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Pablo - Purvis

pinCommon One-syllable Names

P- boy names: Pat, Paul, Pete, Phil, Pierce, Pink, Price, Prince.

pinCommon Two-syllable Names

P- boy names: Pablo, Palmer, Paris, Parker, Parrish, Pasquale, Patrick, Patsy, Paxton, Payton, Pedro, Percy, Pernell, Perry, Peter, Peyton, Philip, Phillip, Phoenix, Pierre, Pietro, Porter, Preston.

pinCommon Three-syllable Names

P- boy names: Pascual, Patricia, Percival, Princeton.

pinCommon Four-syllable Name

P- boy name: Porfirio.

pinAll Names from Pablo - Purvis

Top 1000 baby names ranking of P names: Pablo, Palmer, Paris, Parker, Parrish

Pablo, Pablos. "Little."

Pace, Payce, Paice. "Passover."

Paciano. "Peace."

Pacifico, Pacificus. "Calm, tranquil."

Packard, Packer, Packert.

Paco, Pacorro. "From France."

Paddy, Paddey, Paddie, Padraig, Padraic. "Noble, patrician."

Pagan. "Countryman."

Page, Payge, Paige, Paget, Pagett, Padget, Padgett.

Pagiel. "God disposes."

Paine, Pain, Payne. "Countryman, rustic villager, peasant."

Paisley. Gender-neutral name. Not in Top 1000.

Paladio, Palladius. "Follower of Pallas."

Paley. Not Top 1000 name. See also Pawel.

Palila, Pali. "Bird."

Palmer, Palmar, Pallmer, Palmerston. "Pilgrim."

Palomo. "Dove."

Paltiel, Platya, Platyahu. "God is my deliverance."

Pancho. Outside Top 1000.

Paquito, Paco. "From France."

Paris, Parris.

Parker, Parke, Parks, Parkes, Parkman. "Park keeper."

Parkins, Parkin, Parken. "Rock."

Parmenio, Parmenius, Parmenios. "Studious, of intelligence."

Parnell, Parnel, Parrnell. "Country bumpkin."

Parr. "Castle park."

Parrish, Parish, Parris, Parriss. "Ecclesiastical locality."

Parry, Parrie, Parrey. "Son of Harry."

Parsons, Parson, Person, Persons. "Clergyman."

Parthalan, Pathalan.

Parthenios, Parthenius. "Maiden-like."

Parton. Not Top 1000 name. See also Warton.

Parvaiz, Parwiz, Parviz, Parvez. "Commendable."

Pascal, Pascoe, Pasqual, Pascual, Pascale, Paschal, Pasquale, Pascuale, Pascalle, Paschalis. "Easter child."

Patrick, Pat, Pats, Pink, Patsy, Paddy, Patty, Patrik, Packey, Patric, Padric, .. 14 more. "Patrician, noble."

Patterson, Pattison, Paterson. "Son of Patrick; son of Peter."

Patton, Paten, Paton, Patin, Pattin, Patten. "Fighter's town."

Paul, Pal, Pol, Poul, Poll, Paavo, Paulo, Pavlo, Pavle, Pauly, Pasha, .. 15 more. "Small."

Pawnee. Outside Top 1000. See also Payne.

Paxton, Paxon, Paxtun, Paxten, Packston. "Poecc's settlement."

Pazel, Paz. "God's gold."

Peabody. Popular as last name, and Peabody (upper 4%) is similar to common surname Pady (upper 68%), with the -dy suffix.

Peak. Not in popularity charts. See also Pekka.

Peale, Peal, Peall, Pealle.

Pedro, Pepe, Piero, Pedrio, Pietro, Petrolino.

Pedahel, Pedael, Pedayel. "Redeemed by God."

Peel, Peele.

Pekelo. "Rock."

Pelagios, Pelayo, Pelagius. "Of the sea."

Peleh. "Miracle."

Pelham, Pellam. "Peola's home."

Pell, Pall. "Skin, parchment."

Pembroke, Pembrook. "Bluff, headland."

Pendleton. "Overhanging settlement."

Penley, Penly, Penlea, Pennley, Pennlea, Penleigh, Pennleigh. "Enclosed meadow."

Penn, Pen. "Enclosure; hill."

Pepper. Paiper, Peppar and Peppro are kreatif forms.

Percival, Perce, Percy, Percey, Purcell, Perceval, Parsefal, Parsafal, Parsifal, Percivall, Percevall. "Pierce the vale."

Percy, Percie, Percey, Pearcy.

Perdido. "Lost."

Peregrine, Peregrin, Peregryn, Peregrino. "Traveler, wanderer."

Peretz, Perez. "Breach, breakthrough."

Perfecto. "Perfect."

Perl. "Fruit, result."

Pericles. "Far-famed."

Perkin, Perrin, Perkyn, Perkins. "Rock."

Pernell. "Country bumpkin."

Perry, Parry, Perrie. "Traveler, wanderer."

Perseus. Rare, with the -us ending like Pius.

Pesach, Pessach. "Spared."

Peter, Per, Par, Pete, Piet, Petr, Pyotr, Piero, Piotr, Petre, Petar, .. 10 more. "Rock."

Petuel. "Vision of the Lord."

Peverell, Peveril, Peverel, Peverall. "Piper."

Peyton, Paden, Payton. "Fighter's estate."

Phelan, Phelim. "Like a wolf."

Top 1000 baby names ranking of P names: Patrick, Paul, Paxton, Pedro, Percival

Top 1000 baby names ranking of P names: Percy, Pernell, Perry, Peter, Peyton

Top 1000 baby names ranking of P names: Philip, Phoenix, Pierce, Pierre, Porfirio

Top 1000 baby names ranking of P names: Porter, Preston, Price, Prince

Phelps. "Son of Philip."

Philander. "Loving mankind."

Philemon. "Loving."

Philip, Pip, Phil, Pippo, Philly, Pilipo, Phyllip, Phillip, Philipp, Philips, Philippe, .. 3 more. "Horse lover."

Philo. "Love."

Phineas, Pinhas, Pinkus, Pincas, Pincus, Pinchos, Pinchas, Phinehas.

Phipps, Phips, Philips, Philipson. "Son of Philip."

Phoebus, Phoibos. "Bright, radiant."

Phoenix, Phenix. "Dark red."

Pickford. "From the ford at the peak."

Pierce, Piers, Pears, Peirce, Pearce, Peerce, Pierson, Pearson, Piersson, Pearsson. "Rock."

Pierre, Per, Peer, Piers.

Piers, Pears, Pierce, Pearce, Pierson, Pearson, Piersson. "Rock."

Pike, Pyke. "A spear."

Pio, Pius. "Pious."

Piper. "One who plays the pipes."

Pitney, Pittney. "Island of the stubborn one."

Pitt. "Pit, ditch."

Placido, Placyd, Placydo, Plasedo, Placijo, Placedo, Placidus. "Calm, serene."

Plantagenet. "Shoot of broom."

Plato, Platon. "Broad-shouldered."

Platt. "Flat land."

Pluto. "Rich."

Pollard, Poll, Pollyrd, Pollerd. "Small."

Pollock, Polloch, Pollack.

Pollux. "Crown."

Pompeo, Pompi, Pompey, Pompeyo, Pomponio, Pompilio. "Five."

Pomeroy, Pommeroy, Pommeray. "Apple orchard."

Ponce. "Fifth."

Pons, Ponthus, Ponthos, Pontius. "Bridge."

Pope. "Father."

Porat. "Fruitful, productive."

Poriel. "Fruit of God."

Porfirio, Prophyrios, Porphirios. "Purple coloring."

Porter. "Gatekeeper."

Porthos. Porthos is unusual as a boys' name. See also Ponthos.

Portland. "Land near the port."

Poseidon. Sparing use. Poseidon is not listed in the US Demographics.

Potter. "Maker of pots."

Powell, Powel.

Powhatan. "Powwow hill."

Pradeep. "Light."

Pratap. "Majesty."

Pratt. Not Top 1000 name. See also Platt.

Prentice, Prentis, Prentiss. "Apprentice."

Prescott, Prescot, Prestcot, Prestcott. "Priest's cottage."

Presley, Presly, Priestly, Prestley, Pressley, Presslee, Priestley, Presleigh. "Priest's meadow."

Preston. "Priest's town."

Prewitt, Prewit, Prewet, Pruitt, Prewett. "Brave little one."

Price, Pryce. "Prize."

Primo, Prime, Premo, Preemo. "First."

Prince, Prinz, Prinze, Printz, Printze, Princeton. "Prince."

Procopio, Prokopios, Procopius. "Progressive."

Proctor, Procter, Prockter. "Steward, official."

Prosper, Prospero, Prosperus. "Fortunate."

Proteus. "Primordial, firstborn."

Proverb. "Saying."

Prudencio, Prudentius. "Caution, discretion."

Pryor, Prior. "Monastic leader."

Purvis, Purves, Purviss. "Purveyor."