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The 18th century and Colonial Period saw a favoring of Biblical names such as Virtue names used by the Puritans. 18th century baby names and what they mean, for 18th.

These girl names were at the apex of their popularity 74 years ago (usage of 9.62%) and have become much less widespread since (usage 2.07%, 78%), with names like Christian going out of style. The most fashionable baby names here are Amelia (#15), Naomi (#80), Fiona (#204), Cecilia (#206) and Azalea (#527).

Here is the list of 18th century names for boys.

Ada - Elita

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Top 2000 baby names ranking of 18th names: Ada, Amelia, Angela, Araminta, Azalea

.. use before the late 18th century. Adan (top 8%), Addie (21%), Addy (8%), Ade (14%) and Adey (35%) occur frequently as last names. [Adan, Addi, Addiah, Ade, Adey, Adie, .. 9 more]

.. An 18th century Princess Amelia brought .. Amellia is also a moderately popular baby name. [Aemelia, Aimiliona, Amaliya, Amalyne, Amy, Emelina, Emmie, .. 40 more]

.. and America from the 18th century .. Angela (cf. Aujla, Arreola) is a popular -la suffix last name. [Aingeal, Andjelija, Andjelka, Angelee, Angeles, Angeli, Angelia, Angelica, Angelique, Angella, .. 37 more]

.. Invented by an 18th century English .. Adoption of Araminta was at a high a century ago. See also Arminda.

.. First coined in the 18th century. Usage of Azalea and variants as birth names in 2014 was 32.9% more than the year before. [Azalia, .. 1 more]

.. popular in the 18th and 19th .. Becky has dwindled in favor as a baby name circa the 1960s. [Becki]

.. Michel Begon, an 18th century governor .. Begonia is not in the Top 2000.

.. popular in the 18th century, and .. Adoption of Betty, Bess, etc. as children's names in 2014 was 26.3% more than a decade ago. [Bess, Bessie, .. 10 more]

.. established by the late 18th century .. Candia is unusual as a birth name. See also Candy.

.. Middle Ages until the 18th century. Usage of Cassandra and variants as girls' names in 2014 was down 68.8% compared to 10 years ago. [Cas, Casaundr, Casaundra, Casey, Casie, Casoundra, Cassandre, Cassanndra, Cassaundra, Kasandra, .. 38 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of 18th names: Becky, Betty, Cassandra, Cecilia, Christian

Top 2000 baby names ranking of 18th names: Cinnamon, Clarinda, Connie, Dahlia, Daphne, Dorinda

.. into use in the 18th century .. A highly familiar baby name (#206 in recent rankings) which also occurs somewhat frequently as a surname. [C'Ceal, Ceceilia, Ceceley, Cecelia, Cecila, Cecile, Cecilija, Cecilla, Cecylia, Cele, .. 79 more]

.. of the 17th and 18th centuries .. Chlodia and Chlori are kreatif variations. [Chloress, .. 3 more]

.. but by the 18th century, Christina .. Adoption of Christian, Christina, etc. as children's names in 2014 was down 10.1% compared to a year ago. [Chris, Christiaan, Christiana, Christiane, Christina, Chrystian, Cristian, Cristianne, Karsten, Kristian, .. 7 more]

.. slave name in the 18th century .. A somewhat offbeat children's name, Cinnamon occurs more commonly as a last name. [Cynnamon, .. 2 more]

.. Poet Robert Burns (18th century) also .. Clarinda and Clorinda are widely used as versions. [Clorinda]

.. English speakers since the 18th century. Adoption of Konnie and variants was at a high during 1950-1959. [Con, .. 1 more]

.. flower named for 18th century Swedish .. Dahlia has gained increasing favor as a girls' name since the 1880s. [Dahiana, Dalia, .. 4 more]

.. but disappeared until the 18th century .. Popular as girls' names, Dafna, Daphne, etc. are comparable to the popular Dayna. [Daffi, Daffie, Dafnie, Danfy, Daphney, .. 8 more]

.. English poets in the 18th century. Less common today. Dorinda was the variation last listed (1970-1979) in the Top 2000. [Derinda, .. 2 more]

.. came in the 18th century from .. Less used today. Lita was the form last found (1960-1969) in the Top 2000. [Elitta, Ellita, Lita]

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Index of all 18th century names [and variants] for girls.

1. Ada - Elita
Ada [Adie, Aida, Adiah, Aidah, ..], Amelia [Milly, Melia, Millie, Meline, ..], Angela [Gelya, Tangela, Annjela, Annijilla, ..], Araminta, Azalea [Azalia, Azaleia], Becky [Becki], Begonia, Betty [Betti, Bettie, Bettina, Bettine, ..], Candia, Cassandra [Zandra, Sondra, Saundra, Sohndra, ..], Cecilia [Sissy, Sissie, Sissela, Sisiliya, ..], Chloris [Kloris, Cloris, Khloris, Chloress], Christian [Kristian, Kristien, Khristian, Kristienne, ..], Cinnamon [Cynnamon, Sinemmon, Sinnamon], Clarinda [Clorinda], Connie [Con, Konnie], Dahlia [Dayha, Dalia, Dalla, Daleia, ..], Daphne [Daph, Daphna, Daphney, Daphnie, ..], Dorinda [Dyrinda, Derinda, Dorrinda], Elita [Lita, Elitta, Ellita]

2. Emeline - Matilda
Emeline [Emylin, Emylynn, Emmeline, Emmiline, ..], Evelina [Eveleen, Evelene, Eveline, Evelyne], Fanny [Fanni, Fannia, Fannie, Fantine, ..], Fiona [Fione, Fyona, Ffyona, Fionna, ..], Forsythia, Gardenia, Georgina [Georgy, Giorgina, Georjette, Georgyana, ..], Horatia [Horasha, Horacia, Horaisha], Jacobina [Jacobine, Jacobyna, Jakobina, Jakobine, ..], Judy [Judi, Judey, Judie, Judye], Kezia [Kizzy, Kezzie, Kizzie, Kissie, ..], Kizzy [Kissie, Kizzie], Lavinia [Luvina, Vinnie, Luvenia, Luvinia, ..], Leslie [Lesly, Lezlee, Lezley, Lezlie, ..], Louise [Lulu, Lula, Lulita, Lujzika, ..], Lucinda [Lusine, Lucina, Lucinna, Lucinda, ..], Malvina [Melva, Melvie, Melvina, Melvine, ..], Maria [Mayra, Mayria, Moriah, Moraiah, ..], Maryann [Maryanna, Maryanne], Matilda [Tilli, Tilly, Tildy, Tillie, ..]

3. Melina - Weslee
Melina [Melene, Mellina, Melibelle, Melibella, ..], Melinda [Meline, Melynda, Melinde, Mellinda, ..], Meriel [Merle, Meryl, Meriol, Merrill, ..], Minta [Minty], Miriam [Miyana, Myriam, Mitzie, Miyanna, ..], Musetta [Musette], Nancy [Nanny, Nannie, Nansee, Nansey, ..], Naomi [Neomi, Noami, Noemi, Noemie, ..], Peggy [Peg, Pegg, Peggie, Pegeen], Phoebe [Phebe, Pheby, Phoebey, Phoeboe, ..], Rhoda [Roda, Rodi, Rodie, Rodina, ..], Roseanne [Rozanna, Rozanne, Rossanna, Rozeanna, ..], Sally [Salley, Sallie, Sallyann, Sallianne, ..], Selima [Selimah, Saleema, Saleemah], Sidney [Sidni, Sidnie, Sideny, Sidneigh], Soubrette, Sukey [Suky, Sokie, Sukie, Sukee], Susan [Zanne, Zannie, Zsuzsa, Zsazsa, ..], Vanessa [Vinisha, Vonessa, Vonesse, Vonnessa, ..], Weslee [Weslie, Weslia, Wesleya]

4. Wistar - Zinnia
Wistar [Wister, Wistarr], Wisteria [Wistaria], Zilpha [Zylpha, Zilpah, Zillpha], Zinnia [Zinya, Zinia, Zinnya]