Baby Names starting with V for boys

Baby Names from A to Z

Vachel, var. Vachell, means "small cow". Vachel and Vachell are not Top 1000 names.

Vail, var. Vale, Vaill, Vaile, means "valley". Unusual. Vail, like Cecil, Carvil, ends with the popular masculine-sounding -il.

Val. Uncommon. Val (cf. Danyal, Jammal) ends with the popular masculine -al. Gender-neutral name.

Valdemar, means "renowned leader". Valdemar (upper 84%), like Baldelomar (upper 80%), Vollmar (15%), is a common -mar suffix surname.

Valente, means "valiant". Unique. Valente, like Armante, Dante, ends with the popular masculine-sounding -nte. See also Valentyn.

Valentine, var. Val, Valen, Vallen, Valentyn, Valentin, Valentino, Valentijn, Valentinus, Valentinian, means "strong, healthy". Valentine and variants became less trendy last year, falling on average -16 rankings as birth names with Valentin leading the decline.

Valerian, var. Valery, Valerio, Valeryan, Valerius, Valerien, means "strong, healthy". Unusual. Valerian, like Edrian, Torrian, ends with the favored masculine -rian.

Vali. Vali is a scarce men's name, appearing regularly (top 66%) as a surname. See also Vaile.

Van, var. Von, Vonn, Vann, means "of". Prominent. Van, like Sylvan, Adreeyan, ends with the popular masculine -an.

Vance, means "marshland". Usage of Vance as a children's name in 2014 was 48.1% less than 2004. See also Yance.

Vander. Vander (top 23%), like Wander (top 14%), Mander (25%), is a popular -nder suffix last name. See also Xander.

Vandyke, means "of the dyke". Uncommon. Vandyke (cf. Brooke, Falke) ends with the favored masculine -ke.

Vane, means "banner". Popular as last name. Compare Vane (top 22%) with popular -ane surnames Hane (top 13%), Dwane (96%). See also Bane.

Vanya, means "God is gracious". Vanya (cf. Saya, Pandya) is a popular -ya suffix surname. Gender-neutral name.

Vardon, var. Verdun, Verdon, Varden, means "green knoll". Verdon (top 16%), Verdun (22%), Varden (31%) and Vardon (76%) appear commonly as last names.

Varick, var. Varrick, means "leader who defends". Popular as last names. Compare Varick (top 82%), Varrick with common last names Meyrick (top 59%), Weirick (22%), which also end with -rick.

Varten, means "rose giver". A seldom-used birth name. See also Barten.

Varun, var. Varoun, means "water god". Outside Top 1000.

Vasilis, var. Vaso, Vasya, Vasos, Vasily, Vasilij, Vassily, Vassilij, Vasileios, means "royal, kingly". Vasilis, Vassily, etc. are not often used as boys' names.

Vaughn, var. Vaughan, means "little". Vaughn (upper 1%), Vaughan (1%), like Vaught (upper 2%), Vaugh (27%), are popular Vaug- prefix surnames.

Veltry. Veltry is rarely adopted as a baby name.

Venezio, var. Veneziano, Venetziano, means "Venice". Venezio (cf. Ponzio, Vecellio) is a popular -io suffix surname.

Venturo, var. Venturio, means "good fortune, good luck". Venturo and Venturio were not among 2014's Top names.

Verdell, var. Vernell, means "green, flourishing". Popular as last names, and Verdell (top 29%), Vernell (87%) are similar to popular surnames Verden (top 59%), Verdile (72%), which also start with Ver-.

Vere. Unique. Vere, like Belvedere, Squire, ends with the popular androgynous -re. Gender-neutral name.

Verlyn, var. Virle, Vyrle, Verle, Verlin, Verlon, Verllin. Usage of Verlon and variants grew in the 1930s and has become less, with Verlin becoming less stylish.

Vermont, means "green mountain". Popular as last name. Compare Vermont (upper 60%) and common Ver- surnames Verona (upper 30%), Verost (78%).

Vernon, var. Vern, Verne, Verney, Vernin, Vernen, Vernee, Vernal, Vernard, means "alder grove". Vern (top 54%) and Vernon (15%) are conventional as male names.

Verrier, means "glassblower". Verrier is uncommonly used as a masculine name, existing commonly (top 21%) as a last name. See also Ferrier.

Verrill, var. Veryl, Verill, Verroll, Verrell, Verrall, means "loyal; masculine". Unique. Verrill, Verill, like Sherill, Merrill, end with the familiar masculine-sounding -rill.