Baby Names starting with T for boys

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Tab, var. Tabb, Tabor, Taber. Rare, but Tab, Tabb (5%), etc. are comparable to popular Ta- surnames Tas (upper 88%), Tay (12%).

Tabasco. Rather quaint as a birth name, Tabasco exists more frequently as a last name.

Tabor, var. Taber, Tavor, Tayber, Taybor, Taibor, means "encampment; misfortune, bad luck". Rare. Tabor, Taibor, etc., like Kastor, Ector, end with the common masculine-sounding -or.

Tabib, var. Tabeeb, means "doctor". Tabib and Tabeeb are not in the Top 1000.

Tacitus. Not much used as a baby name.

Tad, var. Thad, Tadd, means "heart". Unusual. Tad, Thad (cf. Gad, Aad) end with the favored masculine-sounding -ad.

Tadao, means "complacent; satisfied". Outside Top 1000. See also Tadd.

Tadeo, var. Tadzio, Taddeo, means "heart". Tadeo, Taddeo and Tadzio were not Top birth names in 2014.

Tadhg, var. Tad, Teigue, Teague, means "poet, philosopher". Usage of Tad and variants stepped up during 1960-1969 and has become less, with Tad becoming less fashionable.

Tadi, means "breeze, wind". Unusual. Tadi (cf. Adi, Geordi) ends with the common androgynous -di. See also Fadi.

Taft, means "homestead". Not in Top 1000. See also Tait.

Taggart, var. Taggert, means "son of the priest". Taggart and Taggert are unconventional as men's names.

Tahir, var. Taheer, means "pure". Tahir and Taheer are not frequently used as baby names.

Tahoe, means "big water". Tahoe is not a Top 1000 name.

Tahoma, var. Tocoma, Tekoma, Tacoma, means "that frozen water". Outside Top 1000.

Tait, var. Tate, Tayte, means "cheerful, happy". Unique. Tait, like Naisbit, Hippolit, ends with the familiar androgynous -it.

Taj, var. Tahj, means "crown". Usage of Tahj as a boys' name has waned circa 1998.

Taji, means "silver and yellow color". Scarce. Taji is not found in the US Demographics. Gender-neutral name.

Takeo, means "strong like bamboo". Not in Top 1000. See also Taso.

Takoda, means "friend to everyone". Uncommon, but Takoda is similar to common surnames Jahoda (top 44%), Kuroda (26%), with the -oda suffix.

Tal, var. Tahl, Talor, means "rain; dew". Popular as last names. Compare Tal (top 30%), Tahl, Talor with common Ta- surnames Tap (top 64%), Tai (5%).

Talbet, var. Tallbot, Talbott, Talbert, Tallbott. Rare, but Talbet, Tallbot, etc. are similar to popular Tal- surnames Tallett (top 86%), Talbot (1%).

Talfryn, var. Talfrin, Tallfryn, Talfrynn, means "high hill". Outside Top 1000.

Talib, var. Taleeb, means "knowledge-seeker". Talib and Taleeb are rare as birth names.

Taliesin, means "shining forehead". Taliesin was not among 2014's Top names. Gender-neutral name.

Tallis, var. Talys, Tallys. Tallis (cf. Tillis, Challis) is a popular -llis suffix surname.

Talmai, means "abounding in furrows". Uncommon, but Talmai is comparable to common -ai surnames Kumai (upper 94%), Yafai (67%).

Talmon, means "oppressed". Rare. Talmon (cf. Armon, Daymon) ends with the common masculine-sounding -mon. See also Tilman.

Talon, var. Talen, Talin, Tallon, Tallin, Tallan, Tallen. Usage of Talen and forms escalated in 2006 and is almost as widespread now.

Tamarack. Rather uncommon as a boys' name.