Baby Names starting with W for boys

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Wade, var. Wayde, Wadell, Waydell, Waddell, means "able to go; river ford". Wade has decreased in favor as a baby name since 1960-1969.

Wadham, means "ford village". Rather quirky as a children's name.

Wadley, var. Wadly, Wadleigh, means "ford meadow". Wadley (upper 6%), like Swadley (upper 23%), Fredley (55%), is a popular -dley suffix last name.

Wadsworth, var. Waddsworth, means "village near the ford". Not in popularity charts.

Wagner, var. Wagoner, Waggoner, means "wagon-builder". Rare. Wagner, Waggoner, Wagoner, like Rayner, Gayner, end with the familiar masculine-sounding -ner.

Wahib, var. Waheeb, means "giver, donor". Wahib and Waheeb are unusual male names.

Wainwright, var. Wainright, Waynwright, Wayneright, Wainewright, Waynewright, means "wagon-builder". Not in Top 1000.

Waite, var. Wayte, Waits, Waights, means "guard, watchman". Rare. Waite, Wayte (cf. Lamonte, Hermite) end with the familiar androgynous -te.

Wakefield, means "damp field". Not Top 1000 name.

Wakeley, var. Wakely, Wakelea, Wakeleigh, means "damp meadow". Wakelea and variants are not Top 1000 names.

Wakeman, var. Wake, means "watchman". Popular as last names. Compare Wakeman (upper 8%), Wake (8%) with popular Wa- surnames Waltman (upper 5%), Waitman (30%).

Walcott, var. Wallcot, Wolcott, Wallcott, means "cottage by the wall". Not Top 1000 names.

Wald, means "woods, forest". Uncommon. Wald, like Everald, Dugald, ends with the favored masculine -ald. See also Waldo.

Waldemar, means "renowned ruler". Not in Top 1000. See also Baldemar.

Walden, var. Waldi, Waldon, Waldenn, means "wooded valley". Not in Top 1000.

Waldo, var. Walden, Waldron, means "rule". Unusual. Waldo, like Renaldo, Geraldo, ends with the favored masculine-sounding -aldo.

Waldorf, var. Waldorp, means "village in the woods". Waldorf (cf. Waldera, Walborn) is a common Wal- prefix surname.

Waldron, means "powerful raven". A rare children's name, Waldron exists more often as a surname. See also Waldon.

Waldwick, var. Waldwyck, means "village in the forest". Not in Top 1000.

Walford, means "brook ford". Rare. Walford (cf. Byford, Ashenford) ends with the common masculine-sounding -ford. See also Wilford.

Walfred, var. Walfried, means "ruler of peace". Walfred and Walfried are unique as children's names.

Walid, var. Waleed, means "just born". Walid and Waleed are unique as birth names.

Walker, means "cloth washer or walker". Popular as last name. Compare Walker (upper 1%) with popular -lker last names Palker (upper 74%), Kuelker (99%). Gender-neutral name.

Wallace, var. Walsh, Welch, Welsh, Wally, Wallis, Wallas, Wallie, Wallach, means "Welshman". Uncommon. Wallace (cf. Ignace, Laroyce) uses the familiar androgynous -ce suffix.

Waller, means "wall maker; powerful one". Waller is unique as a children's name. See also Walder.

Wally. Adoption of Wally stepped up during 1960-1969 and is now less, with Wally becoming less in vogue. Unisex name.

Walsh, means "Welsh". Not much used as a birth name, Walsh is found more frequently as a last name. See also Welch.

Walter, var. Wat, Walt, Wally, Walder, Watkins, Walther, means "army ruler". Prevalent. Walter, like Christer, Allyster, uses the popular masculine-sounding -ter ending.

Waltham, means "Walt's village". Rare, but Waltham is comparable to popular -tham surnames Beetham (top 46%), Smitham (74%).

Walton, means "walled town". Walton has decreased in popularity as a boys' name since 1920-1929. See also Walden.

Walworth, means "walled farm". Not Top 1000 name.

Walwyn, var. Welwyn, Walwin, Walwynn, Walwinn, Walwynne, means "Welsh friend". Unusual. Walwyn, Welwyn, like Elwyn, Colwyn, use the common masculine-sounding -lwyn ending.

Wanamaker, var. Wannamaker, means "basket maker". Common as surnames, and Wanamaker (upper 8%), Wannamaker (17%) are similar to popular last names Pannebaker (upper 55%), Nonemaker (45%), which also end with -aker.

Wapiti, means "White". Not Top 1000 name.

Warburton, means "long-standing fortress town". Uncommon. Warburton (cf. Darton, Barton) uses the popular masculine-sounding -rton suffix.

Ward, var. Warde, Worden, Warden, means "watchman". Common as surnames. Compare Ward (upper 1%) with common -ard surnames Mard (upper 63%), Icard (24%).

Wardell, means "watchman's hill". Unique. Wardell, like Lydell, Bedell, ends with the favored masculine -dell. See also Waydell.

Wardley, var. Wardlea, Wardleigh, means "watchman's meadow". Outside Top 1000.

Ware, means "Aware, watchful". Ware (cf. Warr, Warne) is a popular War- prefix last name. See also Wade.

Warfield, means "field by the weir". Warfield was not a Top birth name in 2014.