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Seventeenth century baby names and what they mean, with 56 results. These names from the 17th century is a rich source of names from literary greats such as poets. These girl names reached the apex of their popularity during the years 1930-1939 (USAGE OF 12%) and are somewhat less widespread today (USAGE 5.6%, 53.4% LESS), with names such as Ashanti becoming somewhat dated. The most fashionable girl names in this list are Charlotte (#9), Amelia (#12), Caroline (#62), Anastasia (#216) and Skyler (#285), while Omelia (TOP 23%) and Aurilia (85%) are familiar surnames. Here is the list of 17th century names for boys.

17th names

Afra - Charlotte | Chloe - Kitty | Magnolia - Veronica

Afra - Charlotte

.. named Aphra Behn (late 17th century). Asra is a somewhat common baby name. [Aphra, Affery, .. 2 more]

.. revived in the 17th century by .. Common, and Althea, Thea, etc. are similar to popular last names Aldea (TOP 33%), Aprea (30%), which also end with -ea. [Thea, Eltha, Althia, Altheda, Althaia, Althaea, .. 4 more]

.. popular usage in the 17th century .. A very common baby name (#316 IN 2015) which is also found somewhat frequently as a surname. [Mandy, Mando, Amata, Amandine, Amandi, .. 10 more]

.. Aemelia existed since the 17th century .. Emma is a constant favorite, although Amelia appears to be gaining popularity too. [Milly, Emmy, Emma, Amy, Amelya, Ameliya, Amelita, Ameline, Amelina, Amalyta, .. 37 more]

.. as late as the 17th century .. Anastacia, Asia, Stacia and Stasia are common as versions of Anastasia. [Tasya, Tasiya, Tasa, Stasja, Stash, Stacie, Stacia, Stacey, Nastassya, Anna, .. 37 more]

.. has existed since the 17th century .. Andrea, Andi and Andie are Top 2000 baby names. [Onndria, Onndrea, Ondria, Ondrea, Ohndreea, Ohndrea, Drena, Dreena, Andrina, Andrietta, .. 42 more]

.. reinvented by English 17th century poets .. Anthea, Annthea, etc. became more trendy in 2015, rising +52 rankings as birth names with Ann gaining the most. [Thia, Antia, .. 7 more]

.. first names in the 17th century .. Scarce as a birth name. [Afra, Affera, .. 1 more]

.. of the colorful 17th century Italian .. Sparing use. Artemis, Artemesia and Artemisia are not found in the US Demographics. [Artemisia, Artemesia]

.. Artemisia Gentileschi, a 17th century Italian .. Not in Top 2000. [Artemesia]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of 17th names: Althea, Amanda, Amelia, Anastasia, Andrea

Top 2000 baby names ranking of 17th names: Artemis, Ashanti, Aurelia, Azaria, Berenice

Top 2000 baby names ranking of 17th names: Betty, Caroline, Chantal, Charis, Charlotte

.. powerful African empire 17th to early .. Ashanti and variants became less trendy last year, falling -183 rankings as girls' names with Ashanti leading the fall. [Shauntee, Shanti, Ashuntae, Ashaunta, Ashante, Ashantae, .. 10 more]

.. given name in the 17th century. Adoption of Aurelia, Orel, etc. as baby names in 2015 was down 2.8% compared to the year before. [Orelia, Oralie, Oralia, Ora, Aurene, Aurellia, Aurelie, Aureliana, Aurel, Aural, .. 15 more]

.. name of a 17th century Spanish .. Ayala is more uncommon as a variation. [Ayla]

.. England from the 17th century, probably .. Azaria has been the most prominent, although Azariah appears to be getting popular too. [Azariah]

.. by Puritans in the 17th century .. Berenice (top 47%), Bernetta (60%) and Bernie (68%) are commonplace as female names, while Berenis, Berenisa, Berenise, Bernessa and Bernise are intermittently used. [Bernise, .. 6 more]

In the 17th century it was .. Adoption of Bettina and variants was elevated in the 1930s and is now lower, with Bessie becoming somewhat outmoded. [Bettine, Bettie, Betta, Bett, Betsey, .. 7 more]

.. II's queen in the 17th century .. A very common girls' name (#62 IN LATEST RANKINGS), Caroline is also found somewhat often as a surname. [Sharlyne, Sharline, Sharlene, Sharlena, Roline, Leena, Karolyna, Karolina, Karlina, Karlie, .. 94 more]

.. çoise de Chantal (17th century), a .. Slightly uncommon as a girls' name now, but Chantal is still recorded frequently as a first name for women. [Shontelle, Shontel, Shonta, Shawntille, Shawntile, Shawnta, Shawnda, Shantell, Shantay, Shantal, .. 63 more]

.. name in the 17th century, probably .. A somewhat scarce children's name these days, but Charis still exists frequently as a feminine first name. [Sherisa, Karisse, Karissa, Karis, Cherise, Charista, Charissa, Charisha, Charisa, Charie, .. 17 more]

.. England since the 17th century, and .. Usage of Charlotte and variants as children's names in 2015 was up a lot compared to 2005. [Tottie, Sherye, Sherry, Sharmian, Sharmayne, Sharlotte, Sharlot, Sharlette, Sharlett, Sharla, .. 89 more]

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Summary Index of 17th century names [and variants] for girls.

1. Afra - Charlotte
Afra [Aphra, Affra, Affera, Affery], Althea [Thea, Eltha, Elthea, Althia, Altheda, Althelia, ..], Amanda [Mandi, Mandy, Mando, Mandee, Mandie, Mandaline, ..], Amelia [Melia, Milly, Malika, Meelia, Meline, Millie, ..], Anastasia [Tasa, Tasia, Tasja, Tasya, Tasiya, Tasenka, ..], Andrea [Ondria, Ondrea, Ondreea, Onndrea, Onndria, Onndreea, ..], Anthea [Thia, Antia, Anthia, Antheya, Antheia, Anthoula, ..], Aphra [Afra, Affera, Affery], Artemis [Artemesia, Artemisia], Artemisia [Artemesia], Ashanti [Shanti, Shantee, Ashaunti, Ashuntae, Shauntae, Shauntee, ..], Aurelia [Ora, Orel, Irelee, Oralia, Oralie, Orelia, ..], Ayala [Ayla], Azaria [Azariah], Berenice [Bernie, Bernise, Berenisa, Berenise, Bernetta, Bernessa], Betty [Bette, Betta, Betti, Bettie, Bettina, Bettine, ..], Caroline [Sharla, Sharkeen, Sharlena, Sharlene, Sharline, Sharlyne, ..], Chantal [Shonda, Shonta, Shontel, Shontelle, Shawntile, Shawntille, ..], Charis [Karis, Karisa, Karissa, Karisse, Karrisa, Sherisa, ..], Charlotte [Sherie, Sherry, Sherye, Tottie, Sheryl, Sherrie, ..]

Chloe [Kloe, Cloe, Cloey, Khloe, Khloey, Clorinda, ..], Chloris [Kloris, Cloris, Khloris, Chloress], Clelia [Cloelia], Corinna [Koreen, Korena, Korina, Korinne, Koreena, Korrina, ..], Cynthia [Syntha, Synthee, Synthia, Synthie, Synthya, Syntheea, ..], Eartha [Erda, Herta, Ertha, Erthel, Hertha], Edna [Ena, Eddy, Eddna, Edina, Ednah, Eddnah, ..], Elise [Lize, Lise, Lison, Liesl, Liesel, Lieselotte, ..], Esther [Etty, Hetty, Hester, Yesfir, Hittie, Hesther, ..], Evadne [Evanne, Evadney, Evadnie], Faith [Fe, Fay, Faye, Fayth, Faithe, Faythe], Felicity [Flick, Felicita, Felicite, Felicitas], Frances [Fronia, Franzi, Franziska, Franzetta, Fransabelle, Fransabella, ..], Hannah [Nan, Hena, Honna, Nanny, Nanney, Nannie, ..], Hyacinth [Sinty, Jacky, Jackie, Jacynth, Jacintha, Jacinthe, ..], Jacobina [Jacobine, Jakobine, Jacobyna, Jakobina, Jacobetta, Jacobette, ..], Jacqueline [Jaquith, Zakelina, Zhakelina, Jaquelynn, Zacqueline, Zhaqueline, ..], Joan [Joni, Jone, Joane, Jonee, Joanie, Joannue], Joy [Joya, Joye, Joyann, Joyanne, Joyelle, Joyanna, ..], Kitty [Kit, Kitlyn, Kittee, Kittey]

Magnolia [Nola, Maggy, Maggie], Mazarine [Mazine], Mildred [Milly, Millie, Mildrid], Minuit, Myra [Mira, Maira, Myrah, Myree, Myriah], Ninon [Ninette, Nynette], Orinda, Prudence [Pru, Prue, Prudy, Prudie, Prudencia], Ruth [Ruthi, Ruthie, Ruthine, Ruthina, Ruthetta, Ruthellen, ..], Samantha [Sammey, Sammie, Semantha, Symantha, Simantha, Semanntha, ..], Saskia, Selina [Sena, Selyne, Sylina, Sylena, Selyna, Syleena, ..], Skyler [Skyla, Skylar, Schyler, Skyllar, Schuyler], Sophia [Zofi, Sophy, Zofya, Zofia, Zosia, Sophie, ..], Venetia [Venize, Venizia, Vennice, Vinetia, Vonitia, Vonizia, ..], Veronica [Vonnie, Veronka, Veronqua, Veronike, Veronique, Veroniqua, ..]

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