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18th Century Names

Page 1/4. The 18th century and Colonial Period saw a favoring of Biblical names such as Virtue names used by the Puritans. 63 18th names and what they mean, for 18th for baby girls, listing 1-20. Here is the list of 18th Century names for boys.

Ada .. Not in common use before the late 18th century.
[Adan, Adda, Addi, Addiah, Addie, .. 9 more]

Amelia .. An 18th-century Princess Amelia brought the name to Britain ..
[Aemelia, Aimiliona, Amalea, Amalee, Amaleta, .. 42 more]

Angela .. The older feminine form Angelis has been replaced by Angela, which became popular in Britain and America from the 18th century ..
[Aingeal, Andjelija, Andjelka, Ange, Angel, .. 42 more]

Araminta .. Invented by an 18th-century English playwright.

Azalea .. First coined in the 18th century.
[Azalia, Azaleia]

Becky .. Often used as an independent given name, and popular in the 18th and 19th centuries ..

Begonia .. The plant was named for Michel Begon, an 18th-century governor of Santo Domingo.

Betty .. First became popular in the 18th century, and now appears most often in combination with other names: Betty Lou, Betty Ann, etc ..
[Bess, Bessie, Bessy, Betsey, Betsy, .. 7 more]

Candia .. The name was supposedly used in the Barrow and Quaker families, and established by the late 18th century ..

Cassandra .. The name was occasionally used from the Middle Ages until the 18th century.
[Cas, Casandera, Casandra, Casandri, Casaundr, .. 43 more]

Cecilia .. The Latinate form Cecilia came into use in the 18th century ..
[C'Ceal, Cacelia, Ceceilia, Ceceley, Ceceli, .. 84 more]

Chloris .. It was used by the Roman poet Horace for one of his loves (see Lalage), and was used by Augustan poets of the 17th and 18th centuries ..
[Chloress, Cloris, Khloris, Kloris]

Christian .. Christian and Christiana were used for women in medieval times, but by the 18th century, Christina was the more common form ..
[Chris, Christiaan, Christiana, Christiane, Christianna, .. 12 more]

Cinnamon .. Modern name, though it has been recorded as a masculine slave name in the 18th century ..
[Cynnamon, Sinemmon, Sinnamon]

Clarinda .. Poet Robert Burns (18th century) also used the name Clarinda in his poems.

Connie .. Pet form of Constance, used as an independent name among English speakers since the 18th century.
[Con, Konnie]

Dahlia .. Also the flower named for 18th-century Swedish botanist Anders Dahl.
[Dahiana, Dahl, Dayha, Daleia, Dalia, .. 1 more]

Daphne .. The name was used under the Roman Empire, but disappeared until the 18th century ..
[Daffi, Daffie, Daffy, Dafna, Dafne, .. 7 more]

Dorinda .. A name with the -inda suffix coined by English poets in the 18th century.
[Derinda, Dorrinda, Dyrinda]

Elita .. Modern coinage from the word élite, which came in the 18th century from French élire meaning "to choose" (Latin ęligere) ..
[Elitta, Ellita, Lita]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of 18th names: Ada, Amelia, Angela, Azalea, Becky, Betty, Cassandra, Cecilia, Christian, Connie

Top 1000 baby names ranking of 18th names: Dahlia, Daphne, Dorinda

Ada, Amelia, Angela, Becky, Betty, Cassandra, Cecilia, Christian, Clarinda, Connie, Dahlia, Daphne and Dorinda are commonly used names, while Araminta, Azalea, Begonia, Candia, Chloris, Cinnamon and Elita are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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