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African baby names and what they mean, for african, swahili, nigerian, akan, with 40 results. These African names used by black parents come from a variety of languages and cultures, from Swahili to Bantu, from Ethiopian to South African. These girl names were at the top of their popularity a century ago (ADOPTION OF 0.39%) and have become significantly less conventional since (ADOPTION 0.11%, DOWN 71%), with names like Ayanna becoming less trendy. Amani (#745) and Nia (#474) are two of the more fashionable girl names in this list, while Ubina (TOP 96%) is a familiar last name. Here is the list of African names for boys.

African names

Abebi - Dalila | Folasade - Zin

Abebi - Dalila

"She came after asking." Rare. Compare Abebi with popular surnames Aebi (TOP 45%), Arabi (67%), which also end with -bi. See also Abbi.

"Born on Tuesday." Rare as birth names, but Abina, Abena, etc. are similar to the more popular Alina. Akan name.

"Father of many." Abame and variants are barely found as given names. Feminine of Abraham ..

"Her father's daughter." Not Top 2000 name. See also Adamma.

"The crown brings honor." Used somewhat frequently as birth names, Adeola, Dola, etc. are pronounced like the common Adelia.

"My coming has opened the way." Adesina is not in the Top 2000. See also Adelina. Often used to mark a birth ..

"Born on Friday." Afua, Afia, etc. are unusual as girls' names. Akan name.

"Born on Monday." Ajla is a moderately common baby name. Akan name.

"Born on Sunday." Akosah and Akousa are creative forms. Twi name.

"Most beautiful." Alia (UPPER 28%), Alisa (84%) are conventional last names. See also Alikah. Also Hawaiian form of Alex.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of African names: Ama, Amani, Ashanti, Ayanna, Dalila


"Born on Saturday." Ama and Amma are rare as women's names, and Ama is found often (UPPER 49%) as a surname. Akan name.


"Peace." Also a boys' name. Amani is an infrequently used given name, occurring often (TOP 45%) as a surname.

"Fourth-born child." Anani is rarely adopted as a baby name. See also Anona.


.. of a powerful African empire 17th .. A conventional children's name (#1385 THE PREVIOUS YEAR), Ashanti also occurs frequently as a female first name.


"Beautiful flower." Adoption of Aivanna and forms was widespread among parents in 2003 and is lower today, with Ayanna falling out of fashion. Also an invented name based on ..

"The coming of honor." Bolade is not in the Top 2000. See also Ballade.

"This house's riches." Not Top 2000 name.

"God receives." Unusual. Chinara, similar to Cheeara, has the feminine -ara ending. See also Chiara.

"Curly-haired." Rare, with the -da suffix, like Deanda, Dreda. See also Dody.


"Delicate, gentle." Widely used, with usage of 0.091% for Dalila and Lila as children's names in 2018, higher than 0.085% the previous year.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for African names for girls.

1. Abebi - Dalila
Abebi, Abina, Abra, Adanna, Adeola, Adesina, Afua, Ajua, Akosua, Alika, Ama, Amani, Anani, Ashanti, Ayanna, Bolade, Bolanile, Chinara, Dada, Dalila

Folasade [Sade], Hasina, Jahzara, Jina, Kenya, Kesia, Lela, Lulu, Makara, Mandisa, Nalea, Neema, Nia, Oba, Sade, Safiyah, Shani, Sharik, Zalika, Zin

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