Baby Names starting with R for boys

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Rabi, var. Rabee, Rabbi, means "gentle wind". Rabi, Rabbi and Rabee are rare as children's names.

Racham, var. Rahim, Raham, Rachim, means "mercy, compassion". Racham, Raham, etc. are rare as birth names.

Rad, means "adviser". Rad (cf. Raz, Radu) is a common surname with the Ra- prefix. See also Rodd.

Radames. Radames has decreased in favor as a boys' name since 1940-1949.

Radbert, means "bright adviser". Scarce. Radbert is not found in the US Demographics. See also Radferd.

Radburn, var. Radborn, Radburne, Radbourn, Radborne, Radbourne, means "red brook". Uncommon. Radburn and variants are not listed in the US Census.

Radcliff, var. Ratcliff, Ratcliffe, Radclyffe, Radcliffe, means "red cliff". Radcliff (Top 4%), Ratcliff (Top 2%), like Califf (Top 25%), Rateliff (70%), are common last names with the -liff suffix.

Radek. Radek (Upper 44%), like Radeke (Upper 46%), Rades (83%), is a common last name with the Ra- prefix.

Radford, var. Redford, Radfurd, Radferd, means "from the reedy ford; red ford". Unique. Radford, Redford (cf. Buford, Bufford) end with the favored masculine-sounding -ford.

Radimir, means "famous joy". Outside Top 1000.

Radley, var. Radly, Radlee, Radlea, Radleigh, means "meadow of reeds; red meadow". Unusual. Radley (cf. Smedley, Gridley) ends with the popular masculine-sounding -dley.

Radnor, means "reedy shore; red shore". Unique. Radnor, like Konor, Ragnor, ends with the familiar androgynous-sounding -nor. See also Raynor.

Radwan, means "pleasure, satisfaction". Radwan is rare as a children's name.

Rafael, var. Rafa, Rafe, Rafer, Rafel, Raphael, Rafello, Raffaelo, Raffaello, means "God has healed". Rafael (Upper 8%), Rafa (Upper 86%), like Rafat (Upper 97%), Rafal (57%), are popular last names beginning with Raf-.

Rafe, var. Rafer, means "counsel of the wolf". Unconventional. Compare Rafe, Rafer, and popular last names Raye (Upper 11%), Rage (68%), which also start with Ra-.

Rafferty, var. Raferty, Raffarty, Raffertey, means "prosperity wielder". Common surnames. Compare Raferty, var., and surnames Raffetto (Upper 40%), Raffray (73%), which also start with Ra-.

Rafi, var. Raffy, Raffi, Rafee, means "holding high". Rafi (Upper 35%), Raffi (Upper 81%), like Rafiq (Upper 25%), Rafa (86%), are popular last names starting with Ra-.

Rafiq, var. Rafi, Rafik, means "friend". Rafiq (Top 25%) and Rafi (35%) occur commonly as last names.

Ragnar, var. Regner, Reiner, Raynor, Rayner, Ragnor, Rainer, Rainier, means "judgment warrior". Outside Top 1000.

Rai, means "trust; lightning, thunder". Rai is rare as a boys' name. See also Ray.

Raiden. Raiden (+48) is a trendy version. See also Raydon.

Rahim, var. Rahiem, Raheem, means "compassionate". Rare. Rahim, like Eliachim, Achim, ends with the favored masculine -him.

Rainart, var. Renke, Reinart, Reinhart, Reinhard, Rainhard, Rainhardt, Reinhardt, means "brave counsel". Scarce as boys' names, but Renke, Rainart, etc. are similar to the more common Rene.

Rainer, var. Reiner, Rayner, Rainor, Ranier, Raynier, Rainier, means "deciding warrior". Rainor and variants are seldom found as male names.

Raines, var. Rain, Rayne, Rains, Raine, Raynes. Raines (Upper 1%), Rains (2%), Raynes (10%), Raine (10%) and Rain (18%) are found frequently as last names.

Rajan, var. Raj, Raja, Rajah, means "king". Unique. Rajan, like Oran, Lorcan, ends with the familiar masculine-sounding -an.

Rajiv, means "striped". Not in Top 1000.

Raleigh, var. Rawly, Rawley, Ralegh, Rawleigh, means "roe deer's meadow". Unusual. Raleigh, Rawleigh (cf. Farnleigh, Wheatleigh) end with the common androgynous -eigh.

Ralph, var. Raul, Rolf, Rafe, Ralf, Raff, Rolph, Raoul, means "wolf counsel". Uncommon. Ralph, Rolph, like Rodolph, Bardulph, end with the favored masculine-sounding -lph.

Ralston, means "Ralph's town". Not in Top 1000.