%). See also Lander.

Lanny, var. Lannie. Lannie exists commonly (top 68%) as a last name.

Lansing. Unusual. Lansing (cf. Goring, Loring) uses the familiar masculine -ing suffix.

Lanzo, var. Lanza, means "land". Rare. Lanzo (cf. Fonzo, Vicenzo) uses the popular masculine-sounding -nzo suffix.

Lapo. Unconventional, but Lapo is similar to popular La- last names Lalo (top 66%), Lampo (38%).

Laramie. Uncommon. Laramie, like Tomie, Jimmie, ends with the popular androgynous -mie.

Larch. Larch (upper 22%), like Loerch (upper 46%), March (2%), is a common -rch suffix last name.

Laredo. Laredo is a rarely occurring men's name, registering often (upper 20%) as a surname.