Baby Names starting with Q for boys

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Qadir, var. Qadry, Qadar, means "capable, competent". Outside Top 1000.

Qasim, means "charitable, generous". Qasim was not a Top birth name in 2014.

Quade. Not in Top 1000.

Quanah, means "fragrant, sweet-smelling". Quanah is not often adopted as a children's name.

Quennell, var. Quennel, means "small oak". Quennell and Quennel are unique as children's names.

Quentin, var. Quent, Quint, Quinton, Quintus, Quintin, Quinten, Quenten, Quenton, means "fifth". Prevalent. Quentin, Quintin, like Austin, Keltin, end with the popular masculine -tin.

Quigley. Quigley is rarely adopted as a children's name.

Quillan, var. Quillen, means "cub". Quillen (top 4%) and Quillan (42%) appear frequently as last names.

Quiller. Quiller is not in the Top 1000.

Quimby, var. Quinby, means "estate of the woman". Quimby and Quinby were not among 2014's Top names.

Quincy, var. Quin, Quinsy, Quincey, means "estate of the fifth son". Widely used as baby names, Quin, Quincy, etc. sound like the conventional Quinn.

Quinlan, var. Quindlen, means "fit, shapely, strong". Popular as last names, and Quinlan (upper 2%), Quindlen (85%) are similar to popular Quin- last names Quinten (upper 92%), Quintin (23%).

Quinn, var. Quin, Quinlan, Quinnell, means "counsel". Quinn is a contemporarily stylish version.

Quinton, var. Quintan, Quintyn, Quintynn, Quintain, Quinnton, Quinnten, Quinntin, Quinntan, means "queen's settlement". Popular as last names, and Quinntin, var. are comparable to common surnames Quintel (upper 77%), Quinten (92%), which also start with Quin-.

Quintrell, var. Quentrell, Quantrell, means "dashing; elegant". Rare. Quintrell, Quantrell, Quentrell (cf. Avrell, Larell) end with the favored masculine-sounding -rell.