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The 18th century and Colonial Period saw a favoring of Biblical names such as Virtue names used by the Puritans. 18th names and what they mean, for 18th for women. Here is the list of 18th century names for boys. Usage of these girl names was at its apex during 1950-1959 (usage of 0.314%) and is somewhat lower today (usage 0.1929%, down 38.6%), with names like Sidney, Nancy, Susan, Minta and Melinda falling out of style. The most fashionable baby names here are Azalea (#527), Dahlia (#445), Ada (#382), Daphne (#356) and Fiona (#204), and there is also a resurgence in birth name popularity for Ada and Fiona.

Ada - Cassandra

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Ada 1 .. .. Not in common use before the .. Prominent. Ada, Adda, Aida, like Darinda, Secunda, use the popular feminine-sounding -da ending. [Adan, Addi, Addiah, Ade, Adey, Adie, .. 9 more]

Amelia 2 .. .. An 18th century Princess Amelia brought .. Prominent. Amelia, Meelia, etc., like Lelia, Kordelia, end with the familiar feminine -elia. [Aemelia, Aimiliona, Amaliya, Amalyne, Amy, Emelina, Emmie, .. 40 more]

Angela 3 .. .. The older feminine form Angelis has .. Angela (upper 52%), Angeles (2%), etc., like Angelo (upper 3%), Angers (21%), are popular Ange- prefix surnames. [Aingeal, Andjelija, Andjelka, Angelee, Angeles, Angeli, Angelia, Angelica, Angelique, Angella, .. 37 more]

Araminta 4 .. Invented by an 18th century English .. Unique. Araminta (cf. Yacinta, Minta) uses the common feminine-sounding -nta suffix. See also Arminda.

Azalea 5 .. .. First coined in the 18th century. Common. Compare Azalea and popular -lea surnames Lelea (upper 95%), Galea (15%). [Azalia, .. 1 more]

Becky 6 .. .. Often used as an independent given .. Becki (top 74%) and Becky (7%) are common female names, and Becky exists frequently (top 73%) as a last name. [Becki]

Begonia 7 .. The plant was named for Michel .. Begonia is not in the Top 1000.

Betty 8 .. .. First became popular in the 18th .. Bess (upper 2%), Bett (37%), Bette (52%), Betti (23%) and Betty (11%) occur regularly as surnames. [Bess, Bessie, .. 10 more]

Candia 9 .. The name was supposedly used in .. Candia is unusual as a birth name. See also Candy.

Cassandra 10 .. .. The name was occasionally used from .. Popular. Cassundra, var. (cf. Leandra, Chaundra) end with the familiar feminine -ndra. [Cas, Casaundr, Casaundra, Casey, Casie, Casoundra, Cassandre, Cassanndra, Cassaundra, Kasandra, .. 38 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of 18th names: Ada, Amelia, Angela, Azalea, Becky, Betty, Cassandra

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Summary of 18th century names (and variants) for girls.

Ada - Cassandra
Ada [Adie, Aida, Adiah, Aidah, ..], Amelia [Milly, Melia, Millie, Meline, ..], Angela [Gelya, Tangela, Annjela, Annijilla, ..], Araminta, Azalea [Azalia, Azaleia], Becky [Becki], Begonia, Betty [Betti, Bettie, Bettina, Bettine, ..], Candia, Cassandra [Zandra, Sondra, Saundra, Sohndra, ..]

Cecilia - Kezia
Cecilia [Sissy, Sissie, Sissela, Sisiliya, ..], Chloris [Kloris, Cloris, Khloris, Chloress], Christian [Kristian, Kristien, Khristian, Kristienne, ..], Cinnamon [Cynnamon, Sinemmon, Sinnamon], Clarinda [Clorinda], Connie [Con, Konnie], Dahlia [Dayha, Dalia, Dalla, Daleia, ..], Daphne [Danfy, Daphna, Daphney, Daphnie, ..], Dorinda [Dyrinda, Derinda, Dorrinda], Elita [Lita, Elitta, Ellita], Emeline [Emylin, Emylynn, Emmeline, Emmiline, ..], Evelina [Eveleen, Evelene, Eveline, Evelyne], Fanny [Fanni, Fannia, Fannie, Fantine, ..], Fiona [Fione, Fyona, Ffyona, Fionna, ..], Forsythia, Gardenia, Horatia [Horasha, Horacia, Horaisha], Jacobina [Jacobine, Jacobyna, Jakobina, Jakobine, ..], Judy [Judi, Judey, Judie, Judye], Kezia [Kizzy, Kezzie, Kizzie, Kissie, ..]

Kizzy - Rhoda
Kizzy [Kissie, Kizzie], Lavinia [Luvina, Vinnie, Luvenia, Luvinia, ..], Leslie [Lesly, Lezlee, Lezley, Lezlie, ..], Louise [Lulu, Lula, Lulita, Lujzika, ..], Lucinda [Lusine, Lucina, Lucinna, Lucinda, ..], Malvina [Melva, Melvie, Melvina, Melvine, ..], Maria [Mayra, Mayria, Moriah, Moraiah, ..], Maryann [Maryanna, Maryanne], Matilda [Tilli, Tilly, Tildy, Tillie, ..], Melina [Melene, Mellina, Melibelle, Melibella, ..], Melinda [Meline, Melynda, Melinde, Mellinda, ..], Meriel [Merle, Meryl, Meriol, Merrill, ..], Minta [Minty], Miriam [Miyana, Myriam, Mitzie, Miyanna, ..], Musetta [Musette], Nancy [Nanny, Nannie, Nansee, Nansey, ..], Naomi [Neomi, Noami, Noemi, Noemie, ..], Peggy [Peg, Pegg, Peggie, Pegeen], Phoebe [Phebe, Pheby, Phoebey, Phoeboe, ..], Rhoda [Roda, Rodi, Rodie, Rodina, ..]

Roseanne - Zinnia
Roseanne [Rozanna, Rozanne, Rossanna, Rozeanna, ..], Sally [Salley, Sallie, Sallyann, Sallianne, ..], Selima [Selimah, Saleema, Saleemah], Sidney [Sidni, Sidnie, Sideny, Sidneigh], Soubrette, Sukey [Suky, Sokie, Sukie, Sukee], Susan [Zanne, Zannie, Zsuzsa, Zsazsa, ..], Vanessa [Vinisha, Vonessa, Vonesse, Vonnessa, ..], Weslee [Weslie, Weslia, Wesleya], Wistar [Wister, Wistarr], Wisteria [Wistaria], Zilpha [Zylpha, Zilpah, Zillpha], Zinnia [Zinya, Zinia, Zinnya]