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Tab - Togo | Tom - Tyson

pinCommon One-syllable Names

T- boy names: Tad, Tahj, Taj, Tate, Ted, Thad, Tim, Tobe, Tod, Todd, Tom.

pinCommon Two-syllable Names

T- boy names: Talen, Talon, Tanner, Tarik, Tariq, Taurean, Tavion, Tavon, Tayler, Taylor, Teagan, Teddy, Tegan, Terence, Terrance, Terrell, Terrence, Terrill, Terry, Tevin, Thaddeus, Thatcher, Theo, Theron, Thomas, Thornton, Thurman, Thurston, Tillman, Timmy, Tito, Titus, Tobin, Toby, Tomas, Tommie, Tommy, Tyrell.

pinCommon Three-syllable Names

T- boy names: Theodore, Timmothy, Timothy, Tobias.

pinCommon Four-syllable Name

T- boy name: Teodoro.

pinAll Names from Tab - Togo

Top 1000 baby names ranking of T names: Tad, Taj, Talon, Tanner, Tariq

Tab, Tabb, Tabor, Taber.

Tabasco. Tabas (upper 86%) is a popular surname similar to Tabasco (upper 71%).

Tabor, Taber, Tavor, Tayber, Taybor, Taibor. "Encampment; misfortune, bad luck."

Tabib, Tabeeb. "Doctor."

Tacitus. Not much used as a baby name.

Tad, Thad, Tadd. "Heart."

Tadao. "Complacent; satisfied."

Tadeo, Tadzio, Taddeo. "Heart."

Tadhg, Tad, Teigue, Teague. "Poet, philosopher."

Tadi. "Breeze, wind."

Taft. "Homestead."

Taggart, Taggert. "Son of the priest."

Tahir, Taheer. "Pure."

Tahoe. "Big water."

Tahoma, Tocoma, Tekoma, Tacoma. "That frozen water."

Tait, Tate, Tayte. "Cheerful, happy."

Taj, Tahj. "Crown."

Taji. "Silver and yellow color."

Takeo. "Strong like bamboo."

Takoda. "Friend to everyone."

Tal, Tahl, Talor. "Rain; dew."

Talbet, Tallbot, Talbott, Talbert, Tallbott.

Talfryn, Talfrin, Tallfryn, Talfrynn. "High hill."

Talib, Taleeb. "Knowledge-seeker."

Taliesin. "Shining forehead."

Tallis, Talys, Tallys.

Talmai. "Abounding in furrows."

Talmon. "Oppressed."

Talon, Talen, Talin, Tallon, Tallin, Tallan, Tallen.

Tamarack. Rather uncommon as a boys' name.

Tamarisk. Tanmarisk, Taumarisk and Tomrisk are kreatif forms.

Tamerlane, Tamarlain, Tamurlayn, Tamarlayn, Tamurlaine, Tamburlane, Tamberlane, Tamberlain, Tamberlaine, Tamburlaine.

Tamir. "Erect, tall; wealthy one."

Tammany. Not in popularity charts.

Tamson, Tamsen. "Son of Thomas."

Tancred, Tancredo, Tancredi. "Well-considered counsel or advice."

Tandie, Tandy, Tandey.

Tanjiro. "High-valued second son."

Tanner, Tan, Tannis, Tannon, Tannie, Tanney, Tanier, Tannen. "Leather maker."

Tannon, Tanson, Tansen, Tannin, Tannen, Tannan.

Tanton. "Still river settlement."

Taos. Not in Top 1000. See also Taji.

Taran, Taren. "Thunder."

Tariq, Tarik, Tareq, Tarek, Tarick, Tareek, Tarique. "Evening caller."

Tarleton. "Thor's settlement."

Tarquin, Tarquino, Tarquinus, Tarquinius.

Taro. "Big boy."

Tarrant, Tarrent. "Thunder."

Tarun, Taroun, Taroon. "To be young."

Tasso. "Cup."

Tate, Tait, Tayte, Taitt. "Cheerful."

Tau. "Lion."

Taurus, Toro, Tauro, Taurino, Taurean. "Bull."

Tavaris, Tevarus, Tavarous, Tavariss, Tavaress, Tavarious.

Taverner, Tavener, Tavenner, Tavernier. "Tavern-keeper."

Tavi, Tavee. "Good."

Tavin. Uncommon. Tavin is not listed in the US Census. See also Tavi.

Tavio. Unusual. Tavio (cf. Tadio) ends with the androgynous-sounding -io. See also Tavi.

Tavis, Tavie, Tavid, Tavey, Tavee, Taveon. "Son of David."

Tavish, Tevis, Tavis.

Tavon, Tavion, Taveon.

Tay. Scarce as a birth name, but Tay is comparable to the more familiar Ty. See also Tal.

Taylan, Taylon.

Taylor, Tayler, Tailor, Tailer. "Tailor; to cut."

Tayson. Tayson, like the similar-sounding Dayson, exists more usually as a last name.

Tayton, Teytin, Teyton, Teyten, Teytan, Taytin, Tayten.

Taz, Tazz, Tazman, Tasman.

Teagan. "Attractive; poet, philosopher."

Teague, Teige, Teger, Tegan, Teigue, Teigen, Teigan, Teagan. "Poet, philosopher."

Tecumseh. "Goes through one place to another."

Ted, Tedd, Teddy, Tedric, Teddie, Teddey, Tedrick. "God's gift; wealthy guard."

Tedmund, Tedman, Tedmond. "Protector of the land."

Teiji, Teijo. "Righteous; well-governed."

Teilo. Not Top 1000 name. See also Till.

Telford, Telfer, Telfor, Tellfer, Telfour, Tellfour. "Iron-piercer."

Top 1000 baby names ranking of T names: Tate, Tavon, Taylor, Teagan, Ted

Top 1000 baby names ranking of T names: Terence, Terrell, Terry, Tevin, Thaddeus

Top 1000 baby names ranking of T names: Thatcher, Theodore, Theron, Thomas, Thornton

Top 1000 baby names ranking of T names: Thurman, Thurston, Tillman, Timothy, Titus

Top 1000 baby names ranking of T names: Tobias, Toby, Todd

Temani, Teman, Temeni. "From the south."

Tempest, Tempestt. "Storm."

Temple, Templer, Templar. "Sacred place."

Templeton, Temp, Temple, Templeten. "Temple settlement."

Tempo. "Time."

Tennant, Tenant, Tennent. "Tenant, renter."

Tennessee. Tennessee is rare as a birth name.

Tennyson, Tenny. "Son of Dennis."

Teo, Teyo. "God."

Teom. "Twin."

Terach, Terah. "Old fool; wild goat."

Terence, Terri, Terry, Terris, Terron, Terrey, Terrius, Tarrenz, Tarrence, Terronce, Tarrance, .. 5 more.

Tern. Not that popular as a children's name. See also Taron.

Terran, Terron, Terrin, Tarrin. "Earth-man."

Terrell, Tyrell, Terryl, Terrel, Terell, Terryll, Tirrell, Tyrrell, Terrill, Terrall, Tarrall, .. 2 more.

Terron, Taran, Teron, Teran, Teryn, Tarin, Taron, Terrin, Terryn, Tarron, Tarran, .. 3 more.

Terry, Terri, Terrie, Terrey. "People's ruler."

Tevin, Tevyn.

Tevon, Tevan, Tevin, Teven, Tevonn, Tevinn.

Tex. Outside Top 1000.

Thaddeus, Tad, Thad, Tadd, Thady, Tadio, Tadeo, Tadzio, Taddeo, Thadeus, Thaddius, .. 5 more. "Heart."

Thandiwe, Tandy, Tandie, Thandy, Thandey, Thandie. "Loved one."

Thane, Thayne, Thaine. "Landholder."

Thatcher, Thatch, Thaxter, Thacher. "Roof thatcher."

Thaw. "Melt."

Thayer. Thayer is not a Top 1000 name.

Theobald, Ted, Theo, Teddy, Tybald, Tybalt, Tibold, Tiebold, Tiebout, Thibaud, Tybault, .. 4 more. "Brave people."

Theodore, Ted, Theo, Todor, Tudor, Tedor, Teddy, Teddie, Teador, Teodor, Theodor, .. 6 more. "God's gift."

Theodoric, Ted, Thedric, Theodric, Thedrick, Teodorico. "People's ruler."

Theophilus, Teofil, Teofilo, Theophile. "Loved by God."

Theon. "Godly."

Theron, Tharon, Therron. "Hunter."

Theseus. Unusual. Theseus (cf. Timotheus) ends with -eus.

Thierry. "People's ruler."

Thomas, Tom, Tam, Tome, Thom, Tomie, Tomey, Tomek, Tomas, Tamas, Thoma, .. 14 more. "Twin."

Thor, Tor, Tore, Tyrus, Torre, Thorin, Thorian, Thorvald, Thorsson. "Thunder."

Thorald, Tyrell, Torald, Thorold, Terrill, Terrell. "Follower of Thor."

Thorbert, Torbert. "Thor's brightness."

Thorburn, Thorbern, Thorbjorn. "Thor's bear."

Thoreau. A rare baby name.

Thorley. "Thor's meadow; thorn meadow."

Thormond, Thurman, Thurmund, Thurmond. "Thor's protection."

Thorndike. "Thorny bank."

Thorne, Thorn. "Thorn bush."

Thornley, Thornly, Thornlea, Thornleigh. "Thorny meadow."

Thornton. "Thorn-bush settlement."

Thornycroft, Thorneycroft. "Thorny field."

Thorpe, Thorp. "Hamlet, village."

Thu. "Autumn."

Thurgood. Not in popularity charts.

Thurl, Thurle. "Strong fort."

Thurlow, Thurloe. "Thor's hill."

Thurman, Thurmon. "Thor's protection."

Thurston, Torsten, Torston, Thursten, Thurstan, Thorsten, Thorstan, Thurstain, Thorstein. "Thor's stone."

Tibor. "Sacred place."

Tiburon. "Shark."

Tiernan, Tierney, Tiarney, Tiarnan. "Lord."

Tiger, Tige, Tigre, Tigris.

Tigger. Tigger is an infrequently used men's name. See also Tigre.

Tighe. Tighe is not a Top 1000 name.

Tilden, Tildon, Tillden. "Fertile valley."

Tilford. "Fertile ford."

Till, Thilo, Tilmann, Tillman. "People's ruler."

Tillman, Tilman, Tilghman. "One who plows the earth."

Tilton. "Fertile estate."

Timon. "Respect."

Timothy, Tim, Timo, Tymon, Timon, Timmo, Timmy, Timoteo, Tymothy, Timothe, Timofei, .. 8 more. "God's honor."

Tino, Tyno, Teino, Teeno.

Tipu, Tippoo. "Tiger."

Titus, Tito, Titos.

Tobias, Toby, Tobe, Tobi, Tobie, Tobin, Tobit, Thoby, Tobia, Tobee, Tobey, .. 4 more. "God is good."

Toby, Tobi, Tobe, Tobie, Tobey, Tobee, Thoby, Thobey, Thobie.

Todd, Tod. "Fox."

Todhunter. "Fox-hunter."

Togo. Not in Top 1000. See also Tige.