Baby Names starting with N for boys

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Naaman, means "be pleasant". Uncommon. Naaman, like Harman, Freedman, ends with the popular masculine -man. See also Neuman.

Nabil, var. Nabeel, means "noble". Uncommon, but Nabil is comparable to common -il surnames Nevil (upper 21%), Gail (14%).

Nachman, var. Nahum, Nacham, Nachmann, means "comforter". Popular as last names, and Nachman (upper 20%) is comparable to common -hman surnames Dahman (upper 35%), Flashman (99%).

Nachshon, var. Nachson, means "adventurous, daring". Nachshon and Nachson are rarely used as boys' names.

Nachum, var. Nahum, Nehum, Nechum, means "comfort". Not in Top 1000.

Nadim, var. Nadeem, means "friend". Unique. Nadim, like Adim, Nissim, ends with the common masculine-sounding -im.

Nadir, var. Nader, Nadeir, Nadeer, means "rare, scarce". Scarce as boys' names, but Nadir, Nader, etc. are comparable to the more conventional Nasir.

Naftali, var. Neftali, Nephtali, Nefthali, Naphtali, Nephthali, Naphthali, means "struggling". Naftali (cf. Kayyali, Kamali) is a popular -ali suffix surname.

Nagel, var. Nagle, Naegel, Nagler, Nagelle, Nageler, means "nail maker". Nagel, Nagler, etc. are not frequently used as birth names.

Nagid, means "ruler, leader". Nagid was not a Top birth name in 2014. See also Navid.

Nahir, var. Naheer, means "clear, bright". Nahir and Naheer are not frequently used as children's names.

Naim, var. Naeem, means "to be contented". Naim (upper 24%), Naeem (23%), like Naik (upper 10%), Nahm (32%), are common Na- prefix surnames.

Nairn, var. Nairne, means "river with alder trees". Not in popularity charts.

Nairobi. Not Top 1000 name. Gender-neutral name.

Najib, var. Nagib, Najeeb, Nageeb, means "distinguished, noble". Najib, Nageeb, etc. were not Top birth names in 2014.

Naldo. Uncommon. Naldo, like Reinaldo, Giraldo, uses the familiar masculine -aldo ending. See also Nardo.

Nalin, var. Nameen, means "lotus". Nalin and Nameen are unconventional men's names.

Naman, means "salutations; be kind". Naman (top 40%), like Claman (top 48%), Yeaman (17%), is a popular -aman suffix last name. See also Neuman.

Namir, means "leopard". Scarce as a children's name, but Namir is similar to the more conventional Nasir.

Napier, var. Neper. Rare. Napier (cf. Olivier, Reinier) uses the common masculine-sounding -ier suffix.

Napoleon, var. Nap, Napoleone. Unique. Napoleon (cf. Deon, Keveon) uses the common masculine-sounding -eon suffix.

Narcisse, var. Narses, Narciso, Narcissus, Narkissos, means "daffodil". Narcisse (cf. Janisse, Eernisse) is a common -isse suffix surname.

Nardo, means "strong, hardy". Nardy (upper 86%), Nardi (7%) are common last names similar to Nardo (upper 18%). See also Bardo.

Naren, means "the best of men". Unconventional, but Naren is similar to popular last names Narez (top 22%), Nares (34%), which also start with Nar-. See also Aaren.

Nash. Popular. Nash (cf. Feibush, Tavish) uses the common masculine-sounding -sh suffix. See also Cash.

Nashua. Not in Top 1000. See also Nash.

Nasir, var. Nasr, Naser, Nassor, Naseer, means "supporter". Common as surnames, and Nasir (top 13%) is similar to common -sir surnames Kassir (top 74%), Basir (97%).

Nat. Nai (upper 47%), Naz (34%) are common surnames similar to Nat (upper 60%). Unisex name.

Natal, var. Nataly, Natale, Natalio, Natalino, means "birthday". Common as surnames. Compare Natal (upper 8%) with popular last names Nistal (upper 87%), Fatal (74%), which also end with -tal.

Nathan, var. Nat, Nate, Natan, Nathon, Nathen, means "God has given". Natan, Nate and Nathon are more rarefied as versions of Nathan.

Nathaniel, var. Nat, Nate, Natty, Nathan, Nethanel, Nataniel, Natanael, Nethanyel, Nethaniel, Nathaneal, .. 4 more, means "God has given". Common as surnames, and Nathaniel (upper 11%), Nataniel, Nethaniel are comparable to popular -iel last names Daniel (upper 1%), Vanniel (69%).

Navon, means "wise". Common as surname, and Navon (top 75%) is comparable to common surnames Klavon (top 48%), Evon (20%), which also end with -von. See also Niven.

Navarro, var. Navarre, means "plains". Not in popularity charts.

Naylor, var. Nailor, Nailer. Naylor (top 1%), Nailor (18%) and Nailer (60%) are found commonly as last names.

Naveed, var. Navid, means "best wishes". Naveed (cf. Shaheed, Steed) is a common -eed suffix last name.

Nazaire, var. Nazor, Nazaro, Nazario, Nasareo, Nasarrio, Nazarius. Nazaire (upper 32%) and Nazario (4%) exist frequently as last names.

Neal, var. Neel, Neall, Neale, Nealle. Popular as last names, and Neal (top 1%), Nealle, etc. are similar to common Ne- surnames Nehl (top 35%), Nealy (5%).

Neander, means "new man". Common as surname, and Neander (upper 73%) is similar to common last names Nealer (upper 92%), Neanover (95%), which also begin with Ne-.

Nebo. Rare. Nebo, like Abo, Trumbo, ends with the familiar masculine-sounding -bo. See also Sebo.

Neckarios, var. Nektario, Nectaire, Nektarius, Nectarius, Nectarios, means "of nectar". Neckarios, Nektario, etc. are not in the Top 1000.