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Alaine - Elaine

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Alaine 1 .. French feminine form of Alain. A name for children that is not commonly used nowadays, though occurring frequently as a first name among women in the community according to the US Census. The forms Allene and Alayna are widely used as variations of Alaine. [Alaina, Alane, Alaynna, Aleyne, .. , .. 11 more]

Alana 2 .. A rather modern Latinate feminine form of Alan .. The name Alana has gained increasing favor with parents since 1880-1889. The variations Lana, Allene, Alene, Alani and Alaina are familiar as variant forms of this name. [Alaina, Alane, Alanna, Alayne, .. , .. 28 more]

Elaine 3 .. French form of Helen .. Usage of Elaine as a birth name for females has waned over the years since 1940-1949. The forms Lainey, Ellie, Elayne and Elaina are generally used as versions of this name. [Alaina, Alayne, Elain, Elainia, .. , .. 21 more]

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[Alaine - Elaine]
Alaine [Allyn, Alleen, Alenne, Allena, Alline, Allene, Aleyne, Alleine, Allayne, Allaine, ..], Alana [Lana, Alona, Allyn, Lanah, Lanny, Lanna, Allyna, Alonna, Lannie, Lannah, ..], Elaine [Elle, Laine, Ellie, Ellane, Layney, Lainey, Elliana, Ellayne, Helaine, Ellaine, ..]