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Ethel - Kathleen

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Ethel 1 .. First used as an independent name in the 1840s, and made somewhat popular then by a character named Ethel in Thackeray's novel "The Newcomes" (1855) .. An intermittently used name for newborns, Ethel exists somewhat frequently as a surname. The variation Ethelene is familiar as a form of Ethel. [Atal, Etel, Eth, Ethelda, Ethelene, .. 16 more]

Kathleen 2 .. First used outside of Ireland in the 1840s .. Widely favored as a girls' name (#674 in 2014), Kathleen also occurs somewhat regularly as a last name. The forms Kathlyn and Kathaleen are commonplace as versions of Kathleen. [Cathaleen, Cathaline, Kaitlin, Katha, Kathaleya, .. 21 more]

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[Ethel - Kathleen]
Ethel [Ethyl, Ethill, Ethyll, Ethlin, Ethlyn, Ethelyn, Ethlynn, Ethille, Etheline, Ethelynne, ..], Kathleen [Katlin, Kathlin, Kathlyn, Katlyne, Katleen, Katline, Kathline, Kathlynn, Kathyline, Kathylyne, ..]