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Ancient names and what they mean, for ancient for females. Here is the list of Ancient names for boys. Adoption of these girl names reached its most widespread during 1980-1989 (usage of 0.1977%) and is somewhat lower today (usage 0.125%, down 36.8%), with names such as Denise, Kiana, Priscilla, Shannon and Tara becoming somewhat dated. The trendier girl names in this compilation are Brittany (#456), Livia (#666), Valentina (#112), Victoria (#19) and Vivian (#98), with Vivian having a rekindling in popularity.

Adela - Aoife

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Adela 1 .. .. Adèle, an ancient name popular .. Adele (top 12%), Adela (17%), Adell (33%), Adella (40%) and Adelia (44%) are commonly occurring as female names, while Adalia, Adalie, Adelita, Adellah and Edelle are sparsely used. [Adalia, Adalie, Adelita, Adella, Adellah, .. 5 more]

Aeron 2 .. .. name of the ancient Celtic goddess .. Gender-neutral name. Aeron is a unique women's name.

Amethyst 3 .. According to ancient Greek superstition, an .. Outside Top 1000. [Amathyst, Amatista, .. 2 more]

Anatolia 4 .. .. Turkey, where the ancient city of .. Outside Top 1000. [Anatola, .. 1 more]

Aoife 5 .. .. warrior princess in ancient Irish legend .. A rare children's name. [Aoibhe]

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[Adela - Aoife]
Adela [Adelle, Edelle, ..], Aeron, Amethyst [Amethist, Amethiste, ..], Anatolia [Anatola, Anatolya], Aoife [Aoibhe]

[Arena - Gail]
Arena, Arlette [Arleth, Arletta, ..], Attilia, Brianda [Briand], Brittany [Bryttnee, Bryttney, ..], Candace [Kandy, Kanticia, ..], Ciana [Kiana, Cianna], Cilla, Cithara [Kitara, Kithara], Corinthia [Korinthia], Cybele [Cybel, Cybille], Denise [Dinny, Dinnie, ..], Diana [Dyanna, Dyanne, ..], Eilat, Electra [Ilectra, Ellektra, ..], Eleri [Teleri], Ersilia [Hersila, Hersilia, ..], Etain [Eadan, Eadaoin], Eurfron [Eurfyn], Gail [Gaylla, Gaylle, ..]

[Halcyone - Odele]
Halcyone [Halcyon, Halcyona], Haldana [Haldane, Haldanna], Iliana [Illianna, Illionya, ..], Isadora [Isidora, Ysadora], Isaura [Isa, Isaure], Isis, Jaffa [Jafit, Joppa], Kandace [Kandy, Kandyce, ..], Keena [Keana, Keeana], Kelly [Kellye, Kellyanne, ..], Kiana [Quiana, Quianna, ..], Lavinia [Vinnie, Luvinia, ..], Licia [Lesia, Lisia, ..], Livia [Livya, Lyvia, ..], Lynette [Lynnet, Lynnette, ..], Malvina [Melvina, Melvine, ..], Meadhbh, Melissa [Missy, Molissa, ..], Nubia, Odele [Udelia, Udilia, ..]

[Olinda - Virginia]
Olinda [Olynda], Olympia [Olypme, Olympie, ..], Paradisa, Parthenia [Pathina, Pathinia, ..], Phaedra [Phedra, Phedre, ..], Priscilla [Prissy, Prysilla, ..], Salamanca, Samara [Semara, Sammara], Samaria [Samarie], Sevilla, Shannon [Shanon, Shannyn, ..], Sibyl [Sybilla, Sybille, ..], Sylvia [Zilvia, Zylvia, ..], Tara [Tarra, Tarrah, ..], Thais [Taisse, Thaisa, ..], Trista [Trystan, Trystin, ..], Tulia [Tulya, Tullia, ..], Valentina [Valyn, Velora, ..], Victoria [Vitoria, Vittoria, ..], Virginia [Virgy, Virginnia, ..]

[Vivian - Wanda]
Vivian [Vyvyana, Vyvyanne, ..], Wanda [Wonda, Wonnda, ..]