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Common one-syllable M- boy names: Mac, Mack.

Common three-syllable M- boy names: Mackenzie, Mcarthur.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of M names: Mac, Mackenzie

Mabon. "Son." Common as surname. Compare Mabon (upper 20%) with popular surname Tabon (upper 46%), which also ends with -bon. See also Macon.

Mabry, Mabrey, Maybrey, Maybery, Maybury, Mayberry. Not Top 1000 names.

Mac, Mack, Mackie, Mackey, Macklin. "Son of." Mack was among 2014's Top names.

Macadam, Mcadam. "Son of Adam." Not in Top 1000.

Macallister, Mcalister, Mcallister, Macalister. "Son of Alistair." Mcallister (upper 1%), Mcalister (2%), Macallister (17%) and Macalister (58%) are found regularly as surnames.

Macardle, Mccardell, Macardell. "Son of great courage." Not in Top 1000.

Macarthur, Mcarthur. "Son of Arthur." Not in popularity charts.

Macbride, Mcbride, Macbryde. "Son of the follower of Saint Brigid." Macbride, Macbryde and Mcbride are uncommon as boys' names.

Maccabee, Makabee, Macabee. "Hammer." Not in popularity charts.

Maccoy, Mccoy, Maccoy. "Son of Hugh." Malcoy, Mancoy and Marcoy are kreatif forms.

Maccrea, Mccrea, Macrae, Maccrea, Maccray, Maccrae. "Son of grace." Outside Top 1000.

Macdonald, Mcdonald. "Son of Donald." Macdonald and Mcdonald are not Top 1000 names.

Macdougal, Mcdowell, Mcdougal, Macdowell, Macdougal. "Son of Dougal." Uncommon, with the -al ending for Macdougal, Mcdougal, like Marschal.

Mace, Maceo, Macey, Macerio. "Heavy staff or club." Maceo and variants are hardly found as given names.

Macedonio. "From Macedonia." Not in popularity charts.

Macfarlane. "Bartholomew's son." Macfarlane is not in the Top 1000.

Macgowan, Mcgown, Mcgowen, Mcgowan, Magowan, Maccowen, Macgowan, Maccowan. "Son of the blacksmith." Not in popularity charts.

Machenry, Mchenry. "Son of Henry." Outside Top 1000.

Mackenzie, Mckenzie, Mckensie, Mackensie. "Son of the wise ruler." Rare. Mckensie, var., like Martie, end with the common -ie.

Mackinac. Not Top 1000 name.