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Ancient names and what they mean, for ancient for women. Here is the list of Ancient names for boys. Adoption of these girl names was at its most widespread during the years 1980-1989 and is somewhat lower today, with names such as Shannon, Kiana, Denise, Tara and Priscilla becoming somewhat dated. The trendier girl names in this compilation are Livia (#666), Valentina (#112), Vivian (#98), Victoria (#19) and Brittany (#456), with Vivian having a rekindling in popularity.

Adela - Aoife

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Adela 1 .. Latinate form of Adele, which is from the French Adèle, an ancient name popular in medieval Europe because of the fame of a seventh-century saint, a daughter of the Frankish king Dagobert II .. Somewhat unusual as a birth name these days, but recorded frequently as a first name among the general female population in the US Census. The variations Adelle and Adelia are popular as forms of the name. [Adalia, Adalie, Adelia, Adell, Adellah, .. 5 more]

Aeron 2 .. The name of the ancient Celtic goddess of battle and slaughter .. A name used for both women and men. Unique as a name for babies.

Amethyst 3 .. According to ancient Greek superstition, an amethyst protected its owner against the effects of strong drink .. Unique as a name for girls. [Amathyst, Amatista, Amethiste, .. 1 more]

Anatolia 4 .. A region of Turkey, where the ancient city of Troy, site of the legendary Trojan War, was. Anatolia is atypical as a women's name. [Anatola, Anatolya]

Aoife 5 .. It was also borne by several heroines and a warrior princess in ancient Irish legend .. Seldom used as a name for girls. [Aoibhe]

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[Adela - Aoife]
Adela [10], Aeron, Amethyst [4], Anatolia [2], Aoife [1]

[Arena - Corinthia]
Arena, Arlette [4], Attilia, Brianda [1], Brittany [83], Candace [29], Ciana [2], Cilla, Cithara [3], Corinthia [1]

[Cybele - Gail]
Cybele [2], Denise [22], Diana [34], Eilat, Electra [6], Eleri [1], Ersilia [5], Etain [2], Eurfron [1], Gail [18]

[Halcyone - Kelly]
Halcyone [2], Haldana [2], Iliana [10], Isadora [2], Isaura [3], Isis, Jaffa [2], Kandace [10], Keena [2], Kelly [11]

[Kiana - Odele]
Kiana [17], Lavinia [17], Licia [5], Livia [5], Lynette [10], Malvina [10], Meadhbh, Melissa [31], Nubia, Odele [11]

[Olinda - Sevilla]
Olinda [1], Olympia [6], Paradisa, Parthenia [6], Phaedra [7], Priscilla [19], Salamanca, Samara [2], Samaria [1], Sevilla

[Shannon - Virginia]
Shannon [12], Sibyl [22], Sylvia [23], Tara [5], Thais [4], Trista [9], Tulia [8], Valentina [27], Victoria [31], Virginia [37]

[Vivian - Wanda]
Vivian [25], Wanda [15]