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Adelaide Names for girls

Page 1/2. 10 Adelaide names and what they mean, for adelaide for females.

Ada .. A pet form of Adele and Adelaide, or also possibly a Latinate variant of the biblical Hebrew name Adah meaning "adornment" ..
[Adan, Adda, Addi, Addiah, Addie, .. 9 more]

Adalia .. See also Adelaide.
[Adal, Adala, Adalee, Adali, Adalie, .. 3 more]

Addie .. Short form of Adelaide, Adeline, or Addison.

Adela .. See also Adelaide and Adeline ..
[Adalia, Adalie, Adele, Adelia, Adelita, .. 5 more]

Adelaide .. "Noble kind." First popular in England after the reign (1830-37) of William IV and Queen Adelaide .. The city of Adelaide, Australia, founded in 1836, was named for her.
[Ada, Adalaide, Adalayde, Adalena, Adalheid, .. 52 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Adelaide names: Ada, Addie, Adela, Adelaide

Ada, Addie, Adela and Adelaide are commonly used names, while Adalia is rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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[Ada - Adelaide]
Ada [14], Adalia [8], Addie [1], Adela [10], Adelaide [57]

[Adeline - Heidi]
Adeline [25], Alice [100], Della [4], Elke [4], Heidi [6]


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