Baby Names starting with S for boys

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Saad, means "happiness". Saad is unique as a children's name. See also Saeed.

Saahdia, var. Seadya, Saadya, means "the Lord's help". Saahdia, Saadya and Seadya are not Top 1000 names.

Saarik, var. Sariq, Sareeq, Sareek, Saariq. Unique. Saarik (cf. Henerik, Eirik) uses the common masculine -rik suffix.

Saber, var. Sabr, Sabre, means "sword". Saber, Sabr and Sabre are not in the Top 1000.

Sabino, var. Savin, Sabin, Savino, Sabeeno, means "Sabine". Unique. Sabino, Savino, like Agostino, Victorino, end with the common masculine -ino.

Sable. Sable, like the similar Cable, exists more often as a last name. Gender-neutral name.

Sacha, var. Sasha, Sascha, means "man's defender". Sacha (cf. Pacha, Wacha) is a common -acha suffix surname.

Sachar, var. Sacar. Rare. Sachar, Sacar, like Balthasar, Nizar, end with the common masculine -ar.

Sacheverell, var. Sachie, means "roebuck leap". Not Top 1000 names.

Sachiel, var. Sachiell. Rare, but Sachiel is similar to popular surnames Shiel (upper 22%), Zechiel (83%), which also end with -hiel.

Sachio, means "fortunately born". Rare, but Sachio is similar to popular -chio surnames Maschio (upper 96%), Pecchio (84%). See also Sachie.

Sackville, means "Saxon's town". Uncommon. Sackville, like Shaquille, Gaille, uses the popular androgynous-sounding -ille ending.

Sadiki, var. Sadeeki, means "faithful, loyal". Unusual. Compare Sadiki, Sadeeki and common last names Kalicki (top 45%), Sinicki (42%), with the -ki suffix.

Sadler, var. Saddler, means "harness maker". Saddler and Sadler are infrequently used as men's names.

Safford, means "willow river crossing". Rare. Safford (cf. Bickford, Rumford) uses the familiar masculine -ford suffix. See also Stafford.

Saffron, var. Saphron, Saffren, Saffran. Not Top 1000 names.

Sagan. Sagan was not among 2014's Top names. See also Saxon.

Sage, var. Sayge, Saige, means "healing herb". Sage (cf. Savage, Waage) is a common -age suffix last name.

Sagiv, var. Segev, means "great, sublime, mighty". Uncommon. Sagiv and Segev are not listed in the US Demographics.

Saguaro, var. Seguaro. Unique. Saguaro, Seguaro (cf. Taro, Aaro) end with the common masculine -aro.

Sahil, var. Sahel, means "leader". Rare. Sahil, like Galil, Kiril, ends with the common masculine -il.

Said, var. Saeed, means "happy". Said and Saeed are rarely adopted as birth names.

Sail. Sail was not among 2014's Top names. See also Sohil.

Sainsbury, var. Sainsberry, means "saint's settlement". Sainsbury and Sainsberry were not Top birth names in 2014.

Saint, means "holy". Saint (cf. Point, Flint) is a popular -int suffix surname. See also Sante.

Sajan, means "loved one". Not in Top 1000. See also Saxen.

Saladin, means "righteousness of the religion". Not much used as a children's name, Saladin exists more conventionally as a last name.

Salem, means "peace". Salem (top 3%), like Halem (top 68%), Golem (56%), is a common -lem suffix last name. See also Slim.

Salim, var. Selim, Salem, Saleem, means "peaceful". Uncommon. Salim, Selim (cf. Jorim, Manheim) end with the favored masculine-sounding -im.

Salisbury, var. Salisbery, Saulsbury, Saulsbery, Saulisbury, Saulsberry, Salisberry. Saulsberry and variants are not in the Top 1000.

Salman, means "security, safety". Salman is rarely used as a given name, occurring regularly (upper 10%) as a surname. See also Kalman.

Salton, means "manor settlement; willow settlement". Salton (cf. Saltman, Salmen) is a popular Sal- prefix last name. See also Dalton.

Salvador, var. Sal, Salvino, Sauveur, Salvator, Salvidor, Salvatore, means "savior". Prevalent. Salvador, Salvidor (cf. Vidor, Izidor) use the familiar masculine-sounding -dor suffix.

Salvio, var. Salvian, Salviano, Salviatus, means "saved". Salvian and variants were not among 2014's Top names.

Sam, var. Samm, Samy, Sammey, Sammie. Frequently used as boys' names, Sam, Sammey, etc. are similar to the common Sean.

Samael, means "venom of God". Rare, but Samael is similar to popular Sama- surnames Samano (top 8%), Samar (47%). See also Samuele.

Sami, means "on high, exalted". Not in Top 1000. Gender-neutral name.

Samson, var. Sam, Shem, Sanson, Sansom, Sampson, Sansone, means "sun". Prevalent. Samson, Sampson, Sanson (cf. Person, Tyson) end with the familiar masculine-sounding -son.

Samuel, var. Sam, Shem, Sammy, Sammie, Samwell, Samuele, Samuello, means "God heard". Samuel (upper 1%), like Manuel (upper 1%), Buel (19%), is a common -uel suffix last name.

Sanborn, var. Sanburn, Sandborn, Sanbourn, Sanburne, Sanborne, Sandbourne, means "sandy stream". Sanburn and variants are not Top 1000 names.