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What does Sha- mean?

Sha- [sha] as a girls' name is pronounced sha. It is of American origin. Combination of the Sha- prefix with various name endings. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second syllable. Names beginning with Sha- are fashionable because they sound attractive. Some may be variants of existing names from African, Arabian, Hindu, Israeli, or other cultures, while others are creative variants of traditional American names. See also Cha-, Charlene, Shan-, She-, and Siobhan.

Associated with: combination (blend), attractive (beautiful), arabian, israeli.


Sha- has 57 variants: Shadira, Shadiya, Shadonna, Shaka, Shakeela, Shakeena, Shakeera, Shakeita, Shakette, Shakila, Shakina, Shakira, Shakitra, Shalaina, Shalaine, Shalana, Shalane, Shalaya, Shalia, Shalini, Shalisa, Shalita, Shaliza, Shalonda, Shalynn, Shamaine, Shamara, Shameka, Shamika, Shanay, Shanedra, Shanel, Shanell, Shanessa, Shanetta, Shanice, Shanika, Shaniqua, Shanique, Shanita, Shannae, Shantel, Shaquina, Shaquise, Shaquita, Sharae, Sharaia, Sharana, Sharay, Sharaya, Sharayah, Sharaye, Sharina, Sharise, Sharita, Sharon and Shawna.

Related girl names: Cherie, Shanae, Shaneika, Shanelle and Sheryl.

3 more different relations via Cha-, Charlene, Shan-, She-, Siobhan: Char, Shanti and Shavon.

Which version is better?

with its variant forms and related girl names. Prominent alternative forms of Sha- (unlisted) are Sharon (#977 from recent data), Charlene (#1532), Shantel, Shaquita, Shanita, Shanique, Sharae, Sharita, Siobhan, Sheryl, Shawna, Shavon, Shaniqua, Shanice, Shalonda, Shameka, Shakira, Shakila, Cherie, Shamika, Shanae, Shanelle, Shanell, Shanel, Shanay and Shanika. Adoption of these relations of Sha- was at its apex 8 decades ago (adoption of 2.6%) and has become significantly reduced since, with forms such as Cherie falling out of fashion. (Top 2000 Names, 2015)

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